So The Only Way To Fix The Climate Is To Charge You More Money?


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The Only Way To Stop Climate Change Is To Charge Everyone More Money

The left has been preaching about climate change and how it will cause the end of the world. They call it the greatest threat to public health and most impacting the poor. The high court's decision on this subject limits the EPA on the things they can do to stop this problem. Instead of allowing them to find the most cost-effective ways to end pollution and the things causing climate change such as renewable energy. It ties the EPA's hands from doing what is smart. For the left, climate change has become a belief and a religion of sorts that want to push these beliefs on everyone else. If you go to Youtube with a video denying climate change, they will delete your video and your account. Forget about free speech forget about everything that does not agree with their agenda. According to the left, the only way to prevent change is through charging people more money and even a tax.

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