Dr. Fauci Says The Pandemic Is Over, Jen Psaki Says It Is Not Over

about a year ago

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Emerald Robinson: Is the Biden administration officially setting up the Ministry of Truth? Based on what the DHS secretary had to say about disinformation and misinformation. It sounds a lot like it. And a federal judge halts the preparations for the end of Title 42. We will discuss with Texas Congressman Troy Nehls and coming after Cawthorn. The knives are out for the congressman who gave too much truth for the D.C. establishment. Also, we'll talk to Secretary Ben Carson. It's Thursday, April 28th, and you're in on The Absolute Truth. It appears the Biden administration can't make up its mind on whether or not the pandemic is over. Apparently, it's according to who you ask. This is what Dr. Tony Fauci had to say on Monday to PBS. Listen.

Anthony S. Fauci: We are certainly right now in this country out of the pandemic phase. Namely, we don't have 900,000 new infections a day and tens and tens of thousands of hospitalizations and thousands of deaths.

Emerald Robinson: Now, throughout the pandemic, Lord Fauci's word has been the end all, be all for Democrats in the corporate media, with no one allowed to challenge his guidance. Until yesterday, when Press Secretary at the White House Jen Psaki directly contradicted the president's top medical adviser less than 24 hours later, she said the pandemic was not over.

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary: So, there's no question that we're in a moment, a different moment in our fight against COVID, but we also know COVID isn't over, and the pandemic isn't over. And what Dr. Jha said yesterday also is that - a different Doctor. I realize, but I just want to reference him since he was just here, is that cases are low driven by the extremely - well cases are low, cases are still, you know, we've seen an uptick in some places driven by the extremely transmissible BA.2 variant.

Emerald Robinson: So, apparently, according to the administration, it was Dr. Fauci who misspoke, this time having to walk back his statements on PBS, talking to several news outlets yesterday, including CBS saying the pandemic is not over. No, definitely not. So, which is it exactly? Let's ask someone who has experience working with Dr. Fauci and was part of the White House COVID response team in the previous administration. We'd like to welcome former Trump Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson. Welcome, Secretary Carson.

Dr. Ben Carson: Thank you. Good to be with you.

Emerald Robinson: It's good to see you again, Secretary. I used to make the trek over to HUD quite often when you were secretary to feature what you were doing over there. I'm excited because you have a new book out. It's called, Created Equal: The Painful Past, Confusing Present, and Hopeful Future of Race in America, and I do definitely want to get to that in a minute because I feel it's really good timing for a book like this. But first, you heard my open. What do you make of this mixed messaging from two of the top Biden officials?

Dr. Ben Carson: Well, you know, I wish they would just deal with the science and deal with the facts. But what we have seen is that the COVID virus is getting weaker, but it's also getting more contagious. So, that means more people will have it, but very few of them will have any significant symptoms. That's what's going on in Shanghai right now. And the question is, do we let it control us, or do we learn how to live with it and recognize that it's going to be with us for a very long period of time? But it's not particularly dangerous at this point, particularly since we've learned how to treat it. We've learned how to diagnose and treat it. We have medications like Paxlovid, which decrease the hospitalization rate by 90%, and the mortality rate by 90% for people who get serious cases and are vulnerable. So, we can deal with this. We don't have to let it control us anymore. Dr. Fauci knows that, and he's in a difficult position because he knows that, but he also has to carry the water for those who want to continue to use this for control purposes.

Emerald Robinson: Right. So, it sounds like you think we're more in the endemic phase already. Out of the pandemic, it's endemic. People are going to get it, but it's not going to be that serious. That's what you're saying.

Dr. Ben Carson: That's exactly right. The good Lord has taken care of the problem.

Emerald Robinson: That's true with that Omicron Wave. A lot of people like myself who hadn't gotten it did get it and have some natural immunity now. But you talked about treatments just a minute ago. You got criticized heavily before when you talked about other therapeutics, other treatments like Oleander, or any other means besides what they were saying from the administration. You mentioned the new Pfizer antiviral, but what are other viable treatments, in your opinion, as a medical professional?

Dr. Ben Carson: Well, bear in mind that the Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Radiver, all these things work. But we have a silly rule in the FDA that says you cannot get a EUA for the vaccine if you have other viable treatments and emergency use authorization. So, naturally, they came out and had to denigrate anything else that was going on. Those are things that could have saved tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of lives. People did not have to die unnecessarily. And I hope we learn from that. That it's okay to explore multiple avenues of therapeutics rather than just to have one, particularly when you have something as dangerous as COVID 19 was, particularly in the beginning. It has attenuated as much weaker now. It's a different situation, and we did what needed to be done. Get the vaccine out. The vaccine was very helpful. The benefit the risk ratio was very favorable at that time. As the virus gets weaker, you have to reevaluate those benefits to risk ratios.

