Mike Lindell on Media Cover-Up of National Security Threat Revealed in Hunter Biden's Laptop

About 2 years ago

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Mike Lindell: Hello, everybody. Welcome to Lindell TV. We have a couple of things tonight.

Brannon Howse: Just to hook them in here. We're going to show you some shocking videos. Tonight has to do with True the Vote, tracking people, and tracking ballots. Some good new images and video footage.

Mike Lindell: I want to show everybody how that all ties together. There were about three parts, maybe four, actually four parts, to the biggest crime in history. The biggest thing you had was the machines, the cyber-attack, and everything done through the computers in every state and virtually every county. There are about three or four counties now that we know were exempt, but only three or four, and incidentally, they're also going to be the three or four that are part of the already 40 counties that are going to be machine free in the 2022 election. So, you have the machines. The biggest thing was the cyber-attack. How do you cover that up? Well, you cover it up by inflating the voter rolls, which had to be done. They've been doing that for quite a while.

They've got ERIC, a very corrupt system that inflates the voter rolls in many states. You had states that even re-added people onto their voter rolls. We have evidence from different states, and there were a lot of laws that were broken. They put people back on voter rolls that have been off the voter rolls for a long time. We had one state, 247,000 were added right before the election, and the same exact 247,000 were taken off right after the election. So, you had inflated voter rolls. As we all know, you had the China virus that was weaponized against us. You had the mail-in and early voting. You had mail-in voting, but you also had early voting. In my home state of Minnesota, we were the top in the nation.

I don't even know where it all landed. I think you could vote here 45 days before the election, a month and a half before, and that could have even been earlier this year, I don't know. But I know a lot of states jumped on board and made early voting, early mail-in voting, and all this stuff. They've been using "the China virus" for an excuse. But here's what everybody needs to know, Brannon. The legislatures didn't make those rules. They were made illegally by the Governors and the Secretary of State, mostly the Secretary of State. Those Secretaries of State, when they put this before the states, the Attorney Generals in those prospective states were supposed to say, "Hey, you can't do that," and fight that.

And they didn't. They just let it go. So, then you ended up with states like Pennsylvania, where you had more votes than voters. But anyway, it was a big combination of these things. So, another thing you had to have, which I think is what you have, is True the Vote. Imagine when you have the big steal through the machines, but you need to have ballots to match up. If you're going to add to someone's vote count, you need a physical ballot. That's where the 2,000 Mules come from. Mark Suckerbuck paid for all this ballot harvesting that went on. It was in the hundreds of millions, right, Brannon?

Brannon Howse: Oh, yeah. It's like $400 million or more.

Mike Lindell: So that's what we'll get to in a few minutes. We will show you footage and stuff from that because a very important movie is coming out, 2,000 Mules. Also, I want to tell you; that there's another movie that came out. The President, our real President, Donald Trump, told us about it at the rally in North Carolina. I believe it was called Rigged. Are you aware of that movie, Brannon?

Brannon Howse: Yeah.

Mike Lindell: Also, everybody, we have a huge movie coming out. I believe it's called The Cover-Up. We're going to talk more about that next week. So, we've got a lot of evidence that's dropping in the form of movies, which obviously it's a great way to go because Fox isn't even going to report that the movie's out. That's what's funny about that.

Brannon Howse: Do you want to see the trailer?

Mike Lindell: What's that?

Brannon Howse: Do you want to see the trailer, Mike?

Mike Lindell: For which one?

Brannon Howse: Rigged.

Mike Lindell: Yeah, sure. Let's put it up there.

Brannon Howse  Here we go.

Rigged Movie Trailer: On the day that he was inaugurated, The Washington Post had an article on impeaching him.

President Trump: I, Donald John Trump, do solemnly swear.

Rigged Movie Trailer: Donald J. Trump is now President of the United States.

Rigged Movie Trailer: They had an absolute legitimate meltdown. If you try to change a system that big, the system fights back. The story behind the biggest election takeover in history. We're only now being able to finally confirm exactly how this worked.

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife were donating more money to local governments ahead of the election, $100 million on top of a $300 million gift. The most money any individual has ever spent to win a presidential campaign in the history of our country. I actually became infuriated that someone had allowed Zuckerberg to tip to scale. The election was bought way before election day. They stole it fair and square. They changed the voting rules in the middle of the game. A nation, divided. This was the greatest billionaire assault on election integrity we've ever seen. A billionaire-funded plot against the president. Do you believe that they used the COVID emergency as an excuse to pull this partisan voter turnout operation?

President Trump: Am I allowed to give you a one-word answer? Yes.

Rigged Movie Trailer: It was really a partial takeover of the election system. I don't think we have to blame China or voting machines. I think we can look straight in the eye of Mark Zuckerberg, and that's why Joe Biden won. Thats what this was, a corrupt Democratic voter turnout operation. You had them putting their own personnel in to actually run the election in places. You had an entire Democratic Party petrified that Joe Biden was going to be outspent, outfoxed by Trump.

President Trump: It was a rigged election. People have to find out what happened.

