Steve Kirsch: The Data is Overwhelming That No One Should Be Taking This Deadly Covid Shot


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Brannon Howse: All right. Joining me is Dr. Steve Kirsch. Dr. Steve, welcome to the broadcast again. Thank you for joining us.

Dr. Steve Kirsch: Thanks. Good to be here.

Brannon Howse: Great to have you here. We just had former Pfizer employee Karen Kingston on. We were talking about monkeypox and, I don't know what you want to call it, the weaponization of bird flu. Talking about all kinds of issues. What's on your radar right now, particularly as we go into the fall and with the May 22 - 28 W.H.O. event coming up, that would give the UN, the W.H.O., which really means China, so much control of America. What is on your heart and mind tonight, Steve?

Dr. Steve Kirsch: There's so much to talk about. The most timely thing is the ACIP committee. That's the advisory. That's the outside committee for the CDC. Today they approved the booster for ages 5 - 11.

Brannon Howse: I saw that.

Dr. Steve Kirsch: They didn't just say that it's okay to use the booster, that you can use the booster. They said you should use the booster for your 5 - 11-year-old. I was speaking at that hearing, and I pointed out to them that you shouldn't necessarily trust the data from the U.S. government because the data from the U.S. government isn't accurate after January of 2021 because it's not fully collected. So, you don't have the safety data to make a decision about this vaccine. But if you do go and collect the data yourself, which is what I did, you find that it is very clear that these vaccines shouldn't be used by anyone and that the younger you are, the more problematic it is. In other words, there are more people that you have killed than you are ever going to save from COVID. So, you end up costing lives in a net sense rather than saving lives.

Now, why would you roll out an intervention which is more likely to cost lives rather than save lives? It just doesn't make any sense. So, there's no data. With all the data that we have, which we can collect by surveying people, we find statistically significant signals that prove that the vaccines don't work. They make things worse. They're more likely to kill you than to save you. So, I invited the panel, I said, "Hey, look, if you don't have to believe me, and you shouldn't believe the numbers from the U.S. government because they've admitted that they aren't collecting it, and it's not up to date. So, what you should do is replicate what I did, which is to go and do a mass survey." I've got hundreds of thousands of followers. I surveyed those followers, and I surveyed them four different ways. Every single way I looked at the data, there was an enormous signal.

It's almost unbelievable how enormous the signal is in terms of the lack of safety. The thing is that nobody wants to replicate my work because they'll find the same thing that I did, which is that nobody should get this vaccine, but they don't want to do that because if they did that, it would be an admission that they were wrong. So, they turn a blind eye to this. So, I had data and I said, "Hey, call me. I'll give you all the data I have on the deaths.” Of course, they voted that they don't even want to look at the data. They don't want to do their own analysis of the data. Let me give you an example. I asked people, and you and your audience can do this themselves too, you don't have to trust me. You can trust your friends. So, what I did is I surveyed my friends, and I've got hundreds of thousands of followers.

I asked, "Hey, do you know any kids who have died in 2020? Just think of any kid that has died in 2020 and just report it here.” What I found was that there were no reports at all of any child in that age range. I was looking for under 18 years old. Any child from 5 to 18 who died. There were no reports from any of my friends of anyone in that range dying from COVID because I wanted to verify it. But there were 12 reports of people dying from the vaccine in that age range. That's 12 to 0. Now, one would have expected to see the reverse. It should have been 48 to 0 the other way. There is no way to explain that data. This is why nobody likes to talk to me because I've got evidence that nobody wants to confront because there's no way you can explain this evidence.

And so, when I saw the committee ignore everything that I said. They didn't even acknowledge any of the things I said. And in fact, there was somebody who went on the line and tried to create noise in the background so people couldn't hear what I was saying. I was the only speaker that that happened to, and it happened as soon as I started speaking. So, these people are deliberately trying to make sure that nobody hears what I have to say because anyone can verify what I did. They can run the same survey themselves and prove statistically and prove significantly that the vaccines are harming people. So that was the highlight of today.

Brannon Howse: Let me just stop you there for a second. I'm on your Substack: My speech at the CDC meeting today. This was just put up 13 hours ago. So, this is what you're talking about, and it's on your Substack which you see his name there So, they can read this about your three-minute speech. So, you basically laid out for them what you just told us? Is that basically what you said to them?

