Brannon And JD Rucker On Brainwashing, Monkeypox And The Great Reset


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Brannon Howse: Good evening. Welcome to Brannon Howse Live. Glad you are with us as we are live at 7:32 p.m. Central Time tonight being May 20th, 2022. Well, all over the news tonight, it is all about monkeypox. Pretty much every website you go to, every newscast you watch, they are in chorus tonight talking about monkeypox. We have been talking about it earlier in the week on our broadcast here. And then today, as I said, in the 6:00 hour, it's like someone threw a switch and it's everywhere. Now, the BBC, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, it's everywhere.

If you didn't get a chance to watch the last hours broadcast, I sat in as the host. Normally I co-host the Lindell Report with Mike Lindell. It's his show. But tonight, he was out, and I sat in for him. The whole hour I discussed this with a former military doctor and MD, Dr. Lee Merritt. Then from Technocracy News, Patrick Wood. We discuss the outbreak, so-called outbreak, of monkeypox and the reality that I believe, as does Dr. Lee Merritt, this is a gigantic PSYOP, a gigantic psychological operation. I would highly urge you to write this down. It's 2 hours. Part 1 I finished it in October of 2020, notice the date. I finished that two-hour documentary in October of 2020. I didn't release it until February of 2021. I debuted it and let the VIPs that attended my annual Ozarks Worldview weekend see it in October of 2020. But I did not release it to the general public until February of 2021.

Why? Because there was too much going on at the end of 2020, and it would have gotten lost in all the news and all the talk and research, and programming related to the coup that occurred in America with the theft of the election. So, I decided to wait till things settle down a bit. And so, I released it in February of 2021. Why am I making an issue of the date? Because if you go and you watch this weekend and I hope you will, and many of you already have, you will see that I had been working on that documentary well in advance of COVID. Then while I was working on it, COVID broke out. I began to rewrite that documentary while in production to talk about psychological operations. The Tavistock Institute, as we detailed tonight with Dr. Lee Merritt, the first director-general of the World Health Organization, was C. Brock Chisholm.

C. Brock Chisholm was not only the first director of the World Health Organization, but he worked with the Tavistock Institute. The Tavistock Institute, as I described in my movie Brainwashed America at, the Tavistock Institute studied men of war. Particularly, they studied POWs. Men that were captured. How, when they were captured and put through the horror of war and being a POW that anxiety and stress would open them up to accepting ideas, they otherwise likely would not and under normal conditions, accept. The Tavistock Institute of the 1930s and 40s discovered that if they were to put the average individual in America and Great Britain under great stress and anxiety mixed with a period of calm and ease, and then more stress and anxiety combined with conflicting information people would surrender.

They wouldn't know what to believe or who to believe. They would be so disoriented that they, in their anxiety and fear, would follow the herd. The group mentality. C. Brock Chisholm, the first director of the World Health Organization, was tied to the Tavistock Institution. He also so believed in globalism. That he, along with some of his other friends at the Tavistock Institute, declared that those that were opposed to globalism should be deemed mentally unstable. Today they call us domestic terrorists. But yet, at the same time, depending on how you read it, they do call us mentally ill. Just a couple of years ago as a detail of my documentary at, the American Psychological Association declared that you were mentally ill if you exhibited masculine beliefs and ideas. Toxic masculinity, as they called it. Toxic masculinity, it was a mental illness.

I have the report. It's sitting on a chair right over there. The stack of reports that I keep on hand, and I talk about it in that documentary, Brainwashed the Movie. The reason I want you to write down I want you to watch it. If you've already seen it, I want you to rewatch it. Look, I produced it. I wrote it. I wrote every word of it. I don't have anyone write my books. No one writes the scripts for my documentaries. I write my books, I write my documentaries, and I research them all myself because I thoroughly enjoy them. I guess I'm a nerd. But even I sit there and rewatch my own documentaries and go, “Oh, my.” Why? Because so much is coming at us so fast and there's so much information that even I, the guy that wrote every word of the script, that did all the research, that literally produced it from beginning to end, every screenshot, every edit, every B-roll, everything you see, I did myself because I have that kind of, what’s the word here, the passion about my documentaries that I want total control over them.

So, I want full control over them from beginning to end. I enjoy it. It's like building a piece of furniture. You don't let someone come in and finish building a piece of furniture you started. You enjoy building that piece of furniture or building that house and you want to build it yourself. You may take a long time to build it, but you're going to build that cabin or that house yourself over time. Or you're working on remodeling a car, refurbishing an old antique car, and maybe the guys that do that, you're not going to let someone else come in there and mess around with that car. That's your thing, right? Well, that is the same way I feel about my documentaries. So, when you watch it, you'll see that every bit of that I did. But here's the point. If I the guy that was that involved in it, sits there and goes, "Oh, wait a minute, I forgot about that. Oh, wait a minute. I forgot about that quote. I forgot that piece of information." Why? Because we are having so much information coming at us so fast that even I, the guy that writes and produces it, goes, "Oh, I forgot about that."