Emerald Robinson: Now, there's been so much mixed messaging as we just talked about. You're a celebrated surgeon, you're a top surgeon, and as such, you know how important it is for your patients to trust you and believe you know what you're talking about and that you're giving them the honest, best medical advice you can. But America's Dr. Secretary Carson, they don't know what to believe anymore. They've totally lost trust in, quote, unquote, "experts and institutions." So, how do we go back from here? Are we ever going to have trust in our institutions again?

Dr. Ben Carson: Well, it's going to take a long time. There's no question. You know, before people believe the CDC and NIH, after all the stuff that's come out. It's going to require some real, honest people who can be transparent, and we don't seem to have an abundance of that right now. So, it's not going to happen quickly, unfortunately. But we've got to start, and we've got to start by doing things like being honest about natural immunity. I mean, we've known about natural immunity for hundreds of years. All of a sudden, what's natural immunity? No, we don't know what that is. And, of course, the reason they had to downplay natural immunity is that if you acknowledge it, then you can't demand that everybody get the vaccination.

Emerald Robinson: And they're still pushing this masking, as well, from the White House. Clearly, the courts don't see it that way, and I did love your tweet of you on an airplane. It has your nice smiling face. You say that the mask isn't necessary and you look very happy. I know I haven't flown yet since the order, but I would not dread it as much. Why still push this masking? What is this about?

Dr. Ben Carson: Control. That's all it is, control. We say this when we say when you can do it and how you can do it and where you can do it. You have to do what we tell you to do. What a bunch of garbage, you know, and it's antithetical to America and the freedom that has always existed in America. This is what you see in places like Shanghai. I don't think the American people are going to stand for it much longer.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. It seems like even across the aisle, Republicans were not really on board with it in the large majority. But now, even Democrats are really tired of it, especially if you have two-year-olds and you're trying to fly, and that's almost impossible to keep a mask on them. But just in general, we're at a pivotal point in our society in that Americans are also more divided, which shows it up a lot through the mask mandates and altercations on planes. But amongst race relations, which you write about in your book. A recent poll from Rasmussen that came out on Tuesday says that 66% of likely US voters believe America is now more divided than it was before the 2020 election. So, it proves that the Biden administration has been anything but unifying. You talk about this in your book, your experience as a racial minority coming up in America and succeeding. And you talk about where we are today. So, what do you say, Secretary Carson, about how we get back to unification as Americans of all demographics?

Dr. Ben Carson: Well, first of all, we need accurate history. You'll notice in this book that we spent a lot of time telling the true history of America because when people are making decisions based on propaganda, it's very distorted. You know, they tell us that America is a systemically racist country and that certain people just can't succeed because of the way that it was put together. Well, we bust that by telling you the truth. First of all, slavery was not unique to America. Virtually every society has experienced slavery since we have written history. And there are more slaves today in the world than there have ever been at any time. The biggest consumer of that slavery, human trafficking slavery, is the United States of America. So, let's spend some time working on that and those people who are trapped in that situation. We don't have to go two or 300 years back. But if there was something unique about America and slavery is that we had so many people who recognized that it was antithetical to the principles of the founding of this country, that all men were created equal, as our Declaration of Independence says of our Constitution. And that we were willing to actually fight a civil war and lose a substantial portion of our population to rid ourselves of that evil empire.

Dr. Ben Carson: Also, we make it clear that as far as white guilt is concerned over slavery, the vast majority of Southerners didn't own slaves. They couldn't own slaves. That was for the aristocrat. You know, as far as white guilt is concerned, the reason they tried to bring that on is that it's much easier to push their agendas of defunding the police and releasing these criminal elements that endanger everybody. Some of the just completely asinine policies are engendered by feelings of guilt. If you make people feel like they're victims, then they are victims, quite frankly. That doesn't mean that there aren't problems still in our society, but look how much progress we've made. You know, just in my lifetime. The United States of America has changed enormously just in my lifetime, in a good way. We get to decide whether we want to build our future on our past failures or a tremendous success.

Emerald Robinson: Speaking of the future, you know, Secretary Carson, through the 2016 election cycle and even after in the Trump administration, you have been one of the more with commonsense. People like to listen to you because you just have a lot of common sense. You spout a lot of common sense, but you got this great position under the Trump administration, and you stayed there for the whole time. What is your future, your political future? We don't hear much about what's going to happen with you. Do you still have political aspirations? You were a little bit quieter at HUD. You got to slide under the radar a little bit, unlike some of the other Trump officials. What's to come? Are you still looking at running for anything?

Dr. Ben Carson: Well, we got an enormous amount accomplished at HUD and have some tremendous people. A lot of those people came with me to develop the American Cornerstone Institute, a think tank/do tank that focuses on the cornerstone principles that made us into a great nation. Our faith, liberty, community, and life, along with our little Patriots program, LittlePatriotsLearning.com, teach our children the real history of America. It's free, by the way, because we have great underwriters who have underwritten all the costs. I'm going to be really concentrating on that. You know, as far as politics are concerned, do I want to go back into that world? Not especially, but I always do what the Lord wants me to do. I hope that doesn't include going into the political arena, but we'll see.

