Censoring the Wrong Information


Marjorie Taylor Greene's personal account has been permanently suspended from Twitter over their claim that she has repeatedly violated their COVID-19 misinformation policy.  This is continuing the crack down against dissenting voices, especially from conservatives.

Gee, this is a genuine head-scratcher.   If social media aristocrats are so concerned with preventing the spread of false information, I'd like to submit a few worthy of deletion:

* Then Attorney General of the US, Jerome Adams, said it would only take fifteen days to flatten the curve of COVID 19
* Biden says if you get the vaccine, you won't get sick
* The New York Times cites a CDC report stating the COVID-19 vaccine rarely affects children
* CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and millions of others say that COVID came from bats in a wet market
* Some people say decaf coffee is actually good

Yet they still have in-tact social media accounts.  These are the simps copycatting what our Dear Leaders say, lapping it up like whipped curs.

Free speech is no longer the ability to speak your mind.  Free speech is only allowed if you speak the same opinion of the establishment.  By controlling the information along with its dissemination, the elite assert jurisdiction over your ability to think clearly while formulating your own opinions.  Thus, once expression is restricted, everyone will fall into line.

We, the non-compliers, still stand for truth and honest reporting of facts.  After all, anyone who says decaf is good can't truly be trusted.

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