So even if you have watched it, you need to go rewatch it. Because right now with monkeypox, we are seeing a gigantic PSYOP unfold. You need to understand what I produced in my 2020 documentary that I put to bed in October 2020 and did not release to the general public until February 2021. Last weekend, I finished writing the script for Brainwashed America Part 2. We're now filming. I'm now filming that. I will spend this summer post-editing Brainwashed America Part 2. I have every intention of releasing it this fall. Brainwashed America Part 2. Like part 1, I intend to release it to you free of charge. By the way, Siege, eight and a half hours and Sabotage, 6 hours, I sold those. I offered those to the public for a price. But I made Brainwashed America for free Part 1. Part 2 will be free too. Why? A couple of reasons. One, we are in such a crisis in America that the only option we have is to educate as many people as we can, as fast as we can to overcome the psychological operation underway.

I don't want the price of watching the documentary to stand in the way of more people seeing it. We need to convince the American people and the world to wake up to this gigantic brainwashing operation. The psychological operation, brainwashing, information operation. Lots of words for the same thing. So, we need to reach as many people as we can. So, I put it out for free. part 2 will be the same, free. The other reason I'm able to do that is because, well, many of you have supported my foundation at A foundation I started for the specific mission statement purpose of proclaiming a Judeo-Christian worldview and educating people in a Christian Judeo worldview to understand the times and know how to rightfully respond.

Because so many people support that foundation, I'm like, "Let's just put it out to people free," as a project in part of our foundation. Then as you watch that documentary at, you'll notice I have the MyPillow codes in there. So many people support what we do with those MyPillow codes, so I said again, "Let's give it to people for free." The bottom line is the more you support us, the more you help us, the more we're putting out for free. We just use those resources to put out more information and more education for free. So will you right now tweet, text, email, Facebook, Gettr. I don't care what platform you're using, put out,, and say, "It's free. Watch it. This guy is explaining from October 2020 psychological operations. He explains it in the context of COVID, the World Health Organization’s anxiety and fear.” Because next week, May 22nd to the 28th, the World Health Organization is meeting, as we have been discussing now, for several weeks. We see the mainstream media has been at least two weeks, maybe three weeks behind us and catching up and reporting this. It's taken Fox News that long to start reporting it late this week in depth.

We've been reporting it with Leo Hohmann and others for at least two to three weeks. This next week, starting May 22nd to the 28th, the W.H.O. will start meeting about adding to their international regulations amendments that are reportedly written by the Biden regime that turns our national sovereignty over to the United Nations and the World Health Organization. Ironically, literally two days before it is to begin, we have right on cue, everybody in the media talking about monkeypox and showing the very disturbing pictures. Why? To get people to be afraid. To be ready to say, "Oh, we have to have this. We have to be ready to have a global, central authority to save us." Right on cue. And so, you better understand the brainwashing operation and my documentary that even goes into the very first director of the show, Brock Chisholm, C. Brock Chisholm. Joining me now is JD Rucker. JD Rucker runs many sites. His main one is JD welcome to the broadcast. Thanks for joining us.

JD Rucker: Thanks for having me as always, Brannon.

Brannon Howse: Do you want to comment on the opening monologue here? Because I think you and I are very much on the same page.

JD Rucker: Well, I've got my Saturday night date night planned at

Brannon Howse: Well, let me know what you think of it. Will, you?

JD Rucker: I will. This is one I hadn't seen yet. I've seen most of your stuff, and it's always spectacular. Definitely worth the price. This one is even better worth the price, it's free. But yeah, as far as, like, what you're saying, you're right. I mean, it's funny because I did write a story about how Tucker Carlson at Fox News finally had Dr. Scott Atlas on to talk about the pandemic treaty, the World Health Organization, and all of that stuff. That was what? Last night, I think.

Brannon Howse: Yeah.

JD Rucker: So, they're late to the game. You know, I don't want to brag here, but we actually started talking about it back in February. I had Dr. Peter Breggin on. He busted it out. He's talking about this pandemic treaty, at the time, I started looking it up before the interview. I'm like, "What is he talking about?" Nobody was covering it at the time. So, we kind of broke the story, I have to say.

Brannon Howse: So, if you were talking about it in February.