Emerald Robinson: All right, well, it doesn't sound like a no. Thank you, Secretary Carson. Good to see you. Reminder, Secretary Carson's book Created Equal is out now, so you can buy it and read it. He always has been one of the more thoughtful political figures I've spoken to over the years. So, I look forward to reading it, too. Thank you. Coming up, don't believe your lying eyes. There's no illegal immigration crisis or a need for Title 42. So, say the thought police and the Biden administration, and they have a new entity to counter such lies. We'll discuss this with Texas Congressman Troy Nehls after the break.

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Emerald Robinson: A federal judge has issued a two-week halt on the Biden administration's plans to lift Title 42. Now, that same US district judge is also raising doubts about the administration's plans to fully lift those restrictions by May 23rd. Judge Robert Summerhays says quote, "The states have established a substantial threat of immediate and irreparable injury resulting from the early implementation of Title 42, including unrecoverable costs on health care, law enforcement, detention, education, and other services for migrants." Now, all of this comes as DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas testified yesterday about the crisis at our border.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas: We are mindful that there can be an increase in migratory flows encountered at our southern border. Should Title 42 come to an end as the CDC has determined it needs to do by May 23rd?

Emerald Robinson: Now, Secretary, Mayorkas went on to lie that the administration has effectively managed the current surge.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas: Yet, we have effectively managed an unprecedented number of non-citizens seeking to enter the United States.

Emerald Robinson: Mayorkas is admitting that the surge we see at our southern border is unprecedented and has many calling for his resignation. Take a listen to how Congressman Clay Higgins responded.

Congressman Clay Higgins: On the moment you've been called upon to resign by myself and others. Next year if we have the majority in this committee, which we shall, you're still in office, you'll face impeachment.

Emerald Robinson: So, the congressman is saying he could face impeachment and a potential Republican-controlled Congress. But will DHS Secretary Mayorkas actually take his advice and resign? Let's bring in Texas Congressman Troy Nehls to answer that question. Congressman, thank you for joining us.

Congressman Troy Nehls: Good morning, Emerald.

Emerald Robinson: Good morning. So, two parts to this question. One, should the secretary resign? And number two, is there any possibility that he would do that at all?

Congressman Troy Nehls: Well, I wasn't in that hearing yesterday, but I understand Representative Higgins in his comments because when the secretary says that everything is under control, no issues at our southern border, and we see played over and over each and every news cycle, the number of illegals coming through our southern border, well over a couple million now since Biden took office and reversed all of Trump's solid policies to help secure our southern border. I can understand why Mr. Higgins would feel that way, and I feel that way, as well as many other members of Congress. I think he even got some Democrats out there that are concerned about Title 42 and the thousands, hundreds of thousands now up to millions of people entering our southern border. It has to stop today.

Emerald Robinson: Well, Democrats are very concerned it's going to cost them in the midterm elections with how it's polling with their constituents. But the question is, even if my Mayorkas were not there, would there really be a significant change in policy under a Biden administration?

Congressman Troy Nehls: Well, no, because the problem in our southern border is we've had a very poor southern border. We've had it for decades, and if we're honest with each other as Republicans, we've had a problem under Republican leadership as well. Republican presidents didn't do anything to secure the southern border until America received Donald Trump. And Donald Trump actually did what he could to secure the southern border. He had to do it on his own because when the Republicans even controlled both chambers of Congress. They didn't do anything to support the president in building the wall, and Trump's policies were solid, remain in Mexico, safe, third world. I mean, these were policies that kept the American people as safe as we possibly could. Then when Congress would get off its tail and actually do something for the American people and secure our southern border with good policy, we would actually have a permanent fix. But Congress doesn't have the will to do it. It's sad the American people are paying the price.

Emerald Robinson: You just segue into my next question to you. Republicans say this, right. We'll impeach them when we get back in power? We're going to do all these things when we get back in power, and often they don't. So, let's say there is a Republican-controlled Congress after the midterms. Will Republicans follow through and impeach Mayorkas?

Congressman Troy Nehls: I certainly hope so, because you look at Biden's approval ratings, they're in the toilet, 30, 33%. The American people are starting to realize, well, they should realize that we have a very poor southern border. Crime is on the rise. Millions of people are entering our southern border, and the American people are fed up with it. If our leadership and the Republican Party don't understand that the American people are looking for action. And finally, we have an opportunity because we will get the House back - to help secure that southern border. I hope our leadership does so. I hope our leadership puts the American people first, America First patriots. That's who we need in Congress, in the House of Representatives, because we need to secure our border. We need to build that big, beautiful wall because it's very effective. I've been down there several times, that big, beautiful wall with beautiful gates, because this isn't about legal immigration. It is about illegal immigration.

Emerald Robinson: And speaking of Americans First, the Biden White House had a peculiar reaction to the death of a Texas National Guardsmen, Bishop Evans. Listen to what the press secretary said earlier in the week.

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary: Of course, we are mourning the loss of his life, and we are grateful for the work of every National Guardsmen. I would note that the National Guard works for the states, so he is an employee of the Texas National Guard, and his efforts and operation were directed by their, not by the federal government.

