The Deviations Prove There Were Major Problems In The 2020 Election

about a year ago

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Election Numbers Deviations Along With Behavioral Deviations

Judges across the country. Some are good and care about our country while others appear to have been "gotten to" by the left. It will all come out soon.

Mike discusses deviations in numbers and how they apply to some of the election outcomes we have seen. He mentions how he must investigate when numbers are higher or lower than what is generally expected within his company. He compares this to a vote in Pennsylvania where there appear to be more votes than registered voters. He mentions one candidate who received zero votes. 

All of these emphasize deviations.

He also mentions behavioral deviations. This is how various people were uncovered. He mentions examples of RINOS as behavioral deviations. He goes on to call out the secretary of state of Georgia and the many things that should have been looked into as they were rather blatant deviations. When reviewing some of the deviations in the Georgia vote with President Trump, he was asked to look into some of the deviations. Brad Rastenburger proceeded to say the numbers they were looking at were incorrect. He asked where the numbers came from and were told by his staff that the numbers came from his office. When the president asked when they were going to get the correct numbers he couldn't answer because they were looking at the correct numbers.