Mike Lindell: Okay, Brannon, I want to tell everybody that was Rigged. The movie came out, I believe, a week and a half ago. That is talking about Mark Zuckerburg. Remember, there are different things. There were different plots. When you have the biggest crime in history, it's more than just one piece. I just heard her say we can't really blame China. Oh, yes, we can. I believe China was number one behind this, bigger than Suckerbuck, bigger than all the media, bigger than everything. The cyber-attack on this country came directly, most of it from China, the CCP. China is involved. They've been around for decades, infiltrating our colleges, businesses, etc.

So, they combined with the Democrats who warned us of the machines they said, "Hey, we're on the winning side here. They're going to rig it for us. We don't care now. We've got it made. We're on the winning side of a rigged game. This is great!" They didn't care. If it were the other way around, then they really would speak up, right? If this had been the other way around and I'd have been sounding the alarm, I guarantee that it would have been pulled down so fast that it would make your head spin. What? There was a crime in the machines! Let's melt them down and use them for prison bars! Man, you'd have had every Democrat in the country and half the crooked Republicans. You'd have had them.

Brad Rosenberger would be down there going, "Yup, I have to say, this was a rigged election." That's if Donald Trump would have won in spite of all that. If he'd been picked during the fixed game, you can bet all the crooks we've seen like Rosenberg would have been raising the flag. They would have raised it then even though their side "won" supposedly. You follow me, Brannon?

Brannon Howse: Yeah.

Mike Lindell: Yeah. We would have weeded out the crooks that way too. But I'll tell you what, I just want everybody to know when we talk about the Rigged movie and the 2,000 Mules, this is just one part. They all fit together. The machines have to go, everybody. I don't want anyone to get complacent and go, Okay, we're going to get rid of the drop boxes. We're going to get rid of the early voting and all this. It's all of it. We have to get rid of the machines. If you have paper ballots in sequence and everything else in the replacement we have, it takes care of most of the other things to an extent.

If you have to pick one of four to get rid of, you must pick the machines because you can semi-control the other three. Because to get this all fixed in every way they cheated, that's like heaven. I mean, it's so bizarre that there was that much crime in every sector. It's like the only ones that weren't in on it were the people. That is Democrat people, Republican people, all the people. Yes, there were some out there that were in on it.

But for the most part, the people are going; this was selected, not elected. We can't ever let this happen again. We have to fix 2020 before we go further. I want to tell everybody right now that we are doing preliminary injunctions. We're going horizontal to every state with the evidence we have right here on Frank Speech, which I've been wanting you all to share it everywhere, far and wide, the bombshell proof. We're going to go through it really quick at the top of the hour. Pull up the website again, Brannon.

Brannon Howse: Okay.

Mike Lindell: Everybody keeps emailing me. How can we help, Mike? How can we help? Here's how you can help. Remember, everybody, get the Frank Speech App.

I want to show everybody how they can help. Go to FrankSpeech.com. Right there, the first square Bombshell Proof! You guys need to read that. Share it far and wide. The cyber evidence is right at the bottom. Open it up. Nobody can argue it. We've had it validated six ways from sundown. Hundreds and hundreds of cyber guys now have validated this third report. It shows what's inside the machines, the manipulation of the whole election, including a down-ticket in Colorado.

All the hashes match, Brannon. We just had three more cyber guys we talked to today, and they said, "Wow, how come this election isn't pulled down now that it's all out in the open?" Do you know why everybody? Because people aren't looking at it. Fox isn't reporting it. Salem Media is not reporting it. Newsmax isn't reporting it. All you have to do is click on that to download the file - what does it say there?

Brannon Howse: Click Here to Download the Supporting Documentation for this Report.

Mike Lindell: If you click on the link and download it, this is what is inside the Dominion machines. This shows the algorithms. It shows everything. It shows the manipulation of the votes. It also shows that Dominion deleted the election, too. It shows before and after. It shows all this. So, what they've been trying to hide for over a year now, here it is. Remember, I have cyber evidence from the other side. I got it from what they captured the night of the election. This is different. It's like having two cameras in a bank from two different angles. So here we have now what's inside the machines.

It's kind of like what they tried to do in Antrim County, Michigan when the gal deleted it there. She didn't get arrested by the FBI. She admitted she deleted it. It's like Maricopa, where they have them on film deleting the election in the machines the night before the audits. But that's okay, the Attorney General down there he's going to get to the bottom of this, and he's going to press some charges. Maybe, we'll see. Also, where are the routers? They wouldn't get them because Karen Fann and the people down there don't want us to see what's inside the routers, but it's too late.

We've got it now. We've got it here. Weve got what's inside the machines. It's like finding you have two different camera angles from a bank robbery. Everyone would say, Fox, everybody, even CNN, any media outlet would say, "Yep, you can't deny that. There it is. Donald Trump won in a landslide. Donald Trump won eight more states than we said he won." Donald Trump did 81 million, almost 82 million to maybe 66 million for Biden. Those numbers sound a little more realistic when there are 15 million more votes than they can't even account for voters.

Doesn't that make more sense when we have seven states with more registered voters than votes? Does Pennsylvania have more votes than actual voters? All these things make sense now because here's the evidence. Now we have it from two different angles, and we're going to show you a third angle with the clips from the 2000 Mules tonight. These are people that actually admitted they did it, whistleblowers. I don't know if everybody realizes that we just got another county. Another county commissioner has come forward. Remember, everybody, the overseas military votes?