Dr. Steve Kirsch: Yes, I wrote to my followers. I said, 'Hey, here's what I'm going to tell them. They could replicate the results and I would be happy to share the results. There are 12 kids who died from the vaccine and no kids who died from COVID." Now, the COVID period was basically two years plus seven months. So, we're looking at thirty-one months versus seven. I mean, it should have been the other way around, and yet here I found nothing but vaccine deaths rather than COVID deaths. I was just asking, 'Hey, do you know of any kids?" And the recall for a COVID death should be the same.

It's not a biased survey because when a kid dies, that is an important event. Whether they died from COVID or whether they died from the vaccine or whatever, it's something that people would remember. So, it's not biased to say, "Oh, they remember the vaccine deaths, but not the COVID deaths." Right? So, there's no way you can rationalize or explain away the results that I got, that I explained at the CDC meeting. They're not interested in finding the truth. If they were, they would have stopped the presses.

Brannon Howse: Okay. So, Steve, what do you believe is their objective? I think I know what their objectives are. I think most of my audience is pretty well educated and has been studying this now with us for two years. I think they know. But I think they would all like to know from you. What is the goal here, Steve?

Dr. Steve Kirsch: Well, it depends on who you ask. Like, what was the goal of the ACIP committee? The goal of the ACIP committee is to maintain your spot on the committee. That's how the committee members operate. If they go against "the grain," so to speak, then they lose the prestige and the status of being on the committee. So, each of these people has its own agenda, right? So, the agenda of the ACIP members are going to be different than people who work inside the CDC or a lawmaker in Congress. A lawmaker in Congress is going to say basically, "Wow, if I was wrong about recommending these vaccines to my constituents, boy, there's going to be hell to pay, and I'm going to face the brunt of it."

So, they don't want any of this stuff to come out because they're going to look like idiots. The same is true for the mainstream media, right? Because the mainstream media has been pushing these vaccines like they're going out of style, and they're just as complicit as the mainstream medical community is. Because they've got the same problem if they go and look at the data and realize they made a mistake, their reputation is tarnished for decades because they killed people. My estimation is they killed at least half a million Americans with these vaccines. I could calculate that in many different ways. For instance, we have a survey where we ask, "Hey, how many people do you know who died a month before they were due to get their first COVID vaccine?

How many people died a month after they got their first COVID vaccine?" Those numbers are completely different. Now, if the vaccine was really safe and effective, or if the vaccine actually reduced mortality, as they claim, then it would be the opposite way. But no, the numbers before are like zero. It's not quite zero, but it's small. It's like one versus five. So, there's a five-time difference in the death rate the month before they got the shot versus the month after. Now and that's consistent. That goes with each shot, and it changes depending on which shot number you're on.

Brannon Howse: Wow.

Dr. Steve Kirsch: So, by the time you get to the fourth dose, you're only 1.2 times more likely to die than the first dose, which is more like a factor of five. The second dose was a factor of eight, and then the third dose was a factor of about two or three. So, it changed with each dose. Now that is called dose dependency. That means causality because when you have dose dependency, it has to be causal. So, this is one of the things they really don't like to talk about at all, which is why nobody wants to look at my data. I have been pleading for people to, "Hey, look, if you want to disprove me, just run the same survey I did and have a different result or analyze it differently because I either made an error in the data or I made an error in the methodology."

That's how science works. You have to point out an error in one or the other. Now, nobody's been able to call out an error in the methodology. I mean, they could say that there were biases in each. Anytime you do a survey, of course, you do have biases. But, you know, those have been sort of canceled out in the analysis. And so, we are back to finding an error in the data or finding an error in the methodology. But you see, nobody wants to look at my data at all. This is interesting because I talked to people who said, "Oh, yeah, of course, if you have data that shows this and an analysis that shows that there's something going on. Of course, I'll look at it and validate it myself." So, then I contacted these people when I had the results, and they're not returning my calls.

Brannon Howse: Wow. So, Steve, what do you see coming this fall? If you had to guess, and not I'm asking you to make a prediction, but if you had to make a prediction, what do you see coming this fall? I mean, it seems as though they're going to roll something out. I mean, I had on Dr. Naomi Wolf last week, or maybe it was already this week. I guess it was this week. I had her on. You know, she's from the left, admittedly. I'm from the right.

