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★Catherine Edwards★
• Biologist
• Holistic Health Practitioner


I have always been passionate about learning! There is not a year that has gone by when I have not been continually learning, either formally or through self-study. Natural Health & Nature are where I am aligned. Having grown up with many animals, and continued to work with, and share my life with animals, I keep a great connection with nature and what is truly important for health and happiness. Animals always find a way back to balance – we human have much to learn from them!

2020 has been a big wake up for many people across the globe. Being a mother, I have been horrified at the current health, education,  business, political, media systems to name but a few. The realisation of the globalist agenda, the censoring of information – which has never been greater than what we are experiencing now – and the constant efforts by those in power to control the masses have never been more obvious.

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