New World Order at United States Capitol Seeks Full Reset


The January 6th Commission has swung open with leaks to leftist outlets accusing Trump of sedition. The Commission has also rallied after those who seek to live in liberty and freedom. All that oppose the administration have been all but put to death by laws they seek to implement. What really did occur on January 6, 2020? Chris Brugard joins Dustin to discuss these events and his documentary Capitol Punishment. Why is it being ignored? What are the elected officials of both parties seeking to do? Biden White House reportedly will lift Title 42 to allow a massive surge at the border. Will the nation finally fall to the invasion which has been orchestrated?

Is there any hope as we endure through these times? Dr. Mark Sherwood and Dustin visit this issue on Hope, Health, & Freedom. Can you find peace through all that you are seeing and experiencing?

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