Dr. Steve Kirsch: I'm from the far left.

Brannon Howse: Okay, so we are all in agreement. Whether you are from the left or the right, we are all in agreement this is a problem. We're all in agreement that we're being de-platformed and silenced. We're all in agreement this is not good. We're all in agreement that we should be able to debate. We should be able to debate and be kind about it and exchange ideas and yet not dehumanize each other. Which is what I think is one of the most dangerous things happening in America and in the world today is the dehumanization of each other. But we were talking, so I'm from the right and she's from the left. We were both agreeing over and over, kind of like me interviewing RFK, Jr. I'm from the right. He's from the left.

We kept agreeing over and over, and I keep wondering, why aren’t more people on the right and the left not seeing this? I mean, if we could get people on the right and the left and I'm not talking about the people that just hate America and want this other garbage. But if the people on the right and the left could just agree, more like you and I are doing or Naomi and I are doing, we'd be well on the way to being able to solve this problem.

But I'm watching as there is talk about more ballots, more lockdowns, and hospitals filling. It seems as though the narrative has already started. Now we see monkeypox in Massachusetts. We hear talk of bird flu spreading. Maybe, you know, the transmission to humans. We had Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee, talking about how the government worked on studies related to trying to make it so that the hemorrhagic fever is airborne. I mean, what do you think is going on?

Dr. Steve Kirsch: It's astonishing to me what is going on today. I think we're going to go in one of two directions. Things are either going to get a lot better, or they're going to get a lot worse. If you ask me what's going to happen, I think it's hard to tell because right now, I'm trying to get attention on the research that I've done, which anyone can replicate themselves. I think that's groundbreaking because you can marginalize, or you can try to gaslight people like me. You can try to marginalize and censor people like me. But when people realize that they can replicate this result themselves, that they don't have to rely on the government data, which is inadequate for the task, they can themselves prove that these vaccines have been unsafe.

When they realize that this data has been available, it's like, Dorothy and her ruby red slippers. She always had the power to return to Kansas. All she had to do was click her slippers, and she could return to Kansas. Well, we've always had the ability to go in and survey our friends and collect the data. And, you know, the data is going to have some issues. It's not going to be as super clean. But, you know, the signal is so strong in this data that there's no way you can look at it and say that there's not something there. So, I think we have an opportunity to essentially red pill a lot of people really fast. When this thing takes off, and people start to get red pilled, they're going to get red pilled very fast, and they're going to go and have some issues with their government leaders when they find out what's happened to them.

Brannon Howse: Let's speak about those government leaders in closing. Ron Johnson, he would be more on the right, and he's brought you in and working with you. What about some leaders on the left? Do we have any leaders of that caliber on the left that are starting to join forces and say, "Oh, we've got a problem. Let's set politics aside and deal with this?"

Dr. Steve Kirsch: Not that I'm aware of. I've tried reaching out to people. I was a major donor on the left. I've given them nothing since I found out what was going on. But I used to be a major donor. So, I got calls all the time. So, I approached people that I knew. For instance, I approached Ro Khanna, who I thought was an intellectual. He said, "Well, talk to my staffer." So, I sent all my information to the staffer. The staffer said, after four weeks, she got back to me and she said, "Well, I haven't really had time to read your stuff, but it disagrees with the CDC, and so, therefore, we don't find that your information is credible. So, I will advise the congressman to ignore what you've sent." This is pretty typical. This is how it works.

I don't think she was being dishonest with me. It's that people believe that what the CDC is telling them is the truth, and they think what the FDA is telling them is the truth or what the NIH is telling them is the truth. I used to be like that myself. In fact, I'm a victim because I was fooled because the FDA said it was safe. I was fooled. I took the Moderna vaccine. I was doubly vaxed. My whole entire family was doubly vaxed. Then a month after that, I started hearing stories from my friends. One friend had three relatives who died within a week after getting the vaccine, and they were perfectly healthy. And she asked me, "Is the vaccine safe?"

