Undeniable Proof That Afghanistan Is Now Suffering Under Islamic Law


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Undeniable Proof

On Live Up to Freedom, Aynaz Anni Cyrus talks about the undeniable proof that Afghanistan is now suffering under Islamic law. Just recently, a group of Afghan YouTubers was arrested by the Taliban, imprisoned, and put on trial. Why? The YouTubers would read verses of the Qur'an and mock them. According to the Taliban, mocking Islamic texts is a crime.

The leader of the YouTubers confessed, stating he was not purposefully trying to cause harm but apologized for it. However, the body language of the YouTubers shows this confession was under duress. In the introduction, the Taliban has a message condemning anyone who would insult Allah, Islamic texts, and Islamic laws. The leader of the YouTubers will face Islamic judgment by either losing an arm, a leg, or his life. 

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