Dr. Peter Breggin on Biden Handing Over U.S. Sovereignty to WHO/UN

About 2 years ago

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Brannon Howse: Joining me now is Dr. Peter Breggin. And let's hope Dr. Peter Breggin knows what to think about all this. Dr. Peter, welcome back to the broadcast. Thanks for joining us.

Dr. Peter Breggin: Well, I'm really glad to see you. I hope the fun doesn't stop here. You've been having a good time, but the stuff I've got to report is difficult to do with a smile.

Brannon Howse: It is. Well, you've got a great article out tonight that my friend Karen Kingston sent me, and you're a regular guest with our friend Tamara Scott. You're on her show. What, every Monday or something?

Dr. Peter Breggin: Oh, every first and third Monday of the month. And sometimes extras.

Brannon Howse: All right.

Dr. Peter Breggin: Be on about three times this month.

Brannon Howse: Good, good, good. That's right here on Lindell TV with Tamara Scott. All right. You have an article over at Americaoutloud.com, by Peter Breggin, MD, and Ginger Ross Breggin, your wife. It's entitled Biden Handing Over U.S. Sovereignty to the W.H.O. Now we dealt with this last week with Leo Hohmann and Pete Santelli, and another gentleman that joined us as well. But I want to get your take on this. This is coming up from May 22nd to the 28th. Tell me about this, please.

Dr. Peter Breggin: Well, on January 18th, the U.S. government, Health and Human Services, and our group that, you know, relates to the U.N., delivered from the Biden administration, extensive amendments to what is called the International Health Regulations that govern things like what can Tedros do? What are his restraints? What is the director-general able and unable to do? And these amendments basically made him into a dictator. So, the Biden administration has given the power over if these amendments are passed, and I have many reasons to believe they will be passed, has given over to the director-general the power on his own whim with no specific criteria to call a public health emergency affecting the globe. In other words, at least one other nation.

But to call in upstate New York, or in any nation he chooses Norway or Canada, to call a public health emergency without informing or getting information from the recipient nation who's getting this awful tag put on them. That's been eradicated. If the nation protests and refuses to come around in 48 hours, these amendments give Tedros the right to go into full bore action without the consent of the nation and to begin giving its impressions. It doesn't have to have real hard data of the potential problem that it sees to any and all nations and to contact all of the relevant UN groups, which includes all the basic aviation and the control over the seas.

They've got the World Bank, and they've got the IMF. And it can get in touch with anybody it wants in the world. This will result in ostracism, of course, shame, and humiliation. But it also gives an excuse to any enemy to bring sanctions against you. If you think about how proud the globalists are of what they're doing to Putin, who is a nasty S.O.B., but they are going after him above nations, just like the WHO wants to operate. And they've put all kinds of financial pressure on him from the global financial empire. So that's the kind of stuff that the globalists love. This will empower them to do it in response to simply Tedros saying, "We think there's something wrong in the United States right now." Their definitions of health are so broad. I go into them in detail.

They're so broad that it covers political distress. It covers psychological, social, emotional distress, and physical disorders. This is not about pandemics. We left pandemics behind. It is not about pandemic declarations or pandemic treaties, which are going to be another big problem. But this one is coming first ahead of the treaties. So, we have got to stop this one. It's got to be stopped, I think, by the 22nd of May. They have given us no time. They didn't release this until April 12th. They had it on January 18th. They released it on April 12th. Well, nobody at the WHO probably even knows about it. Nobody who is going to be voting at their big national meeting in Geneva probably knows about it. We have got to find some way to get the Biden administration to withdraw these. We're doing our best to just inform it.

Brannon Howse: Should we be calling? Should everybody tomorrow just flood the office of Senator Rand Paul, maybe to take this cause?

Dr. Peter Breggin: Yeah. Make sure that he gets this. I don't know who even has it at this point, so we're just sending it out. Rand Paul would be a good one, I'm hoping. Senator Johnson certainly knows something about these.

Brannon Howse: Ron Johnson?