Brannon: Oh, yeah.

Mike Lindell: UOCAVA votes, I believe they're called. That's the overseas military and their families. So far, six counties are the only ones we've been able to check because we have whistleblowers, the commissioners from those counties. We actually have a report right there in black and white from Maricopa County. But so far, every vote from our military, and these are thousands of them, over 10,000 right now just in those six counties, it might even be more than that now; they are all for Biden, Brannon. How would you like to be in the military?

If your military vote out there, and this is all done at a federal level, we have reason to believe that 890,000 of our military votes went for Biden 100%? I should say this, remember, they're all emailed except for a very small percentage that actually requested a real ballot, a paper ballot, where it got mailed overseas and mailed back. Incidentally, there are very few, but they are all for Trump. So, in other words, let's say you have in one county there are 255 emailed in ballots, Brannon, and all 255 were for Biden. They're printed upon typing paper and put in a box.

Two commissioners counted them. They sat there, and their mouths were open, going, What is going on? They were afraid to tell them that it was the same thing when they called their other commissioners. This is the night of the election. So, we're going to be meeting with all these guys. Out of the 255, four of them had real ballots. They were all for Trump. Another one is in Colorado. Out of the 300, some emailed in ballots; two were done as physical ballots and were mailed in. They were two to both for Trump, all the other ones for Biden.

This is our military. Guess what? There was no voter ID at all. You email your vote into a central location with the machine people. This federalized computer then disperses them out to every county in the country. Then the night of the election, they run them off on a copy machine. I mean, just print them off, and you count them up, and that's it. They go in a box, boom, sealed. It's disgusting. If this holds true, this is going to be another big lawsuit, everybody, because this is on the federal level. This is what they want to do to us.

They want to federalize and make it all email and text in your vote. We had one state that actually did that, Brannon, in three counties. This is what the feds want. Of course, they want that. Can you imagine? Okay, boy, I'll bet that will be secure, people. You think that is going to be secure, you journalists out there? Why don't you write that you Sheryl and Zaks of the world? Why don't you write that? Say, "Hey, Mike Lindell says our military votes were all for Biden overseas." Zak, Sheryl, all you guys watching? Why don't you print that?

Say, "Mike Lindell on the Lindell Report, as Brannon stood there in shock, said, Our military vote, 890,000 plus votes that were just emailed in with no IDs, all went to Biden." Why don't you print that? We will let Alan Duke fact-check that. I believe now Alan might be the coward I thought he was because he's certainly had the evidence we gave him, Brannon. He's had the cyber evidence up there, and he sure hasn't come out. He thinks it's more important to drum up more business with Suckerbuck overseas rather than save the United States of America.

Shame on you, Alan Duke. Alan, you should be out there right now, you know that. You know what we found in the machines is what it is. It shows the manipulation of the 2020 election. You should be a hero, Alan. You're either going to be a traitor or a hero. There's no in-between. You've been known for over a year now in the Facebook fact checker lead stories for covering up things that were true. One thing after another. Shame on you, Alan Duke. I mean, it is disgusting what lead stories have done. Then we find out; who is their boss, Brannon?

We're going to talk about old Alan Duke's boss in him in a minute, Mark Suckerbuck. Doesn't it look like that maybe Alan Duke's guilty of something when he puts false information over things? I wonder when people said, "Hey, we think Mark Zuckerberg put money into drop boxes, and he did it illegally all across the country." I wonder if Alan Duke's going to put a false thing across that. I don't know. I am just asking. Is Alan Duke only all about Mark Suckerbuck's payment to him in the back door?

Well, let me tell you something, Alan. Why don't you check the machines out? Have you ever done an article about Dominion? Do you ever fact-check that? Why don't you put this out there? What I need is one of you terrible journalists on the left, which I appreciate you all. I really do. I want each one of you guys to write one of your rotten stories. Put this for a headline. Mike Lindell says, "All the overseas votes from our military and their families went to Biden because they manipulated them." Let's see, if Alan Duke does his work, he would call me up and say, "Mike, can I meet those whistleblowers? Can I see the evidence?"

But instead, you know what, Alan Duke will do false information because "I'm Alan Duke, and I am a judge." He plays God. Because you know what? He had his chance this last month and a half. We gave him all the evidence, Brannon, and he told me he would go public with it. All he has to do is say, "Yes. It shows manipulation. Everything in that report is true." They don't put a big truth sticker out there, do they, Brannon?

Brannon Howse No.

Mike Lindell: Does everybody know that 12 Radio-TV stations just took MyPillow commercials off-air because they will not use my likeness? They want me to take myself out of the MyPillow commercials now because they don't want you to hear about what you need to hear about.

Brannon Howse: So, the inventor, the entrepreneur, the founder, the spokesperson, I mean, you are MyPillow.