JD Rucker: Mm-hmm. That's when we first started talking about it. We've written several articles since then at, and at But here's the thing. You're absolutely right. This is timed perfectly. Okay? There's no reason for us to get so involved with this monkeypox, except that it's perfect timing to prep the world, to get us that little, little hint of fear because people aren't scared enough by pandemic panic theater that was caused by COVID. People just don't fear it anymore, not the way they used to. So, they have got to throw something else out.

That's a lot scarier, looking, that's for sure. You know, it's concerning. It even has a crazy name. You say smallpox and a lot of times people who aren't really familiar with smallpox they're not that impressed by it. But you throw out monkeypox and all of a sudden, "Oh, my gosh, this is horrible. We’ve got to get prepared. Please, Tedros, save us. Biden Save us. Somebody, save us.” Because this sounds really bad and it's not. It's all timed out, like you said, “PSYOP.” It’s a PSYOP.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. Let's go to your website You know, this one here blows my mind. I mentioned this on the radio today. Pfizer CEO Announces Trackable Chip in Pills to Bring the New World Orders Dreams to Fruition. Folks, you've got to hear this. Listen to CEO Albert Bourla of Pfizer explaining at the Davos World Economic Forum pills with a teeny chip that sends a wireless signal, so the government knows you've taken your medication, particularly if they decide you're mentally ill. Here's your daily dose of your meds. You better take it or you're going to prison. Listen to this.

Albert Bourla: It is a, basically, biological chip that is in the tablet. And once you take the tablet and it dissolves into your stomach, it sends a signal that you took the tablet. So, imagine the applications of that compliance for the insurance companies to know that the medicines that patients should take, they do take them. It is fascinating what happens in this field.

Brannon Howse: Wow. JD?

JD Rucker: Well, you know, it's funny because everything gets introduced, okay, all this new technology, anything that's dangerous, it always gets introduced in a way that is supposed to be very beneficial. In this case, you know, for full context, he's talking about a pill for schizophrenics. The idea is that schizophrenics may or may not be taking their pills. So, you want to make sure they are. This way people, if they do have an episode, people know how to address it. The doctors will know okay according to this, he didn't take this pill yesterday or today so that's what's happening.

Or oh, my gosh, he did take his pill, you know, he's been taking his pills and he still had this episode. We need to figure something else out. That's how they frame it. But of course, let's face it, this is going to come down to whatever pills they want to inject into us, whatever poisons they want us to take. I've said for a long time, the injections, the COVID jabs were just the beginning. That eventually, because they're deteriorating our immune system, as even many of your guests have said because they're taking out the immune system people are going to get sick. Especially if they get boosted and boosted and boosted, they're going to be so dependent on drugs to be able to keep themselves alive that they will have to go to daily pills.

This is something that we've talked about a lot to be able to make sure the people are compliant, that they're not, you know, infected with monkeypox or smallpox or hemorrhagic fever or COVID 23 or whatever it is that's coming next. They want to make sure that they have the tracking here. So that's part of it. But really quick about smallpox, I don't know if you knew this. This was a shock to me. Did you know that there was an international security summit they held last year? It was over a year ago. During this summit, they played out the scenario of what would happen, and what would we do if there was a monkeypox outbreak.

Now, keep in mind, at the time, monkeypox was still very I mean, it's an obscure disease that has never really spread across the world ever. It's been around since, you know, for the last 70 years, but it's never really been that big of a deal. Now, all of a sudden, last year they're talking about it, and they said, "You know what, let's go ahead and set our timeframe." And you know what timeframe they set for the outbreak, the beginning of the outbreak of monkeypox? Yes, sir. It was May, mid-May, to be specific of 2022, and then here we are. This tells us, Brannon, it's a total PSYOP.

Brannon Howse: It's a PSYOP.

JD Rucker: And here's the thing, they have all these things planned out. You know, we say, "Oh, you know, the pandemic treaty, it didn't come around until January of 2022." No, no. They've been talking about and thinking about the pandemic treaty since long before there was a pandemic. Long before COVID 19. Okay? So, everything is planned out appropriately so that they can start laying the foundation for the New World Order, for the Great Reset, for the eventual attack on us, people like you and me and your audience, people that they don't want around. They view people in three ways. When everything goes down. When the crap hits the fan, and when they have total control, they want people in one of three categories.

Category one is the dependent people, the beholding people, the worthless eaters, the people that are basically slaves. They don't really do anything. They don't help society, but they're going to be fed, they're going to be clothed, they're going to be, kind of, housed. They're going to own nothing, and they'll be happy because they don't have to do anything.

Then you have category two, which are the people that are useful but compliant. These are the people that are going to keep society running for them. These are the business owners, the workers, you know, the teachers, everybody like that.