Dr. Peter Breggin: Because these are the same people that are behind COVID 19. They're very similar people. It's the World Health Organization.

Brannon Howse: So, if Rand Paul and Ron Johnson who have really been opposing these globalists, and you're saying this, the same people that were behind this, the pandemic, the scamdemic, if the same people are behind it, then obviously, Senator Rand Paul and Senator Ron Johnson would be two guys to contact to help speak up and stop this because they've been fighting those characters.

Dr. Peter Breggin: Well, we're sending it to Johnson. We're sending it to people who know Johnson, like McCullough and Lee Bailey. We're going to do our best to get this out to the world. But it's brand new now. My report is the first one that has tons of details. You know, it's all right there.

Brannon Howse: Let me show it. Here it is. It's at Americaoutloud.com. I'll link to it over at WorldViewreport.com when I hang up tonight. But there it is. Biden Handing Over U.S. Sovereignty to W.H.O. And you can listen to the article, I guess, online, or you can print it in PDF. How it became official. How much time we have to stop the amendment? Without organized resistance, the amendments will definitely pass. Defining health and the WHO's domain of authority. WHO, is the World Health Organization, remains firmly committed to the principles set out in the preamble to the Constitution. Well, when you say set out to the preamble of the Constitution, you don't mean the U.S. Constitution, though, right?

Dr. Peter Breggin: Right. They mean the UN Constitution and the WHO Constitution define the breadth of what they consider to be health. Basically, gives them a right to be interested in every single thing that affects a human being. Because you affect a human being, you affect a human being's health. It's a very, very bad situation, and they already have put it together and now the U.S. is doing this. It's put together a coalition of 20 nations, plus the 27 EU nations, and it includes outside the EU. Well, the EU, all 27 are in. And then it's got India in. It's got South Korea.

Its got Japan in. It's got a lot of nations out of South America in. It's got Canada and Australia in, and it's got the whole EU in. And so that's 47 nations by my hand count. So, they're really out to get this done. It is. It's Harry Carey, in a sense. It's, you know, it's suicide becoming globalist and giving up your sovereignty. And this, of course, is exactly what so many of our leaders now believe in. And they're led by Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab as part of the Great Reset. It's all tied into everything. Everything we're writing about in our books, by the way, COVID 19 and the Global Predators.

Brannon Howse: And you can get that wearetheprey.com, Right?

Dr. Peter Breggin: You get it wearetheprey.com, which is our website. You can get it on Amazon as well. And so, it gives you the background of WHO.

Brannon Howse: If they want to declare that the Second Amendment is a health crisis. They could do that, right?

Dr. Peter Breggin: They don't have restraints anymore. They can use their imagination. Obviously, they might get some blowback from some people in the U.S. for that. So, they might get a little more subtle. But no, we were saying, you know, that with all the suffering that the poor progressives went through when Trump won, they could say that was a health crisis. The progressives certainly would have agreed with the WHO to send the UN troops in to do something about that one. They basically have done that, you know, not with the UN. They basically sold out our election. So, they'll do anything, the progressives, to help America go down the tubes and be a progressive third world nation they can dominate.

That's why it's the same thing as opening up the borders. Why do they want to open up the borders? Why have they opened the borders? They want us to become like Venezuela. They want us to be a third-world nation that will go communist. And they want us to have cheap labor so that the Kochs and the and all the other billionaires, including the Kochs, who fund a lot of Republicans who are globalists. Trump called them globalists, the Kochs. And they are. I mean that all these people can get cheap labor and also allow the industries to go to China and so on and so forth. But this is a part of that whole huge movement, and COVID 19 is a part of that whole huge global movement. The one thing they must do is destroy the American democracy.

Brannon Howse: Is the W.H.O., Dr. Breggin, is the W.H.O. largely controlled by communist China, you think?

