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Sherronna Bishop: All right, welcome to America's mom. We're going to be taking a look at the election truth event, Colorado State Assembly. We get to talk with Representative Ron Hanks, who cleared the entire field, making way for the US Senate race to end in his victory. Hello, everyone, and welcome to America's mom. This is the first official week of our new show coming to you everywhere in America. We're going to keep bringing you the same great stories of small-town Americans who are doing incredible things to preserve and protect their own backyards. It's going to be such a great time. I think that this week, especially as we bring a couple of really, really important stories from a state that everybody believed was gone. There was going to be no recovery, no way back. Just try to find a way to live in the new Colorado. Jokingly, we always call it the People's Republic of Colorado because it's been under siege for at least the last three years under Pontiff Polis. But we have such a great story to bring to you guys this week of what's happening because people, just like you, have decided we've had enough. Rhinos and establishment elites everywhere are purchasing massive amounts of duct tape today to wrap their swollen heads over the idea that America First candidates not only can win in Colorado but sweep the entire duck. Representative Ron Hanks cleared the entire field for the US Senate race being the number one by 39% of the vote, the people's choice, and is going to do an incredible job throughout the primary.

Sherronna Bishop: In addition to that, the Colorado State Assembly had an incredible victory for Clerk Tina Peters, known as America's favorite clerk. She's the one who's been standing up for election truth. She revealed the Miss happenings in Mesa County with the Dominion voting machines, and she was met with a rousing response. People are so excited to have people of courage and tenacity and strength, and a backbone. So, here we are. We're going to have a great show for you guys today, starting with Representative Ron Hanks of Colorado, who is running for US Senate after an incredible upset at the Colorado State Assembly, where he cleared the entire fieldcoming out as the only candidate for the US Senate race here in Colorado. Representative Hanks is with us today. The winner takes all candidate, House District Representative 60, Mr. Ron Hanks, swept the entire US Senate race on Saturday at the GOP State Assembly. How are you, Representative Hanks?


Ron Hanks, U.S. Senate Candidate: Hi, Sherronna. I'm doing real good. It was a pretty convincing victory. We're pleased with it. We move on to the next phase, and we're happy to be doing that alone.

Sherronna Bishop: Well, Representative Hanks, I had flyers from the Gino Campana's campaign and Debra Flore's campaign. I mean, everybody was just expecting Gino to rise to the top and take over the whole thing, and he ended up actually coming in almost the last, almost dead last in this race on Saturday. Not to mention Eli Bremer, who is pegged as the Olympic champion. He was endorsed by so many elected officials in Colorado. Gino was touting a potential Trump endorsement along with Dr. Alveda King, and you really are the people's choice. You are the one that the people rallied around. How do you take all of this when you see all the drama and excitement playing out with those other candidates? But when it came down to the nuts and bolts of Saturday and what's been happening in the ground game across Colorado, the people were there for you.

Ron Hanks, U.S. Senate Candidate: Yeah, we looked at it just a little bit differently, Sherronna. I mean, we did not focus on endorsements or spending a lot of money because the caucus is all about grassroots and getting out into the districts, into the counties. Now, I will tell you. It was a bit of a challenge doing that, being in the statehouse and being in session. But we still managed to get out, and I will also say that Friday was probably a very decisive day for a lot of people. The day before the assembly, there were quite a few Senate and House and congressional assemblies at a nearby location. We had a lot of people come by our hospitality room. Here's the thing that we found very interesting. People were very interested in long conversations. They would sit in the room for an hour or an hour and a half. It reminded me of the old Mark Twain town halls, remember, from 100 years, 150 years ago.

Sherronna Bishop: I read about it.

Ron Hanks, U.S. Senate Candidate: I think people are ready for dialogue rather than just diatribe. I know that sounds a little like I lifted that from Jesse Jackson. That just came to me, but I think a longer speech really makes a difference. Also, I was pretty proud not to do the endorsement route because it seemed, Sherronna, that every minute you spent dealing with somebody on the phone from out of state trying to get an endorsement was an opportunity lost to talk with somebody here in rural Colorado or in the front range, for that matter.

