Being Inspired To Run For Office and Stand For Our American Values

about a year ago

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Courage Is Contagious but Hard To Keep Going

Sherronna is encouraged by the courage displayed by others willing to take a stand for what they believe to be the right thing to do. This comes as she was standing in line for a hunting license for her son while they were wearing a mask among many in line that were maskless. The actions of her and her son defied masculinity in a sense. Courage is contagious but it is sometimes hard to keep going. She tells of her husband and herself helping people that are running for office. She speaks of the roadmap created by Cordie Williams for people to follow when they want to run for office based on the 1776 Freedom Forever Project. This is all based on our children and what they face if the old men and women of today have decided not to do it for the past couple of years.  Patriotism is not about what you get, but about what you give up.