Then there's category three, which I think would account for you, me, and pretty much the rest of the audience. This is the category that they want gone. Whether that means arrested or dead, they want us out of the way because we're the ones that are going to not be compliant. We're not going to be beholden. We're not going to obey their commands.

So, they're going to find ways to try to get rid of us. They're going to use categories one and two, plus the military plus the police state to try to get rid of us. This is why I press so hard every single day, just as you do. We work so hard to make sure that we get as many people aware as possible because we need numbers. We need allies. We can't do this by ourselves.

Brannon Howse: No, we can't. Look at this, folks. If you go to, that's the news aggregated site I run All right. Look at this. Monkeypox was a tabletop simulation only last year. For those that missed it. We reported on this last hour in the Lindell Report that will be posted online. It brings us to an article at Brownstone Institute about it. There are all the screenshots of what they were doing and who was involved. Right? You can actually read that the website held a simulation. There's a hyperlink. Click on it. There you go.

Then they go into all the different things that need to happen. Which basically sounds like what they wanted to have happen is the empowerment of the W.H.O. Okay? So again, we put this on our website this afternoon. We found it. It's at if you want to read it. It's right there about the tabletop exercise. Just go to worldview Monkeypox was a tabletop simulation only last year. It's at the top of the page, as stuff gets moved down, we'll let you know. Here's another one Dr. Scott Gottlieb, or however you say it. Rising Monkeypox Cases Suggest It's Spread Pretty Wide. That brings you to Breitbart and look at that. That's a pretty scary-looking picture, is it not? (Photo of Monkeypox sores) Of course, this, again, is part of the whole fear to get you quite involved. There is a video from CNBC, I guess. Let's see what this guy has to say.

CNBC News: What the heck is monkeypox? Do we actually need to worry about this?

CNBC News: Well, look, I think now that there's been community spread, it may be hard to fully snuff this out. I don't think it's going to become a major epidemic because this is a virus that's difficult to spread. You need to sustain close contact or have contact with the open sores. But there are so many cases now that are disconnected. This is spreading in the community and there may be a lot more infections than what we're picking up. It has a long incubation period, upwards of 21 days. So, there may be a lot of people currently incubating the virus. There are probably a lot of people who went undiagnosed or misdiagnosed because doctors aren't looking for it. Given the fact that we've found so many disconnected cases, it does suggest that the spread right now is pretty wide.

Brannon Howse: “The spread is pretty wide.” So, it seems like, you know, he tells us it's not something to worry about, but then he tells us the spread is pretty wide. And then, J.D., look at this, I kind of went on to track them. WHO Calls an Emergency Meeting as Monkeypox Cases Cross 100 in Europe. Monkeypox Scare Biden Administration Orders 13 million Doses of New Vaccine. That’s over at the New American by our friend Veronica. I mean, how did they do all this so quickly, by the way? Oh, wait a minute. They had a simulation a year ago. They knew this was coming.

JD Rucker: They did. They knew it was coming. They knew exactly when they were going to unleash it. Listen, I want to be clear. When we say that this is a PSYOP, that does not mean that monkeypox isn't real. It does not mean that it's not going to be dangerous.

Brannon Howse: That's right.

JD Rucker: There's a very good chance that they are going to use this as the predicate to be able to advance the pandemic treaty and to take away our rights once again. So, I'm not suggesting, 'Oh, don't worry, it's just monkeypox." I'm saying whether they're using it to scare up support today or whether they're actually going to push it and they've actually genetically manipulated it to the point to where it has a wider spread, we don't know. Because, in either scenario, it would look exactly like it's looking today. The one thing that we do know for sure is that, of course, this is planned. Okay? Monkeypox does not after seven years, suddenly, you know, right in the exact right moment, the exact time that they predicted, now it's suddenly going to become a thing without human help.

No, sir. No, sir. It either is a thing and it was being done intentionally or it's not a thing and it's just, you know, just smoke and mirrors right now to keep us off balance. We won't know. But either way, it would look like this. Now, one thing about monkeypox that a lot of people need to understand is that it's not like, at least the original monkeypox, is not like COVID in that it's not supposed to be transmissible through aerosols. Through, you know, being five feet from somebody even if they're wearing a mask. This is very different. That's why the transmission level is so low. But here's the thing. The fact that it is spreading so rapidly, apparently, if all of that is legitimate, that tells us that they've manipulated it to where it can be transmitted.