Sherronna Bishop: Well, for those who are just hearing about this incredible race, this was a very heated race for sure and a lot of great candidates. But what really sets you apart in the minds of Coloradans. Number one, you spent 32 years in the US Air Force, in intelligence and working around the globe. You're very versed in working with other cultures. This idea of foreign policy is not new to you. You know exactly where you stand. As a mom, I have watched you fight for parents and stand up for our rights to defend our children to do what we think is best. In Colorado, there's been this push that you have to move more center-left as a Republican. You haven't done that, and you're proving that it's not necessarily, number one to win but also to sleep well at night.

Ron Hanks, U.S. Senate Candidate: Yeah. I have never liked the advice of the political consultants and the elite that you go right in the primary and then go to the center. I say you stay who you are, and if your message is right and you tell it true. People will recognize what's in your heart. The downside of what we are dealing with right now is that the country is really in turmoil and trouble. I think there are a lot of people out there who would not otherwise be looking at politics that are starting to figure out, my God, this is a problem, and we have to look to see who will solve it. They know full well that Biden and Michael Bennet are not getting the job done. So, even if they haven't been real conservative Republicans, I think they're coming our way because we offer a very different set of solutions. Frankly, Sherronna, the thing that strikes me is these are not problems where the solutions are difficult to figure out. I mean, fuel prices are way too high. We have all the fuel and oil and gas we would ever need for hundreds of years under our feet. So, let's drill for it, and I did a little fracking. I know we are environmentally conscientious, and we can do this without destroying our environment. That's a simple solution, and I can't fathom why the left is so stuck in their dogma that they won't do the common-sense things. We're common sense.

Sherronna Bishop: You know, I just got back from Texas, Representative Hanks, and they had jacks pumping oil right there in their front yards. It was a beautiful sight to see, and I thought about how in comparison, these ugly solar fields are taking up our vacant lands out here in Colorado. The wind turbines that are butchering our bald eagles produce no energy. We have to buy our energy now from New Mexico or buy it somewhere else. Yet Colorado keeps moving in this progressive leftist direction that literally will make it so expensive we can't heat our homes, and we can't drive our cars. As a US senator, this is really your realm. This is where you're helping to determine the national policy that prevents these political moves that are really designed to get free money from the government. These ideas of all of the above energy acts or Green New Deal plans that will give them a lot of money is something you're going to have to combat. I think the confidence that the people displayed in you at the state assembly this past week, there was one who was not willing to stand before the people and be voted in at assembly. That is going to be your opponent who's running as a Republican during this primary, and we don't even have to say his name, but what does it mean for you heading into the primary? You've got an opponent that you're going to be facing, and it wouldn't face the people wouldn't face the assembly. Instead chose to petition. What message do you have for those who are going to be voting for you, who are listening right now trying to make up their minds about who they want? He's been endorsed by the Police Association of Colorado. What do you have to say about that situation?

Ron Hanks, U.S. Senate Candidate: I appreciate the question. It was a decisive victory at assembly. I would posit that had this guy who has gone on and petitioned on to the primary. Had he been in that race, he would have been defeated as well. I say that with all humility, but now that we see the numbers. I think I knocked out five other candidates, some good candidates among them. And Joe would have probably been the sixth. Then it would have been an open season all the way to November to fight Michael Bennett. We'll probably work that way anyway as if this primary is largely a fait accompli here. But I think knocking out everybody at the assembly is important because it sends a message around the nation that we didn't pick two people, and we still have to figure out where we stand in Colorado. We have a pretty decisive margin who understand that election integrity matters. Now I'm starting to pivot from the state legislature, where I introduced election integrity bills to the federal side of this whole mission, which is national security. I've done what I can at the state level. Now, I'm going to work on national security, the borders, energy, and our manufacturing - excuse me - manufacturing that ought to be back in America. I lost my voice over the weekend, and I just tried to go out on me there. I apologize.