Mike Lindell: Yeah, absolutely. But these stations, obviously, somebody got to them, and they're trying to do it across the boardkind of like when Fox did not air the cyber symposium. Fox won't air anything to send people over here to Frank Speech. I get that. They're worried about the competition because your news reports are so good. We were talking about the evidence at the cyber symposium. We were advertising an event in history, one of the most historical events ever; it turns out to be anyway because many of those seeds were planted at the cyber symposium. All 50 states went back to their prospective states, and everything has blossomed. It planted seeds.

There are trees of evidence that grew up and fields of evidence that poured out of these states. Now people are demanding that before the 2022 election, we fix 2020. We decertify. There is all kinds of stuff that should be done. But who's blocking them all? The Republican legislatures. Shame on you. Shame on all you Republican legislatures. If you think we're going to forget, we're not. We're not going to forget. Every one of you is going to get named. As we start these injunctions, we are not going to let up on any state. We're coming to Arizona first. And yes, Karen Fann, you will be named every night. Every single night, every Republican legislature and even the Democrats, because this is not a Democrat or Republican thing. This is a people thing.

Mike Lindell: We want our country back. Do you think my employees enjoy going out there and spending $5 - $6 price tag for gas? Triple what they were paying before. Do you know, Brannon, we're in the highest inflation in 40 years? Did you know that report came out?

Brannon Howse: Absolutely.

Mike Lindell: The highest inflation in 40 years, and it's not going to let up! But you know what? The silver lining in this is that everybody is pouring over. Now, 35% of Democrats know this election was stolen, and they know it was stolen in a big way. They say, "Do you think it was stolen big? Do you think Donald Trump really won?" Yes, he did. Thirty-five percent, Brannon, of the people, of just the Democrats alone. You think that they just one day said, "Oh, I see evidence now."

We had all the evidence back then. Maybe that's part of it because the left keeps attacking them. All these states went out there, and they saw the canvassing efforts in their own states. Hundreds of thousands of people are on the ground canvassing. They go door to door. We got the voter rolls. They say, "Look at these people. Seven thousand nonresidents have voted in our state." They didn't vote. They just used their name. But people are waking up. Do you know they wanted to make that illegal in Colorado? In fact, I think they got sued, the canvassers, didn't they? I don't know.

Mike Lindell: I think there's a lawsuit against them. I believe there is, Brannon. Some of the people we know. They put a lawsuit out. We don't want your canvassing. Then in Colorado, I don't know if the bill's been through; you can't even badmouth the Secretary of State. Speaking of Colorado, everybody, I don't have the sheet here. I was going to bring it in. Eric Coomer sued me when I was on the Capitol steps, Brannon. I read the lawsuit. Do you know why? Now think of the timing of this, everybody. I'm on the Capitol steps in the capital of Colorado, Denver. There I stand, ready to talk. All the media is finally there. It's almost like they were in on it. The one guy sat by with his envelope, and he was patiently waiting, but so many people were giving me things like, "Hey, here's a flag. Here's this, Mike. Thank you for getting the truth out. Thank you for coming here to Colorado."

I took all the left-wing media, and I said, "You know what, guys?" I said, "Before we get started, I want to apologize to each and every one of you for using you for one year as you attacked me every single day." Every day I got up, and from the moment I got up to the moment I went to bed, people would text me, "Hey, look what The Daily Beast just wrote about you. You look with Business Insider; look what Yahoo! did." So, all these things. But I said, "You know what? You guys helped because I was able to get the word out." Everyone attacked Tina Peters. Do you know, there's a lot of politicians out there, a lot of people running to get elected?

There are upsets in these primaries everywhere of people who will make the ticket. One of the big upsets was in Colorado. Tina Peters won by over 60%. If it wasn't her, I want to say it was Hanks or something like that. But anyway, they didn't expect him to get it. But the people want what they want. They want to elect people to stand up and say, "We're not going to take it. We're going to go and be our own politicians." That's what the government was supposed to be. Who said they're qualified to be a politician? Do you know what? You arent qualified to run an ant farm, most of you politicians. No, seriously. I mean, it's disgusting. There's a quote for you, Zak.

Brannon Howse: I know. That's a great quote. That's why I was laughing.

Mike Lindell: That's a great quote. You are not qualified to run an ant farm. Boy, they're writing with their little pens now, aren't they? I'm going to tell you something, you journalists. Zak from The Daily Beast called me up, and I took time out to talk to him because if not, he would write something stupid again. I said, "Zak, don't do anything stupid. You know this isn't right here." It was about if the President picked one candidate and I picked another one, and I believe they're running against each other. I said, "Mine was endorsed five months ago. It has nothing to do with anything. Don't make some big story out of it because there's nothing there."

It's simple. I pick my own people. I vet them and do what I think is right for myself, the people, and our country. That might differ from someone else's opinion, including the President, a real person. But I want to tell you if one journalist out there puts a little comment in there, 'I couldn't reach Mike Lindell for comment. I will call them out every day at the top of this show. I said, "They will be the biggest laughingstock liar in our country because I answer every single one of them." If one of you rotten journalists out there doesn't have my phone number, get it from any other one of your other journalists.

