Dutch Gov Plan to Seize 600 Farms; UK: "Spill Milk" Protest, World News 10/16/22


Christians who are caught “praying”, “reciting scripture”, or “crossing themselves” near an abortion center could be sentenced to up to six months in jail in the United Kingdom. British officials are pushing to have Christians who practice their faith too close to abortion centers jailed under revamped crackdown rules aimed at curbing protests against the practice.

Dutch farmers’ organizations have vowed to launch more protests in the Netherlands in response to advice from the government’s mediator, who has called for the forceable relocation of farming firms and the seizure of up to 600 farms deemed to be the heaviest nitrogen emitters.

A group of vegan activist eco-warriors targeted supermarkets across Britain on Saturday, taking milk from the shelves and pouring it on the floors and other dairy products to advocate for a plant-based diet. Several upscale supermarket chains in Edinburg, London, Manchester, and Norwich saw members of the Animal Rebellion organization vandalize their shops, with activists dumping milk on the floors and on other dairy products, including what looked to be several very large and expensive wheels of cheese.

France’s Emmanuel Macron made headlines when he Tweeted Thursday, “We do not want a World War.” When asked about the president’s remarks, Macron’s office said Paris’s nuclear policy has not changed. “Nuclear deterrence is the prerogative of the head of state and his appreciation in a given moment of what is necessary to preserve our vital interests,” the official said.

Sourced from: Breitbart News & Zerohedge

Also: watch Neil Oliver clip on Covid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rh4Zix87kFo

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