Sherronna Bishop: It must have been all that hollering because it certainly was a sweet victory. Now, the latest Magellan poll in Colorado says that the Republican that wins will be the next United States senator from Colorado. I have no doubt at all that it will be you, Representative Hanks. Where can our people find you and make a hefty donation to your campaign? You are going to be up against a leftist who is well funded by the Biden administration and all that entails. So, where can we find you, and where can we support you?

Ron Hanks, U.S. Senate Candidate: Well, I appreciate that. My website is HanksForColorado, that's F-O-R We've got some good content on there as far as videos, as far as letters I've written to Joe Biden as a state representative after the disgraceful exit from Afghanistan. I guess it was on the 20th anniversary of 911. So, it was an emotional moment for me to watch that abject failure of a departure. I felt for the Vietnam vets that were there. That's a letter I'd encourage people to read. Then they can find me out around the state here. As soon as the session is over, we're going to hit all the counties that we could not hit, and we will hit them thoroughly and for a long time: one last thing, Sherronna. I don't know how much time I have, but I have to tell you, we live in a beautiful state here in Colorado, but I have just been totally decimated by the amount of trash we've got blowing around on the freeways and the side roads. We're thinking about going out to the different counties and starting a campaign where before we get into a town hall, we start picking up trash by the bagful for an hour or 2 hours and start trying to clean this up. Because this is what socialism looked like in Eastern Europe when I was over there. We can't let it look like that where we don't care about the state and the country anymore. So, in addition to my website, they'll see me on the side of the road picking up some trash because this is driving me nuts.

Sherronna Bishop: Well, Representative Hanks, I'm looking forward to seeing you take out the trash in Colorado of Michael Bennet. I can't wait. Thank you so much for being with us today. Again, where can we find you?

Ron Hanks, U.S. Senate Candidate: Yes, ma'am., and thank you for the moment to talk with you. I appreciate it.

Sherronna Bishop: Absolutely. Thank you so much, Representative. Colorado State Assembly. More votes were cast than voters. Using electronic machines that were retired in 2021 denies delegates the right and opportunity to publicly make their concerns known regarding this really serious issue. How out of touch can the Colorado GOP be? Well, it gets worse. The Colorado State Assembly started with a lot of energy, a lot of excitement, and 3 hours of standing outside waiting to be let in. Even though at the Colorado Springs World Arena, there are multiple doors. In fact, I came into a separate set of doors because I wasn't going to stand out there for 3 hours to wait, no way. So, they couldn't pull that together. We ended up starting an hour late. In addition to that, these people were herded through just one set of doors. Once the assembly actually got underway, there was definitely an air of ballots, paper ballots versus the machine clickers. Now, as I already expressed, the clickers will be retired in 2021. They kept trying to tell us this is so great, and this is going to be wonderful. It's so easy. You can track your votes, you can do all these things, and the people just weren't having it. When you have the elections being the primary focus and the primary concern of the most informed voters in Colorado, there's no way you can hand them a machine and just tell them to trust you. When paper ballots are on site, the hand count has been expressly defined as the only way these conservative constitutional delegates will go. It was so out of touch, you guys. People were hollering and they were chanting. At one point, when a motion was being made to switch to the paper ballots, they would not provide a microphone to the delegate making their request. The whole stadium starts erupting, microphone, microphone, microphone. Finally, the chair, Kristi Burton Brown, was forced to hand a microphone to the delegate, making the motion to go from using these machines to the paper ballots. Now, what was just so untoward and just so wrong was the fact that the chair, Kristi Burton Brown of the GOP, said there were no paper ballots on site. We would be there until midnight, and nobody would know who their candidate was for at least a monthall false. In fact, the ballots were all on-site, required actually by law that paper ballots be provided. But a certain group had already done the watermarking. They had already provided everything that was necessary in order to secure a hand-count paper ballot election. What really makes the machines especially grievous is that they were shipped in at 4 a.m. in the morning with no actual knowledge of a chain of custody. Again, this is why people are so upset. The political elite tells us, just take it, swallow it, shut up, sit down, and we'll patch your heads while we're at it. You know, quite frankly, the people are now just looking at them and saying, what's up with that?