Mike Lindell: You've got to be the only one in the country that doesn't have my direct number. Nothing bugs me more because they act like they reached out to me for comment, Brannon, but they didn't. So here I am in Colorado, everybody sitting there, and this guy comes up and gives me the papers, and he felt bad. I said, "What's in it?" Because I didn't want to open this envelope. I don't know if there is something dangerous or whatever. He told me on the side, he said, He just felt bad. He said, "It's papers. It's for you." He didn't even say it was a lawsuit.

So, I gave it to my handler handing all the stuff we had. I opened it up later. Here it's this lawsuit. You know what? That made the news because they saw that, me handing it off. So that's what they grabbed for the news in Colorado. But what they didn't tell you is this. They sued MyPillow and Frank Speech, this Eric Coomer guy that worked for Dominion. Now, let me tell you, you want to see a guy's past history of being a criminal or a crook of a person, all the stuff that he's done in his past. Well, I've got to a past too.

Mike Lindell: What he did was criminal by suing MyPillow and Frank Speech. Do you know why we got sued? Because Joe Altman has a podcast here on Frank Speech, not on our live stream, but he has a podcast here. He also sells MyPillow products like 4,000 other radio stations, TV stations, and podcasters. He sells MyPillow products. So, he sues MyPillow because Joe Altman sells these products, and he sues Frank Speech because he's one of the podcasters up here.

Well, let me tell you, Eric Coomer and your lawyers, if there's a way I can go after his lawyers, I'm going after them with everything I've got. And believe me, I've got lawyers right now, and I said, You find a way to sue these lawyers. We can't take it anymore when people can get lawyers, horrible, horrible lawyers in this country that will just take any case. You get paid off to take the case. Here's $500,000 or whatever.

Take this case even though it's frivolous, even though it's wrong, even though it's immoral, even though it hurts employees. I have 2,000 some employees, and you're attacking them. Frank Speech, we've got a beautiful platform set up to just get a place of free speech, and they're trying to do just like they did the other platforms, Brannon. They don't want you talking. They don't want Joe Altman talking. So, you know, we're going to do. Aren't you curious about what we're going to do?

Brannon Howse: I thought it was a rhetorical question. What are you going to do?

Mike Lindell: We're going to put Joe Altman up on the live stream on Lindell TV2. Is he up there yet?

Brannon Howse: We got a communication today about them sending over the file. The first file.

Mike Lindell: So, everybody, you're going to be able to watch, Joe Altman. Remember, Joe Altman, I believe, was the first person sued in the United States after the 2020 election. That was the start of hundreds of lawsuits and threatening letters by the machine companies. Now, nobody's ever done anything like this in history. If you've got to sue that many people, people that are poll watchers, that you have to send them threatening letters and platforms that you send, all these people you sue from, Eric Metaxas. I mean, these people just have podcasts.

They're just talking about free speech, saying, "Hey, we got a problem." These machine companies, I did ask Dominion to sue me. I was a little different. I had to say, "Hey, sue me, Dominion," because I wanted to slap my evidence on them. Which, by the way, is coming in the next couple, probably three weeks. We're going to slap them with something they have never seen before, and it's going to all be over. It could be over sooner because we got Alan Duke out there that could actually report something for once. Read my lips, Alan. I was wrong. I'm not a fact-checker. I'm just an opinion. Like Mark Suckerbuck said in court, he called Alan Duke 'Just an Opinion.' You know that. You know that Brannon, right?

Brannon Howse: Yes. Yes.

Mike Lindell: But the media out there, when you got your platform, Mark Zuckerberg, and you let people like Alan Duke slap over a thing and say false information or what did he do on this last one? Before he bothered to download the evidence behind the report, he put this thing over it. I can't remember what it said. He said, "Mike, that's the lowest one. It's the lowest. You won't be penalized on Facebook. The exact same amount of people will get to watch you." I got a lousy 480 people. Not that they're lousy, but at least half of them are bots.

They're watching me right now. There should be 15,000 people minimum watching this right now. Instead, there are 468 people. It's disgusting. It's absolutely disgusting. These people, every day, it's a lottery who gets to watch me. You should see them fight on Facebook, who gets to get on there first. I keep telling everyone on Facebook to go to Frank Speech, go to the App Store and get the App. I mean, I couldn't believe Apple let us get the App. They approved it right away. Android did too. It's a shame. I guess we're not approved by Amazon. What's that called, again?

Brannon Howse: Fire TV.

Mike Lindell: Fire TV. Amazon has not approved it. We're going to find out why. Someone said they sent back a thing and says it's because of content. Since when does Jeff Bezos get to worry about our content? I mean, this is Amazon. This stuff is still going on, you guys. They do not want to do anything about 2020. But now, it's more than just me and Brannon and others out there talking about it. The whole country's talking about it. Pretty soon, Fox will have to report that they're the only one that didn't report the election fraud. Won't that be something?

Brannon Howse: Indeed.

Mike Lindell: Can you see one of the hosts going: This Just In - Corrupt Fox was hiding it all along! We have to report it. We finally have to have a moral compass reporting on live TV. I dare any one of the hosts to just actually blurt out some night and say, "It's all a lie. We thought we'd been covering it up. I got a list right here of what I can't say. Here it is. Look at this. I got a list I can't talk about. I've been paid off from the vaccines. I can't talk about good therapeutics that work."

