Over 10,000 Cattle In Kansas Die, 3,000 At Just One Farm

about a year ago

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What Killed Over 10,000 Cattle in Kansas With Over 3000 From a Single Farm?

Is it the heat that is killing cattle in Kansas? According to Deanna Lorraine, recently a lab was set up to study highly infectious diseases and vaccines. This lab is the National Bio and Agricultural Facilities. The Department of Homeland Security is partnered with this facility and also supplies funding for it. They could have done something that could have harmed the cattle. Her reason for being suspicious is that every time they study a disease it suddenly seems to pop up and infect everyone. Stew asks, "kind of like Wuhan, China?" Deanna then reads from an article she found that says this lab will be studying diseases that could possibly harm the agricultural industry and the cattle industry. They suggest that they replace the word study with the word concoct and see what happens. They then go on to mention that Bill Gates is heavily invested in synthetic meat. They talk about the baby formula shortage and draw a parallel to Bill Gates being invested in synthetic baby formula.