Emerald Robinson: Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that he was employed by the state, not the federal government. So, in essence, it wasn't on them to say anything. Your reaction?

Congressman Troy Nehls: You know what? I tell you, this gentleman served in the Texas National Guard. He was called to serve his country and his state in Texas to help secure that southern border, and it cost him his life, sad. He's a hero, quite honestly. He put his own life in danger, at risk to try to help somebody, and it cost him his own life. So, no, I think that young man, you know, we name schools and buildings and post offices for all these other political people. We need to start remembering these individuals that have given their lives and service not only to the individual states but to our country. Right. And we ought to just recognize them and honor them forever. Their names need to be in the history books, quite honestly, because this young man gave his life in service to our country. Because our country failed to secure the southern border and individual states that are having to pick up the slack and do the job, the job of the federal government. Again, it's Congress's responsibility to secure our nation's borders, and they haven't done a damn thing to do it. When we take the house back, I hope we have leadership that will actually do what the American people want: secure our nation's borders once and for all. Then when Trump comes back in 2024, and he will be the president in 2024, with his support, he can sign laws that we can secure our southern border. And we will never have to deal with this colossal failure, crisis, whatever you want to call this, at our southern border ever again.

Emerald Robinson: While it's apparent that DHS is getting ready for 2024 and talking about the midterms and elections, they've created what they say is a new Disinformation Governance Board. They've named Nina Jenkins as the executive director of that board. She's known a thing or two about disinformation because she helped push it. She's one of those people who were out there in 2020 promoting the narrative, the fake narrative that the laptop for Hunter Biden was Russian disinformation. She pushed that. Intel was saying, those 50 intelligence officials who suggested she clearly did it on purpose. So, what say you to this new somewhat of a ministry of truth they're setting up there at DHS?

Congressman Troy Nehls: Well, she's an absolute nut-job. That's what she is. I believe she said that Trump supporters are going to be bringing weapons and stuff to the polls when they voted in 2020. So, she's a nut-job. That doesn't surprise me. I think when you have Elon Musk going in now and buying Twitter, he supports the First Amendment. That's what I believe, and so we're going to actually have a platform now that you can have dissenting points of view, and you shouldn't be canceled or removed off of that platform. Now there's disinformation. There was never any disinformation under the far left, Hollywood, and big tech when they were in charge. But now we have a gentleman, I believe, who understands how important our First Amendment is, and he's actually going to open up Twitter and allow free speech, which in America we have under the First Amendment. And now, all of a sudden, the far left has problems and says we're going to have disinformation. How silly. It's hypocrisy at its worst.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. And a possible push for propaganda. We don't even really have all the details on how this board is going to work at DHS. But we do know they've already had an internal push to censor people on social media. So, I guess that remains to be seen. Thank you, Congressman, for joining us and talking with us about these two topics, and I look forward to talking to you maybe when we know a little bit more about how this board is going to work.

Congressman Troy Nehls: Thank you, Emerald. God bless you, and God bless that family's soldier, that family that lost their son. Just a horrible, horrible incident. God bless them.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah, I'll continue to pray for their family. Thank you, Congressman. Now the developments in the Wisconsin election fraud investigation. House Speaker Robin Vos announced this week that former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice and current special counsel and investigation Michael Gabelman would be able to continue in his probe. In a statement, Vos said quote, "Media reports in the statement put out by Representative Brandtjen were incorrect. The Office of Special Counsel will remain open as we guarantee the legal power of our legislative subpoenas and get through the other lawsuits that have gridlocked this investigation. We are grateful for Justice Gableman's offer to reduce his salary, as we are all concerned about the judicious use of taxpayers' dollars. Our intention is to remain within the original budget allocated for the investigation." The news comes after an official statement from former President Donald Trump on Monday calling for the investigation to continue after Gabelman's contract was set to end this week. The 45th president asked Quote, "After all of the evidence this report brought to light, how could anybody want to stop it?" Gabelman's report lists a litany of violations and other outright fraud in the 2020 election cycle, including the Wisconsin elections, a commission engaging private companies, and election administration. And what he said was unprecedented ways. In 90 Wisconsin nursing homes, he found with 100% turnout rate. Gabelman says he has many more interviews to conduct and information to obtain that has been withheld, hence why he's taking a pay cut to continue now. If you want to catch up to speed on exactly what the special counsel found in that explosive report. I have it all broken down for you on my Substack at www.EmeraldDb3.Substack.com. Coming up, remember when the left-wing media told you that President Trump was spreading disinformation when discussing UV lights being used to eradicate COVID? Well, he's been somewhat vindicated. We'll discuss it next.

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Donald Trump, 45th President of The United States: Supposing we hit the body with a tremendous whether it's ultraviolet or just very powerful light. And I think you said that it hadn't been checked, but you're going to test it. Then I said, supposing you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or in some other way, and I think you said you're going to test that, too. Sounds interesting. Then I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in one minute. Is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning? Because you see, it gets in the lungs, and it does a tremendous number on the lungs. So, it'd be interesting to check that. You're going to have to use medical doctors, but it sounds interesting to me.