Generally speaking, it is only transmitted through touch. That's why, you know, they were making a note that this has been affecting the gay male population more than anybody else, statistically. Based upon the fact that it is transmitted mostly through touch, now they're saying that "Well, maybe, because it's spreading so quickly, maybe it has evolved." You know, maybe gain of function research took it and said, "All right, let's make it airborne, and let's put this latest bioweapon out in the wild and see what it does." That's what I think is probably going to end up happening.

Brannon Howse: But can you imagine if these things, these sores and their oozing and whatever else, are you going to want to go to the grocery store and touch a cart that someone just oozed their monkeypox on or a restaurant or take a coffee cup? I mean, someone touches the handle of my coffee cup and then I touch it. I mean, can you see where people will start getting freaked out? It's like something out of a movie. It's a PSYOP. Again, not to say it's not real, but this is going to be used.

JD Rucker: Right.

Brannon Howse: Because, you know, we've been talking nonstop about the 2013 report that we found over at the NIH website, thanks to Karen Kingston. This 2013 study showed the greatest, the easiest way to get people to give up their liberties and freedoms is through one, a pathogen, and two a famine. We're approaching both.

JD Rucker: We're approaching both. We're approaching those and many more things. But there is a silver lining to this. I want everybody to understand, you know, I've been talking to my wife about this a lot. If anything, the one thing that we can look at is that this is hopefully going to open people's eyes. People who have perhaps haven't been to a church in a while. They haven't prayed in a long time. Maybe they'll start to open the Bible. Maybe they'll start to pray again.

Maybe they'll start to look and say, "Huh, things are looking pretty bad. You know, we have no place else to turn but to God." I think that if there is a silver lining and I don't know if there is one folks, but I sure hope that that would be the one where people can finally say, "Okay, yeah, okay, things are pretty bad. Maybe it is really time for me to fall on my knees and pray to God for forgiveness and take Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior." Yeah, that would be my hope.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, my hope as well. I agree. Amen. Let me switch gears. I played this on my radio show earlier this week. I really want to play this here because this is just, disturbing. Watch this. (Video Playing)

Agenda 21 Video Clip: The Earth just cannot handle the sheer number of humans who live here. Something has to give. I believe that it's up to us who have lived a good life to make sure that our children will have the opportunity to live good lives, too. I have lived a good life.

Agenda 21 Video Clip: I have lived a good life.

Agenda 21 Video Clip: I have lived a good life.

Agenda 21 Video Clip: I have lived a good life.

Brannon Howse: All right, let's hold it right there. What's that say? Coming soon Agenda 21. Agenda 21, UN Division for Sustainable Development. Agenda 21 coming soon. “I have lived a good life.” I don't know what's coming soon. It can't be good if it's all about this. I mean, this was put up there on March 30, 2020. So, this has been around a while. But wow! Agenda 21, “I've lived a good life.”

The right to die is now the duty to die. It's time for the old people to be kicked off the planet. They're crowding things up. They're useless eaters. I mean, this is what I've been writing about in my books for years. Warning this was coming, and before that, the guy that influenced me when I was a small kid was Francis Schaeffer, and he was writing about and warning about this.

JD Rucker: Yeah. Well, you know, I mean, we've talked before about the fact that the population has been the universal aspect of every nefarious agenda since well, really, since population became a thing. Okay? We can take it all the way back to the days of Moses. Okay? They started off, the Pharaoh was pushing a depopulation, an agenda for the Hebrews. So, yes, this is a thing that's always been in the minds of the evil elite. Today, for the first time perhaps in history, we have organizations through BlackRock, through Vanguard, through George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and the entire list of bad guys, Anthony Fauci and all of them.

We now finally have for the first time a cabal of organizations and individuals who do have the power to impose this type of depopulation plan upon us. That's why they're coming out of the open. This isn't anything new, by the way. It's just new to us. Well, maybe not you and me and your audience, but new to most of the world, because they always remained in the shadows. Today, they're not they. They're coming out and they're just declaring it, "Hey, we want to kill you, okay? So, line up. You’ve lived a good life." You heard those old people. They all lived a good life. Did you live a good life? If you did come on, come on. We got it, just have a seat. You'll just slip away, and it'll be great. You'll love it. It's going to be fantastic. It's bad stuff.

Brannon Howse: We saw a few months ago the death pods that they started over in Europe somewhere that you can order and pick it out. I guess you hook it to a car, put it on a trailer or something, and take it out to a field or stream or mountain range and get in it and within a few seconds, it suffocates you. You peacefully fall asleep and suffocate, and you know it's becoming a thing.

JD Rucker: Yeah, that sounds great.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, it does.

JD Rucker: No, thanks.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, exactly., as always, thank you, JD.

JD Rucker: Thanks, Brannon.

Brannon Howse: Appreciate your checking in. All right. 


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