"I can't say anything negative about the vaccines, and I sure can't say the word Dominion or Smartmatic or 2020 election. I can't even say the word, Mike Lindell. He's lucky we even let his ads on." Which, by the way, everyone says, "Well, Mike, why do you advertise on Fox?" Because I have to get the people who are still watching Fox over here to FrankSpeech.com so that we can keep getting the word out. It all works in a big circle. Now, I have to send them over here. But anyway, that's where we are. By the way, everybody, please support what we're doing right now. There are two ways you can support. You can go right to LindellLegalFund.com.

This is all the stuff we're doing to save our country. It has nothing to do with my lawsuits. I have put tens of millions of dollars into the proactive stuff to help our country. We are launching preliminary injunctions across every state. We're starting with eight of them, Arizona being first. We're also going after, and we're spending a lot of money trying to get the national votes that they emailed in from our military overseas.

We need help. Go to LindellLegalFund.com. Why don't you rotten journalists write about that? Why don't you say Mike Lindell reached out for help to help his Lindell legal fund? LindellLegalFund.com. Why don't you help us out? Help the country, Zak. How about you, Sheryl? How about any of you guys? Emma? Why don't you guys write an article saying Mike Lindell he's doing it to raise money for his legal fund. At least it'll get the word out. We can raise some money. We need some money to get our country back. That's one way.

The other way is the way you've all been doing it. Keep using promo code L77. Get all the products you can tonight. You can go right here on FrankSpeech.com. Go to the store right here. You can go to mystore.com and help the entrepreneurs. You can go to MyPillow.com and use promo code L77. Don't say, "Well, I already got your pillows." We have over 2,000 products now. They're everywhere, and they are all great products.

Brannon Howse: Bleed Stop, we've got the Bionic French.

Mike Lindell: We've got our slippers. I'm wearing them right now. They almost look like a shoe.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, they do.

Mike Lindell: I've been wearing them, trying them out. They give me these things to test. This is another new model we have. We.ve got Bleed Stop. You guys., this bleed stop is amazing. You get cut, and it's a great thing. It's FDA cleared. You get cut, and you put it on there, and it seals the cut. I mean, it stops bleeding. People have blood thinners, everything else. It's an amazing, amazing, amazing product. It's one of the most amazing products I've ever had any entrepreneur bring me. It's made right here in the USA, and we're just shipping a bunch over to Ukraine.

He is, in fact, I called him today, Brannon. Ukraine asked for a whole bunch over there of this bleed stop. So, we're going to give it. Now we have it for pets too, which by the way, the media we put the commercial out just today and the media saying, "Wait a minute here, this hasn't been cleared. We're looking at this box. Do you have proof that it works on animals?" It's FDA cleared for humans, and it's the same stuff, and it's sold in box stores. So, this is the media trying not to put our products on TV. Do you understand?

Brannon Howse: Yeah.

Mike Lindell: This is what they push back there. It's every hoop I got to go through. It's almost like I say, It's election deflection. Let's keep Mike Lindell occupied over here. What does it matter? I'm staying focused, everybody. So, let's pull up the footage.

Brannon Howse: All right. So, here's Liz Harrington. You know Liz, right?

Mike Lindell: Yeah. She's a good friend of mine, yes.

Brannon Howse: Yes. Here's her tweet today. "The most secure election in history." She's being sarcastic, of course. Here's a woman stuffing the ballot box in broad daylight in Gwinnett County, Georgia, in the November 2020 election. Let's watch this. (Video Playing)

Mike Lindell: They're not shy about it, are they?

Brannon Howse: No.

Mike Lindell: Look at that batch. How many is she putting in?

Brannon Howse: Well, that's one, two, three.

Mike Lindell: There's a lot.

Brannon Howse: Four. Okay, five or six now.

Mike Lindell: People need to know. People say, Well, is it harvesting if I turn in my family's votes. Yes, it is. Ballot harvesting is illegal in most states.

Brannon Howse: It looks like there are eight or nine there at least. Now, here's another one. This guy was stuffing the ballots. This is what he's doing. Let's look at him. (Video Playing)

Mike Lindell: Remember, they all got paid $10 a ballot. The whistleblower, the first one that came forward, made $45,000 on the election. Forty-five grand, and he admitted he did it. They all got paid the huge money. This was in, I believe, for sure, all the swing states. But I believe it was in all five. Remember, they needed ballots to match up to the machine fraud.

Brannon Howse: Look at this one. In Gwinnett County, on October 11th, 2020, 270 people went to a single drop box, but 1962 ballots were recorded as deposited. So, wait a minute. How do you get to 1962 out of 270 people? Ballots were picked up in two black duffel bags at the end of the day and handed off to an unknown person. This is how third-world countries operate. Watch this. (Video Playing)

Charlie Kirk Show Guest: Here's what we know. In Gwinnett County, on October 11th, from 7:30 in the morning through October 12th, Monday morning at 7:30 or so, when they picked up the ballots because of the pings, we know that approximately 270 people went to this ballot box. But according to the chain of custody documents, 962 ballots were actually deposited. Then all of a sudden, the video shows up, and now we get to go in and corroborate it. So, we sit there, and we watch 24 hours of video. Sure enough, 271 people approached that ballot box. And like I said, 1962 ballots show up.