Dr. Peter Breggin: Yeah. Oh, there's no think about it. They got Tedros. And Tedros is a Marxist agitator activist. I mean, he's been accused of hiding epidemics in his own country of Ethiopia. He's a criminal thug type. And before he was put in power, even The New York Times agreed with it until, of course, they got the message. Everybody was talking about why this man? He doesn't even have a medical degree. He's the only head of WHO that's never had a medical degree.

Brannon Howse: He also is an alumnus of the London school over there that is known for its long history of eugenics.

Dr. Peter Breggin: Well, and also the long history of socialism that is connected to Fabianism and everything. There are so many connections that we can talk about, many of which I go into COVID 19 and The Global Predators. This is, you know, what they learned from COVID 19 is they can really get the WHO to do the bidding of this odd combination, On the one hand, their major control person is Xi Jinping, thats the communist Chinese. And then these global predators led by Bill Gates.

Brannon Howse: Look at that picture. Look at that picture. This is in his article. Doesn't that tell you everything you need to know?

Dr. Peter Breggin: There's Tedros and Xi Jinping. (Photo of Tedros & Xi Jinping smiling and shaking hands)

Brannon Howse: Pretty much tells you everything, doesn't it?

Dr. Peter Breggin: I've got one of him with Klaus Schwab, too. I got all kinds of cool ones of him.

Brannon Howse: Oh, my. And the articles over at Americaoutloud.com, we'll link it over at WorldViewreport.com. So maybe tomorrow morning, people should call Capitol Hill and ask Senator Ron Johnson and Senator Rand Paul to go to Americaoutloud.com and read Dr. Breggins article and have them start sounding the alarm to have this pulled. As the article headline says: Biden Handing Over U.S. Sovereignty to the World Health Organization. Correct?

Dr. Peter Breggin: Now we have a PDF of the article too. If you want to do something with it and a PDF of the amendments and all the associated documents. So, we've made that up, and we're going to be sending that out. We've already started to send stuff out, and now we're going to send out a PDF, and I can send you one.

Brannon Howse: Oh, I got it. It's right there. It's actually right there in the article. See it right there.

Dr. Peter Breggin: You got it in the article.

Brannon Howse: Yeah. Right there in the article.

Dr. Peter Breggin: You make the PDF right there.

Brannon Howse: Yep. So, there you go. All right. Wearetheprey.com. I've been interviewing Dr. Peter Breggin for years.

Dr. Peter Breggin: We go back a long way.

Brannon Howse: We do. He's a psychiatrist, and he's written so many great books on the dangers of psychotropics. And I've got to get you back on. I'll get you back on in the next week or so. We need to do another show on that. I know you haven't probably been talking about that as much as you have these other things, but I do want to get you back on that.

Dr. Peter Breggin: Well, they're all connected, and my wife had really insisted before I wanted to that that these drug companies and their drugging of people into submission, which is the only thing a psychoactive drug can do. Whether it's alcohol or cigarettes with varying degrees of intensity, Marijuana for sure., and all the psych drugs, they cross the blood-brain barrier, and they subdue you. They put you not in touch but out of touch with your free will.

Brannon Howse: But isn't that what Dr. Uri, the scientist with the World Health Organization, said? "We're going to drug them and give them video games."

Dr. Peter Breggin: Well, you know, I've really come to the conclusion that my profession of psychiatry is actually an expression of transhumanism and that I've been fighting transhumanism for 50 or 60 years, you know.

Brannon Howse: Wow, I'm going to get you back. We've got a lot more to talk about. Like I said, I've interviewed you for years on these topics, but I need to bring you back to this show and let you talk about this with a lot of folks who maybe are just now finding out about you. In the meantime, wearetheprey.com is his website. Dr. Peter Breggin, thank you so much. Say hello to your lovely wife for me and thank you for being with us.

Dr. Peter Breggin: Thank you so, so much for having me on. I really appreciate it.

Brannon Howse: Well, I'll get you back on. Like I said, next week, we'll cover the psychotropic topic. Thank you, Dr. Breggin.

Dr. Peter Breggin: Okay.

Brannon Howse: Dr. Brennan, checking in. Wearetheprey.com.


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