Emerald Robinson: Remember when President Trump said that back in 2020, during those daily coronavirus task force briefings and the corporate media lost their collective mind saying that Trump was telling Americans to drink bleach and inject Lysol into themselves. Well, as often happens, you know, Trump was on to something, the former president. There is a UVA light technology that is promising for COVID. This is how it goes so far. We'll have someone explain it better here in just a minute. UV sterile ray technology is what it's called with potential applications that could prove helpful with disinfection. Now, the only problem is how it can be applied since UVC could be harmful to humans if applied directly to the skin and eyes. How do you get around that problem? Well, let's ask someone who knows. Mike Olson is with us. He's the chief executive officer for Sterilray. Hi, Mike. So, I'm not going to try to go through it myself. Can you just explain this to us, layman?

Mike Olsen: Yes. Good morning, Emerald, and thank you for having me. So, our company actually manufactures a very specialized type of lamp. It's called the eczema lamp. This particular lamp has the ability to produce a wavelength in the UVC spectrum that's actually different than traditional UVC. UVC has been around for over a century. It's been used for disinfection purposes and things like wastewater treatment plants, hospital settings, and so forth. In fact, it was used by the French in the early 1900s to help eradicate the tuberculosis virus. But as you accurately mentioned, it's not safe for human exposure, and that's been the problem of getting it more widely deployed and, in fact, using it in areas where it could actually protect people in real-time. Our particular wavelength operates at a different 222 nanometers, which is different than the 254 nanometers of UVC. As such, our wavelength does not penetrate the human skin, the dead layer, or the outside layer of the human skin. Whereas UVC does penetrate human skin and can cause what's known as erythema or a sunburn-like symptom and, in severe cases, can cause skin cancer. So, that's the big distinction between the two wavelengths, and the importance of our technology is that it can be applied where people are present. It can be disinfecting air, surfaces, and, frankly, liquids at the speed of light. Remarkably different in terms of the applications of UV, as you are well aware now, based on what I've sent you.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. The idea of this technology is that you have in a room where there would be a large gathering of people and where the virus could easily usually spread, but it would kill and disinfect the virus, the room, anything in it, basically without penetrating the skin of humans so that there wouldn't be the transmission. We have this, right? Do I have that correct?

Mike Olsen: You do. It actually works at the speed of light, so we typically deploy our systems in a line-of-sight fashion. That would mean that we have to have a clear line of sight to what it is we're trying to disinfect. So, take a classroom, for instance. We would deploy a lamp at the back of the classroom across from the teacher and then one on a sidewall. By doing that, we avoid what's called shadowing. So, everywhere in the room would be a line of sight for these two fixtures. Then the photons are produced by the lamps actually can encircle or envelop an aerosolized coronavirus at about an eighth of a second. It's probably the amount of time that it takes.

Emerald Robinson: That's pretty quick. So, where are we with this technology? Is it ready for use? Is it still in development? What are the next steps?

Mike Olsen: We've actually been making these lamps and using them for very specialized disinfection purposes for about 15 years now. So, we've deployed them in hospital settings. We've deployed them in cannabis grow operations. We've been working with the USDA for a number of years for agricultural applications, but it didn't really get much notice until the pandemic. Frankly, air quality didn't get much attention either until the pandemic. So, what we're going to see in the future, I think, is we're going to move beyond just the early adopters of this technology into more widespread deployment. That will really be part of the building codes, I think, going forward, much like fire suppression. So, you're going to see air quality becoming increasingly important. As such, this technology avails itself for the actual disinfection of the air, not necessarily removing particulate matter but disinfecting the air itself and protecting people as they are together.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah, it makes sense. I'm just surprised that you don't see it more, given that you said it'd been around for quite a while, and it looks like people would be giving it a shot, at least given what happened during the lockdowns of the pandemic and trying to avoid doing that going forward. Thanks, Mike.

Mike Olsen: Frankly, we thought we would be the next Manhattan Project. When the pandemic came upon us, we thought the federal government would swoop in and grab our technology and get it deployed as quickly and as widely as possible. Instead, they've been playing a game of Whack-A-Mole even as recently as the last couple of days. They've changed their position on things a couple of different times. So, you're seeing this problem not going away. The pandemic is here to stay in one form or another, whether it's this particular variant or a new variant, or whether it's the next Ebola, SARS, MERS, or whatever it is. We have to pay attention to the disinfection of air and surfaces in our buildings. We have to protect our people, and masks simply won't do it. Quarantines won't do it, and certainly, five or six shots of, you know, vaccines are not going to do it either. So, this technology is very available. It can be deployed now. Unfortunately, the government has not taken notice of it. However, I will say recently, the World Health Organization has taken notice of this technology, and they actually did a seminar in December touting the merits of this particular technology. So, maybe our government will get on to it pretty soon as well.

