Adapt Election Watch Project to Your State or County


Want to adapt Missouri's Election Watch Project for your state, county, or parish?

Watch the video and then download the master forms (below) which are in MS Word format. You need to consider content and formatting, but don't get bogged down. It's more important to get this out to people so they can get trained and prepared.

It should have been mentioned in this video (but forgot), be sure to convert the final version to PDF. Don't use Word versions as downloads for volunteers. Many people do not have or use Word and formatting could go funky on them.

Also, if you do not have time to do your own training videos, consider scheduling an online call/meeting and record it. Share the recording as the training video.

Mike Lindell interviewed by RSBN at the Trump Rally in Michigan on Oct 1 2022

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The Introduction Video for the Missouri Election Watch Project contains links to all 3 training videos.

About the EWP

The Missouri Election Watch Project is a grassroots effort to monitor our elections and submit failures, fraud, anomalies, and anything 'fishy' via Incident Reports. Projects are created to watch Public Testing of Machines, Voter Experience, and Procedures at the Polls. Anyone can participate: voters, candidates, poll workers, election officials, and concerned citizens. The Project is coordinated by Missouri Canvassers ([email protected]) and Cause of America - Missouri ([email protected]).

There are 3 topics (so far) for the Missouri Election Watch Project: Machine Public Testing, Voter Experience, and Polling Place.

Each topic has a training video (found in TV tab of Cause of America - Missouri) and a documents tab (News Tab) that includes an Incident Report and supporting documents.

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