And I was telling her, "Of course it's safe." And she was saying, "Yeah, but my relatives died. I mean, a week out. Three relatives died a week after getting the vaccine. How could it be safe?" And I said, "Oh." I couldn't explain that. It made no sense. It was mathematically, ridiculously rare. And so, I argued with her. I remember what she said back, "Yeah, but they are dead." I mean, like, how can you argue with that? Then a week later, one of the vendors that services my home came in, and he was wearing a mask. I asked, "Hey, how come you're wearing your mask? Didn't you get vaccinated?" You know, so I'm still essentially blue pilled at that point. And he says, "I had a heart attack two minutes after I got the vaccine and I have never been the same since. I have been in pain.” On a scale of 1 to 10, he's been like a ten for over a year now and with no relief.

And so, it's destroyed his life since he got the shot. Now that is impossible, that I have a vendor, I don't have that many vendors that come to my house so to have a vendor that has this, he's in pain 24/7 for a year after getting the vaccine, and he was perfectly normal before and it's someone I know personally. There's no way this vaccine is safe and effective. So, I started looking at the VAERS data, and I was blown away. There's been a safety signal thrown in VAERS since January of 2021 when the vaccines first rolled out. Pulmonary embolism, for example, is something you never even hear about. Have you ever heard about pulmonary embolism and the vaccine?

Brannon Howse: No.

Dr. Steve Kirsch: Elevated by 1,200 times normal. Now, how can you have pulmonary embolism elevated by 1,200 times normal in a safe vaccine? That's impossible. This was not the worst. The worst was heavy menstrual bleeding that was elevated by almost 10,000 times normal.

Brannon Howse: Wow.

Dr. Steve Kirsch: And you know, you hear all of these stories about you don't even have to be vaccinated to have this heavy menstrual bleeding. You can actually just be around people who are recently vaccinated and have that occur if you're a woman. But I'll bet you that if you asked around how many women had heavy menstrual bleeding after they got the vaccine, I bet you'd get a lot of votes on that one.

Brannon Howse: Wow.

Dr. Steve Kirsch: But you see, nobody's asking the question. It's not even a topic of conversation. The New York Times is never going to write about it because if they did, they'd have to admit, "Wow, how did we not notice this?" Well, it was in the VAERS system the entire time. There are thousands of events just like that, not 8,800, like heavy menstrual bleeding. But there are things that are elevated by 10, 50, 100, or 1,000 times normal in the VAERS system. It's easy to extract. It took a day to program it to extract all that data. But nobody seems to want to go and extract the data.

So, we extracted it, it's on my Substack, but I can't get the CDC or the FDA or the NIH to meet with me where we can go over that data and talk about it because they don't want to acknowledge the obvious. Just like they don't want to acknowledge that there are hundreds of thousands of vaccine injuries in America today. I mean, how do you explain the 250,000 people who joined a vaccine-injured group on Facebook? That's never happened before. So, what did Facebook do? They deleted the group so that the problem would go away.

Brannon Howse: So, in closing, Steve, this is fascinating, and we’ve got to get you back again. Steve, in closing, what action point could you give our audience tonight? We got 4 to 5 million people on our email and text alert list watching and rewatching and loading to multiple platforms. So not only are we live, but then it'll go out all over the place from here. Can you give them an action point?

Dr. Steve Kirsch: Yeah. I think that the most important thing, I'm the top misinformation spreader on Substack according to the mainstream media. So, you did a survey, and I have more engagement than any other red pill author on Substack. And by the way, half the authors on Substack are red pill and the other half are blue pill. It's really interesting. I'm the author with the most engagement. The one thing that people should do is just follow me on Substack, and you will learn so much, and you will learn how to verify everything I'm saying by yourself.

You don't have to trust me at all. I'll explain to you how to do it and where you can go and verify that I'm telling you the truth. The more people who are red pilled, the more people that realize what is going on and that we've been lied to, the greater our chance of changing this sooner rather than later. If you could do just one thing, it's free to subscribe to, and that way, we can start to build a much, much larger movement than we have now.

Brannon Howse: I love it. I love it. It's been on the screen the whole time, I'm going to follow you, and I appreciate your being on. I know we'll get you back. I want to thank you on behalf of my audience. Fascinating, highly educational, informative. Thank you so much, Steve.

Dr. Steve Kirsch: Sure, my pleasure.


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