Emerald Robinson: So, that makes me wonder, given sometimes the former President Trump would hear things, you know, he'd hear it as they talked about different things and go out there and go ahead and talk about it before we had all the details. Did you present this to anyone in the Trump administration? Did you try even under their tenure?

Mike Olsen: So, we did have a backchannel, a New Hampshire connection that actually Corey Lewandowski used to be the former campaign manager for Donald Trump. You might recall, I think he was his first campaign manager, and so we did have a backchannel to the Trump administration. We did brief Corey about our technology. It might have gotten to Donald Trump as a result of that conversation, but Donald Trump was actually spot on in terms of how this technology could be used. We had been working with two different cardiopulmonary groups for about six months, looking at a bronchoscope-like device that would emit the wavelength within the mouth, the larynx, and the lungs themselves. So, he didn't really get the details correct, but he was spot on in terms of one of the applications.

Emerald Robinson: So, I just want to clarify. You're telling me this could be potentially applied in that way, UV technology to treating that?

Mike Olsen: That's correct. We were just issued a patent in the middle of February for the application of the wavelength for human skin, human tissue, and animal tissue. So, yes, we have not begun the clinical trials yet. We're about halfway through an FDA IRB for the use of the technology on eye disinfection with tremendous results. So, we expect similar results actually with the human skin and human tissue application. I'll just add that the next day after Donald Trump made that statement regarding UV light, we were called by both The New York Times and The Washington Post trying to discredit him, but we had to tell him the truth, obviously. We said, no, we've been working on this for quite some time.

Emerald Robinson: That didn't get as much attention, though, Mike, unfortunately.

Mike Olsen: No, it did not. They did not publish that.

Emerald Robinson: It's really amazing and promising. Yeah. Well, thank you so much for telling us about it. We want to keep up with that and tell our viewers where they can go to learn more about this technology.

Mike Olsen: Then go to Sterilray.com, and you can see the website itself some of the applications of the technology, and they can certainly contact us via the website as well.

Emerald Robinson: Very cool. Thanks so much, Mike.

Mike Olsen: Thanks, Emerald.

Emerald Robinson: Coming up the week in woke with one of the wokest is well pretend wokest us, people, we know, Alex Stein. A lot of fun headed up. You don't want to miss it.

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Emerald Robinson: Okay. I know it's only Thursday, but we wanted to get the fun started earlier. Tomorrow's Friday, after all. So, we have to start a celebration of surviving another week in woke America. Who better than to do that with then comedian, and now congratulations, Blaze TV contributing contributor Alex Stein. Alex, welcome.

Alex Stein: Wow, that feels so good. You're the first interview I've done since somebody said I am a Blaze TV correspondent or contributor, and now I don't even know how to say it. So, yes, now I'm official like a referee's whistle, and I'm with Emerald, a legend like yourself. So, you know, the broadcasting world does not know what they got coming in this next election cycle. So, we can team up, and we can expose a lot of these terrible people that are in power. Hopefully, together, Emerald.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah, I love it. I mean, I always look forward to when I know that you're going to be on my show. It's amazing. Let's go ahead and kick things off with a little humor in this new ad for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis's reelection. Let's take a look.

Ron DeSantis New Campaign Video Clip: (A woman walks out of her house and looks at her neighbor's sign, which says: Fauci, Knows Best - Wokeness Is Everything. The woman then proceeds to put up her sign, Ron DeSantis for Governor, which says: Parents Know Best - Back the Blue.)

Emerald Robinson: That guy just knows how to master troll. What do you think about this new ad, Alex?

Alex Stein: Well, see, I love Ron DeSantis, and it's not because I don't love Trump, but all day long, we could do a laundry list of stuff that Trump didn't do, didn't achieve with his presidency. So, I think if we put him back in, we have a lot of baggage, but with DeSantis, we don't have any baggage. I mean - my cat is getting crazy. Sky Bear, come here. I got to bring him on the air. (Alex picks up his cat) Sorry. When he sees you, Emerald, my cat wants to be on TV, too. And here's when we are talking about DeSantis. I got to bring him on. Okay. But on a serious note, though, DeSantis is awesome with him taking the deal from Disney, it shows that he actually talks the talk and walks the walk, and he's the king troll. We need DeSantis. Is Trump the funniest president ever? Yes. Is DeSantis a close second? I think so.

Emerald Robinson: I mean, I thought no one could troll better than Trump, and then there was DeSantis. He's kind of taking trolling to a whole new level.

Alex Stein: Well, Trump is sometimes the butt of the joke, and that's kind of the difference. That's the problem Trump tried to capitulate to the left as well. You know this is the thing. See, when they call Trump a racist, Trump's not a racist. He has black friends, and they call him anti-gay. I feel like Trump has a lot of gay people on The Apprentice, so those things are false. Now, does Trump like to grab them by the know what? Yeah, but there's nothing wrong with that. That's kind of funny. That's kind of endearing, but DeSantis doesn't have that baggage. He doesn't have that nasty stuff that conservative Christians have to justify, like, oh, well, you know, he wants to grab them by the know what. At least with DeSantis, we get a fresh start. A guy that's funny, the guy that was in the military. I think DeSantis is the answer in 2024, personally.