Sherronna Bishop: With gasping at over $5 a gallon under the Biden regime, it's no wonder that people are ready to take charge. In Colorado this last week, we held an election truth event because all of this has to do with the reality that elections have consequences. If people are being selected rather than elected, well, the people have had enough of that. Watch and see what happened at the People's House in Denver, Colorado, just this past week when Mr. Mike Lindell flew out to encourage the Patriots of Colorado to keep going.

Jacqueline Boviet, Latino Small Business Impact: For such a time as this. I mean, come on. If it isn't integrity, we cannot give up. Colorado, America, belongs to the people of America. Amen. And this is our time. There is no defeat. There is only winning during this time, and I say we are winners.

Richard Harris, Truth & Liberty Coalition: Friends, the left-wing political establishment, and the media have been lying to the American people.

Stacey Adair, Elementary School Teacher: I'm an example of how somebody can go from keeping quiet to having courage.

Ron Hanks, U.S. Senate Candidate: The government that's running this country has put a lot of fear in people. In fact, this morning, as I was driving here, I received a notice from an IT worker in a county in Colorado. The secretary of state had sent out a message saying, be wary of those domestic terrorists who are questioning elections today. I kid you not. Secretary of State Janet Griswold, we will not be bullied into silence.

Mike Lindell: You have all these things that have shown up now that we wouldn't have known about. We know about crooked platforms that are out there, from Sucker Bucks Facebook to Twitter and all these platforms. We've found all this out. God has been revealing things, one after another. To the point, just four days ago, they did a poll; 35 or 34% of Democrats now believe the election was stolen and through machines.

Jacqueline Boviet, Latino Small Business Impact: When Latino entrepreneurs make their voices heard in any election community effort or opportunity, they can ensure that lawmakers are responsive to the needs of the community. When the next disaster hits, a sense of urgency, issues, anything. I have seen Latinos come together and make a difference. We need to reach that district eight 40%, 22% Latinos in Colorado and a lot of business owners and women business owners that I see every day that are ambitious, strong, but with values, morals, family, passion, and courage. People that are willing to listen if we just go find them and encourage them and tell them the truth.

Richard Harris, Truth & Liberty Coalition: Under Barack Obama, they lied about the National Security Administration spying on America. They lied about Benghazi. They lied about Russian collusion and Donald Trump. They lied when they said they didn't actually spy on Donald Trump's campaign. They lied about the border. You remember they lied about Hunter Biden's laptop and about his purchasing of foreign influence. Forgive me if I remind you, they lied about the origins of COVID 19. They lied about the gain of function testing and about so-called vaccines. They lied about Planned Parenthood and sold human body parts. They lied about Black Lives Matter and peaceful riots. They lied about critical race theory, and they've lied about the real agenda behind the wicked LGBT movement. Over and over again, anyone who calls them out on their lies is labeled a conspiracy theorist, hater, racist, or spreading of misinformation. Those who stood for the truth have been ridiculed, shadow band censored and even persecuted by politicized law enforcement agencies. But probably worst of all, they have lied about election integrity. I say worst of all because if we don't have election integrity, we no longer have a republic. We have a dictatorship.

Stacey Adair, Elementary School Teacher: When we return to school, they put the kids in hula hoops to keep them socially distanced. There were stickers on the wall and on the floor to keep - and I'm an elementary teacher - to keep the kids separated. It was so disturbing. So, my message today is, let's get more people involved, people like me. We need more people to help get conservative school board candidates elected. If you don't know who the teacher's union is, they are basically the devil. They have run the schools for all the years that we weren't paying attention to, and I confess, me too. I wasn't paying attention. But it's time that we take our schools back, and I need you all. We need you. We need you to show up to school board meetings.

