Decertifying The 2020 Election, Removing Machines and Major Electoral Changes Seem To Be Gaining Speed


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Will the Election Finally Be Overturned?

Sherronna is with Dr. Frank and starts out asking how confident he feels about overturning the 2020 election. Then there seem to be so many that are talking about dropping the machines and returning to paper ballots. They then get into a discussion regarding the overturn of Roe v Wade. She wants to know Dr. Franks's feelings since he has a special needs child at home. He says that for him it's not just elections and that satan has been attacking our country for a long time. He goes on to tell how pregnancy in his marriage was later in life. The doctor mentioned that there was a greater chance of problems. He then said if there was any chance they would terminate the pregnancy even if tests showed a problem, he did not want to be their doctor. They immediately embraced him as their doctor.

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