Emerald Robinson: I think you should do an ad with you in it. I think that that would be good for him.

Alex Stein: Well, I mean, even if it's Trump. I'm saying even if it's Trump, we need to somehow team them up. We got to have DeSantis on the ballot. He's awesome. I really like him.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah. I mean, a lot of people do. Okay. Now let's look at this next clip. This was with Pete Buttigieg, and, you know, I often get linked to him since I asked about his paternity leave with the Department of Transportation at a time of crisis. But here he is explaining, as Transportation Secretary, why you need to wear a mask, but not his boss, Joe Biden. Listen.

Bret Baier: The president, according to the White House Correspondents Dinner, you're not mandated to wear a mask there, but the administration at the same time is fighting a lawsuit to mandate people on planes, trains, and buses to wear masks. So, like, if you're sitting at home, there's a disconnect here.

Pete Buttigieg: Well, I think most of us understand the difference between a hotel ballroom and an airplane.

Emerald Robinson: Now, Alex, I know you did your research because I saw on Twitter that you did, and it was an amazing day because, as you noted, the future song Mask Off celebrated a five-year anniversary the day before the announcement.

Alex Stein: I know. See, that's the thing, all these people want to believe in coincidences. I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I'm a coincidence theorist, and it's just very weird that the federal mandate was lifted on April 18th, the five-year anniversary of the future song, Mask Off. These people that are in power, for the people that are watching at home. They do mock us. It seems like mockery, and we know that this mask was a tool meant to divide us. You know, there's an old saying, if a pair of Levi's can't stop a fart, how is a mask going to stop a deadly virus? So, the mask is just the MAGA hat for the left. That's what the thing is. They've turned this into a symbol, into an identity politic merch. Basically, it's the Joe Biden merch that nobody wears. That's what we have to realize that now it's being lifted. This is what I'm worried about, Emerald. It's a grand opening, grand closing. They know in the midterms; they are going to get killed. That's why they're letting us take it off now because I believe there'll be a new variant, or there'll be some sort of new issue to cause political strife, get mail-in ballots, to kind of just do a repeat of 2020, I think.

Emerald Robinson: Oh, there you go being a coincidence theorist again, Alex.

Alex Stein: Yeah, well, I can't trust these people. We knew in 2020 that we couldn't trust them then. So, I just think that they're very opportunistic. Rahm Emanuel said, and I think Hillary Clinton both said, you know, never waste a good disaster. So, these people love disasters. They love when bad stuff happens so they can put in legislation that they're never going to repeal. I think, and I hate to be so negative, but you nailed it with Pete Buttigieg. He's a transportation secretary. He took off two months for maternity leave. I mean, these people are in high, powerful positions in our government, and they're learning how to breastfeed, and they are men. That's where we're at. We need to wake up, and we need to put in people that want to work for the American people, public servants, instead of these people getting elected, and all of a sudden, we are their servants.

Emerald Robinson: Actually, Psaki already laid the groundwork yesterday for our new variant. She threw that in when she was saying the pandemic wasn't over yesterday in the briefing. But speaking of getting turned, woken up, maybe some people are waking up, MSNBC's viewers. That is good news. Left-wing extremists like Joy Reid lost 51% of her debut audience. Reid's show last month was the lowest-rated month ever. So, what's going on? Do people get it now?

Alex Stein: Joy Reid is a talentless hack, just like Brian Stelter, just like Don Lemon. So, people were waking up to the fact that MSDNC, see, that's a good Trump troll. That was really good when Trump does that, but see, Joy Reid is terrible, and that's the problem with our broadcasters. It's all about intersectionality. It's about checking boxes. That's why Saturday Night Live stinks. Saturday Night Live used to have a viral sketch every Monday from the weekend. Now, this past year, the only viral sketch they had was this sketch making fun of their pandemic regulations because Joy Reid is that. She's a box checker. She's not actually talented. You look at Don Lemon, who says white supremacy is our biggest problem. He's married to a white guy. You look at Brian Stelter. He calls himself the most reliable source, yet he said CNN + is going to be this huge media outlet, and they failed in three weeks. So, the fact that MSDNC, Joy Reid is failing, they're all going to tumble like a house of cards. I think Joy Reid and Brian Stelter will be off the air. I predicted here within the next three months, and that will be huge for the public psyche because those people are literal poison. All they do is use trauma-based mind control, which sounds like a conspiracy, but all they do is talk about the negative things in society in order to scare elderly people or young people, either one. Now, people in the middle don't fall for it. They realize, Oh man, these people are repugnant. I don't even want to watch them, but the other people. The other people that don't think they're repugnant they're falling for their trap, and that's really what we have to do is wake people up from that mass formation psychosis they're currently under when they watch people like Joy Reid or Rachel Maddow.

Emerald Robinson: You know, Joy Reid might be the least appropriately named woman I have ever seen.