Charlie Kirk Show Host: But if you watch the video, did you see people carrying more than one?

Charlie Kirk Show Guest: Sure, but not 1962?

Charlie Kirk Show Host: Where would the discrepancy in that be then?

Charlie Kirk Show Guest: We don't know. There are so many breakdowns in the process.

Charlie Kirk Show Host: So, it doesn't even tell you that story?

Charlie Kirk Show Guest: Well, there is a video at the end that might tell part of it. At the end of this day, there's an interesting intersection between two people who are charged with going and taking the ballots out of the ballot box, putting them into bags, and then taking them wherever they're going. Those are the ones who fill out the chain of custody. But on this particular day, on this Monday morning, another person comes out from underneath the camera, walks toward the two that are there, and instead of having the ballots in a rolling blue cooler, which is kind of their norm, they had 1962 ballots in two black duffel bags. The person, and we don't know who it is, comes up, takes the two black duffel bags, and walks away. And gives them a cooler.

Charlie Kirk Show Host: But who's supervising?

Charlie Kirk Show Guest: Nobody.

Charlie Kirk Show Host: The Secretary of State of Georgia, I guess, is supposed to be right?

Charlie Kirk Show Guest: Well, one thing we often laughed about was that just unpacking these videos was a challenge in and of itself. One thing we often laughed about was that it was clear to us nobody was ever intended to look at these videos.

Brannon Howse: Wow.

Mike Lindell: Right. And everybody, just so you understand, pings. Okay. It's the same technology they used on January 6th, where they had it all ready to check everybody. When they follow you around with your cell phone, the tracking device in your cell phone, you can turn off your tracker. I guarantee that old Tim Cook, hey Tim, how are you doing? You know, they're tracking you. They're pinging you. So, they got all the pings. So, let's say there's a drop box. They know exactly how many people came to that drop box and left the drop box. Then they have the count of the ballots in the drop box. So, in that just one little example, 242, or whatever, out of 1960 ballots because they were all paid.

In Georgia, a whistleblower, when they blew this wide open down there and the media actually picked it up, the rotten media on the left, and we knew Fox wouldn't say anything back then. But so here they caught the guy. They got the whistleblower. He says we got $10 a ballot, and he made $45,000. Now, do the math. That's 4,500 ballots that guy turned in, that he went there and dumped. There weren't a thousand of them. That's why they call it 2,000 Mules, Brannon. It doesn't mean they had two people or 100,000 people. They figure it was about that many, and I believe it was in all the swing states.

Brannon Howse: In fact, Liz Harrington tweets about this. She says, "4.8 million ballots harvested in the swing states alone." It's everywhere.

Mike Lindell: Right. So, 4.5 million. Now, let me tell you, everybody. I can't stress this more. That was another way that they cheated by using the ballots to back up what they were going to add to the computers. Does everyone understand that? When you have a computer, and you're inflating stuff, and you're using inflated voter rolls, I would love to see all the names on those ballots. Can you imagine? Just like we had on our show here. In Georgia, about a month ago, when they did their little "audit," they called it all right. Remember, they did the "audit." She's been doing this for decades. She opened one box. They're supposed to be, I believe it was 100 ballots, or I could be wrong. Was it 50, Brannon? I think it was 100. She had 110 ballots.

I want everyone to really understand this. Every one of them was for Biden. Okay? Let's just say that 110 people that they put all the Biden ones in one box. That somebody went through and grabbed all the Biden ones and put them in her particular box, right? No. Then she looked at the down tickets. Every down-ticket was identical. So, you have this pattern. You know, all the same. Identical. Oh, no, it gets better. All the referendums, which she said, She's been doing this for decades. Most people don't even check them. They were identical. In other words, you had one ballot, and every single ballot was copied in that box. Do you remember that lady, Brannon?

Brannon Howse: Yeah, yeah.

Mike Lindell: I mean, that was huge. You had her at CPAC, too.

Brannon Howse: I had her at CPAC. I sure did.

Mike Lindell: So, you guys, this is what I want to say. When we talk about 2,000 Mules, I pray. I mean, when this comes out, it's bombshell evidence. It should give one more reason for these three states or five states to decertify. Remember, three of them can do it right now Wisconsin, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. They already have the evidence. It's already done. They have enough without the 2,000 Mules. That's just icing on the cake. Georgia, there's so much corruption in Georgia we're going to have to win in the courts there. Plus, the legislatures down there are the biggest cowards. The biggest compromised Republicans in the United States are down in Georgia. I'm sorry, if you live in Georgia, you've got an uphill battle. You're very similar to Michigan.

Very similar to Michigan. Those two states are both the forerunners, the two frontrunners of Republican corruption. Corruption goes all the way up to the governor, the Triple Crown, the Governor, the Secretary of State, and the Attorney General. But then you've got a mix over in Michigan, kind of like Colorado. But anyway, I want to say this. Do you guys realize what went on?  Let's talk about the mule moving for a second.