Sherronna Bishop: And here's the reality of this situation. What I've done, what you're doing, is exactly what our founders hoped we would do to preserve this country because we do not give consent to be governed this way. We're a constitutional republic, which means the government works for us. Along with destroying energy, this governor has decided to turn wolves loose in our backyard. All right, they couldn't restrict the ranchers by limiting how many cows they could haul on the highway. So, instead, they let the wolves out. Tell me how that makes our state better. Tell me how that feeds families. Tell me how that keeps our generational farms and ranches going. They are killing our stateone bad policy at a time. So, we've gathered today because we realize that elections have consequences. Selections have greater consequences, so we've asked the question of our government; are these elections legitimate? Well, if our governor tries to position himself as a moderate libertarian. Tell me why he had just passed the most radical infanticide bill ever. He has approved legislation now to kill the most innocent among us. But he'll hide it behind a woman's right to choose. You know, there's a saying, weak men, right? Weak men create tough times. But tough times create strong men, and I would say, strong mothers. Strong mothers, it is our time right now.

Mike Lindell: Well, then what did they do? They plan the January 6th. The January 6th thing, which they put fear into everybody. When you woke up on January 7th, that's the day, one of the most important days it will be in history. That day is the day they try to take our voices away forever. Forever! They took our president's Twitter. They took his Twitter account; 1.2 million Americans got de-platformed that day. From Suckerbucks's Facebook to YouTube, Evil Vimeo, and Twitter. The list goes on and on and on. Fox went Fox on us. Even the rotten media, the left media, all went silent on me. They went completely silent. They didn't talk; nobody wanted to talk about anything. Even though I wanted to talk, on January 9th, something happened on January 9th where I was given evidence that explained one thing, and I want to tell you this. I put millions of dollars in that November in December last year for my own investigation. I thought you had all these deviations. You had all these things that happen, like, all these non-residents that voted in every state for the first time ever. I go; people are genuinely good people. They're not going to march across from my state of Minnesota into Wisconsin, and thousands of people vote and commit crimes. I said it doesn't make sense. Well, then, on January 9th, I got some evidence that explained it all because it was a cyberattack through our machines, through electronics, and people to wrap their heads around that. It happens every day. It happens every day in our country. You get it. This is the world we're in, the computer world we're in. When you get an attack on credit cards or MY Pillow, you get an attack on a store or a pipeline. When that happens, you have good geeks and bad geeks. The good geeks over here fix it, and they put more protection on the computers. Then over here, it starts all over again. The attacks start all over again. But if they break through, it only costs us money, everybody. That's only money, but when they do it in an election, you lose your country forever. Forever, you never get it back. But by the grace of God, we have one chance in history to get our country back. What happened? As you all know, overall, this last year, many miracles have happened, and things were found out. As I stand here before you, what if we had nothing? We have everything right now. I came to Colorado today because you have here in Colorado the key to the whole nation because you had a great county clerk, Tina Peters, that did her job. And she took a backup of her dominion machines, of her computers before your crooked secretary of state and Dominion came in with the trust to build and delete the 2020 election. Okay. I'm telling you, if the election of 2020 didn't happen, we would never, ever, ever have gotten to this great place we're going to get to. Trust me on that, ever. This was all God's plan, and we are in the greatest revival for Jesus in history. God bless you all. Thank you. Thank you.

Sherronna Bishop: Patriots. We are living in a time like no other where your voice means more than it ever has before. I want to encourage you to stand up. Do not be silent. Do not go quietly in the dark and let the political elites determine your future, your child's future, and the future of this great country. Remember, all that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. God bless you, and thank you for joining us. We'll see you Wednesday.



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