Alex Stein: Well, then you look at Joy Behar, too. She was mad about her European vacation getting affected by the war in Ukraine. So, anybody named Joy has no joy. That is the opposite. That's the new thing. Do not name your child joy. The name Doom is better than Joy. They're going to grow up to be like Joy Behar or Joy Reid. Yikes.

Emerald Robinson: That's a good point. Mama, don't raise your kids to be Joys. (laughing) Well, thank you, Alex. I can't wait to watch your new show on prime time. And every time I say that, your little rap, Primetime 99, Alex Stein 99. It gets stuck in my head for, like, all day, and it will be for the rest of the day.

Alex Stein: That makes me feel so good, and thank you. I'm telling you, you got to let me come on normally. I'm a big fan of yours. You are a true trailblazer, as they say. You're not afraid. You come off as this nice, respectable woman, but really, you're like, you know, you're like a ninja. I don't want to mess with you. So, thank you so much, Emerald. I really appreciate you having me on.

Emerald Robinson: Thanks, Alex. Talk to you soon. Now, up next, there's a massive push by the GOP establishment to get rid of one of its own. We'll discuss that next.

Commercial: (Commercial Break)

Emerald Robinson: Today, let's talk about how Washington, D.C. really works. Let's talk about what your congressmen and senators are really doing there. You know, some of them. A young congressman named Madison Cawthorn told you the truth, but did you listen? A month ago, Madison Cawthorn was a guest on a podcast and was asked about how sleazy, how swampy Washington, D.C. really is, and then he made a terrible mistake. He told the truth. Just listen.

Madison Cawthorn: The sexual perversion that goes on in Washington, I mean, being kind of a young guy in Washington, the average age is probably 60 or 70. Look at all these people, a lot of them that I've looked up to throughout my life. I've always paid attention to politics - guys that, you know. Then all of a sudden, you get invited to like, hey, we're going to have kind of a sexual get-together at one of our homes. You should come. I'm like, What did you just ask me to come to? Then you realize we're asking you to come to an orgy or the fact that there are some of the people that are leading the movement to try and remove addiction in our country. Then you watch them do a kilo of cocaine right in front of you. It's like, wow, this is wild. Then there's also kind of the whole espionage aspect to what goes on in Washington. So, many people trade in secrets, and there's a currency to secrets. It's wild. Then there are members of the media, the journalists who kind of will keep nasty stories about you or about other people on a shelf, and then if you're about to kind of speak out against something they don't want you to? They'll come out and say, well, we're about to drop the story of when 17 years ago you did X, Y, and Z, and you don't want us to drop that story. Do you? So, we're going to bully you back into this position.

Emerald Robinson: Yeah, you heard him, right. Yes. He told you he was invited to orgies by politicians and Republican politicians. Yes, they do drugs, too, but what you might not have caught because you were so focused on that and in disbelief. Did you catch the part about how they trade secrets and spy on each other? And did you catch the part about how journalism is used as blackmail? Madison Cawthorn told you all of this and that it happened just as he said it would. His fellow House Republicans were enraged. They called a meeting to discuss Cawthorn's comments. The House leader, Kevin McCarthy, denounced Cawthorn as a liar. McCarthy said that Cawthorn had a quote, "lost his trust." This code among politicians for I'm going to run you out of Congress. What happened next, you ask? Suddenly, the media fills up with anti-Cawthorn stories. Cawthorn gets pulled over for a minor traffic stop and is plastered all over social media and the newspapers. That's a little strange, right. Then the newspapers tell you that he tried to bring a gun through an airport like he's a terrorist. Cawthorn is a sitting member of Congress, and he's 26 years old, and he's in a wheelchair. He's not a terrorist. He's not a threat to the public. I do understand why he wants to carry a gun, though. Then the Washington Examiner, a supposedly conservative newspaper, runs crappy stories about how Cawthorn might be implicated in an insider trading scandal, might be implicated. Then you read a bit further, and you see that the scandal is that he went to a party for a cryptocurrency and chanted, Let's go, Brandon. This is why nobody reads The Washington Examiner anymore. The story has obviously been planted by Republicans to harm Madison Cawthorn. How do I know? Because again, Cawthorn told us, watch this.

 Rep. Madison Cawthorn: We have the North Carolina political establishment, and one rhino senator who has really targeted me is coming hard. They're putting hundreds of thousands of dollars and millions of dollars to be able to defeat me. And they're starting to say just these ridiculous, salacious lies. I hear from my supporters all the time. I just got this call from people polling. They said that you want to raise your tax dollars, which is absurd. I want to remove the federal income tax, and I want to cut Social Security spending when that is the exact opposite of what I want to do. They say that we don't serve our district, which I think is preposterous.

Emerald Robinson: As a coordinated smear campaign to end his political career. North Carolina's most prominent do nothing, Senator Thom Tillis, actually called for the House Ethics Committee to investigate Cawthorn for going to a party for cryptocurrency. That never happens. Cawthorn is being targeted by Republicans for telling the truth about the sex, the drugs, and the secrets of the totally corrupt GOP establishment. And that is the unfortunate, Absolute Truth.


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