So, when this all came out about three months ago, I want to say when we first started hearing about True to Vote, and I'd heard about it long before then, but when the public started hearing about it. What did old Ratzenberger do when they went when they met with him? I believe they met in Georgia and said, "Hey, we got it now. Pull down Georgia, pull down the country. It's over. We got all these ballots, and the people admit they did it. The criminals admit it. People, real people, admitted they did it.

We got them all on tape. You got them all on electronic pings from their phone. It's over. What did Brad Ratzenberger do, everybody? Here comes Brad running down the street. Boy, I'm going to take care of this. Remember, he's the most crooked man in the countrythe Secretary of State of Georgia, the most crooked, pure evil, Brad Ratzenberger. So, Brad says, "I'll take care of this. Yep, it looks like we have something here. I'm going to take care of it." Brad, you're not the Attorney General. That's crooked Chris Carr, your right-hand man. That's crooked, Chris.

So, what did Brad do? We don't know where that's still sitting. We do know that Brad's part of a lawsuit there with the Halderman Report. You have very similar in Georgia, Brannon, like these preliminary injunctions we're going to do to get rid of the machines. Georgia, they did this. I think it's over a year old now, maybe longer. They were told by Brian Halderman, who's a Democrat. I believe he's a Democrat. He certainly doesn't like Donald Trump.

Mike Lindell: Halderman said, "You can't use these machines. They're used in sixteen states for sure. You cannot use these dominion machines. They're defective devices, basically." He's got a 25-page or 25,000-word report, and it will show the whole country. You show this, and that judge should have ruled immediately not to use Dominion machines in the state of Georgia. Especially for that little crooked runoff they had. Remember, that saved the country because if they had just given one back, we probably wouldn't be talking. But by the grace of God, they stole them both.

So, everybody got involved. And here we are today. Well, Brannon, that report then has been sitting there, the Halderman Report. Remember, we had a team go to Louisiana and said, "Hey, you guys," Louisiana was going to buy more Dominion machines. I'll give Jeff Landry credit. I don't know if it was him or not, but somebody in Louisiana said, "Hey, we're not going to buy any more Dominion machines. We want to find out what this Halderman Report says." So, they went and asked the courts to give them a copy of that. Right? Well, in the meantime, oh, here comes old Brad again. Brad says to the judge or the court, "Hey, we want that report released." Right? So, he acts like he's all for the people, right? Well, the judge, he released that report all right. Do you know who he released it to, Brannon?

Brannon Howse: Who?

Mike Lindell: The government and Dominion.

Brannon Howse: Oh.

Mike Lindell: The government and Dominion. We, the people, can't see it yet. The state officials can't see it. Louisiana wants to see it. I can name ten governors, actually good governors, or maybe seven. Okay, let's go with seven. Three are still out there. I don't know about them. But these governors and there are some good, very good Attorney Generals across this country. I met with most of them. They want to see it. The people want to see it. Give us that Halderman Report. This is disgusting. Open it up, and it's over for Dominion, is what I'm trying to say. Right now, the 2,000 Mules movie will get all kinds of publicity, and it's going to get out there.

You can't deny what you see on tape, everybody. So is everybody, all these people, all these legislatures, these terrible, terrible Republican legislatures in all these states, are they just going to sit back and go, "H**l, I don't know. I hope we can just wait till after the election so that I can quit." You know, there's a lot of them that are quitting. They aren't running again because they're cowards. They have either been compromised, or they are cowards. These are our legislatures. Shame on all of them; they're disgusting. When you see it's in black and white, what are you, cowards? Why don't you just take me as an example?

I've been hammered for over a year, and I'm still standing. Right? I'm still here. And I'm not giving up because of my country. This is the greatest country in the world. Where else can you go from a former crack addict to having a business with 2,700 employees, having products made here, all these things and the platform that God's provided me? You couldn't do it in any other country.

They're trying to take away our American dream. It's just horrible. I'm talking to you Democrat legislatures. Do you have a moral compass? Are you just like your party? Your crooked party that was part of this? I mean, it's bad enough we know we have the crooked, terrible, rotten Republicans over here that sit there and do nothing. That is the biggest part of this cover-up. This could never happen without the paid-off Republicans, period.

Brannon Howse: True.

Mike Lindell: Just because you're a Democrat doesn't mean you need to be part of the biggest crime in history. Grab your moral compass. I know it'll be hard to go against your party. Go against them and say, you know what? I don't want to pay $8 for gas. I don't want to lose my country forever. What if it was reversed, and we'd be able to say, "Hey, I picked. I made my selection, and I want my vote to count." All you terrible journalists out there, same thing to you guys.

You guys, don't you care about your country? Write the truth. Just say it right now for the headlines. Mike Lindell, everybody, get your pens out. Mike Lindell said on his Lindell Report that all the overseas votes for our military and their families were emailed in with no IDs required, and they all went to Biden. Prove me wrong, media, go ahead. Prove me wrong. Ask Alan Duke. He'll tell you the truth.

Brannon Howse: That's the Lindell report. Be sure to support Mike's work, those 2,700 employees, and get great deals yourself and use the promo code L77 at MyPillow.com Thanks for watching The Lindell Report. We're here every night at 6 p.m. central time. Thanks for watching. Take care.



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