Uncovered: Illegal attack on 364,000 Georgia Voters

About 3 years ago

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Pamela Reardon wants to stop Tamara Horne from voting. Reardon of Marietta, Georgia who is running for Vice-Chair of the state Republican Party, has filed a legal challenge to Horne’s vote — one of 32,379 voters in Cobb County Reardon has challenged under a little-noticed provision of Georgia’s new voting restriction law, SB202. Reardon, who admits she never met, called nor contacted Horne, accused the African-American of the felony crime of voting illegally because, Reardon says Horne, like the thousands of others Horne has challenged, does not live in Cobb County. Our investigations team reached Horne at her home in Cobb County — and confirmed she is a legal voter. Nevertheless, Reardon is challenging her vote. Altogether, Reardon and 87 other operatives have filed challenges under the new law to block a breathtaking 364,000 voters from having their ballots counted. A review of the list indicates most challenged are voters of color. In an on-camera interview with this reporter, Reardon stated that she and her fellow challengers, including the Chairman of the Cobb County Republican Party, were given the unverified hit list by True the Vote, a right-wing group out of Houston, Texas. Reardon admitted, “I did not speak to the 32,000 people.” In fact, she did not speak to a single one.
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