John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute on The Government's War on The American People

About 2 years ago

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Brannon Howse: Joining me now is John Whitehead. John Whitehead is someone that well; I've been reading his columns for years. Many, many years ago, probably close to 25 years ago, I received a phone call from a mother and father in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. I was the education reporter for Michael Reagan, the oldest son of Ronald Reagan. Im still close friends with Michael to this day. As the education reporter, I would get phone calls from parents tipping me off about various things around the country.

This call came in from a mother and father telling me the horrific story of their 11-year-old daughter, along with 58 other girls, 59 girls all 11 years old, in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. They were called in and made to strip down to their underwear and then eventually submit to a pelvic exam without their parent's permission or knowledge. They claim they were looking for sexual abuse. In the process, I believe they were sexually abused. They denied there was any penetration and later it came out that that was wrong.

The one little girl whose parents called us, she said to the school officials, "My parents wouldn't agree with this. My parents would not approve of this." And if I remember the story correctly, she was told to get up on that table and submit, or school security would be called in.

So that was my experience with the Rutherford Institute because I said, I think we should get this over to John Whitehead. Sure enough, we did. It got picked up, the story did in The Washington Times, and John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute took it all the way to federal court. That was almost 25 or maybe over 25 years ago now. He's an author. He's the author of several books. One of his most recent books. You'll find it on Amazon.

It's called Battlefield America. Well, let me just give you some of the titles of the chapters: A Declaration of War Part I, The War on the American People, The American Police State, The American Surveillance State, The Resistance, and the Forward, by Ron Paul. Again, you can pick up the book Battlefield America, The War on the American People, Forward, by Ron Paul. Mr. Whitehead, welcome to the broadcast. Thank you so much for joining us tonight.

John Whitehead: Thank you, Brannon. Thank you for having me on the show.

Brannon Howse: Do you remember that story in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, almost 25 years ago now?

John Whitehead: I remember and many, many like it, by the way.

Brannon Howse: Really?

John Whitehead: I've been involved in, jeez, I would say hundreds of cases, actually, over the years, from everything to that kind of situation happening to a little boy pointing his finger at another boy on the playground when they were kindergartners and calling in the police and having them brought into the principal's office and charged with a crime. I've held all those cases over the years, and we win most of them and take them into court, but they're still going on. Its just the kids are more cowardly today than they used to be, by the way. They're more PC and more inline than they used to be. What I'm learning is when I'm talking to children today is the schools are not teaching them the Bill of Rights. They don't know what's in the First Amendment.

They have no clue. They don't read the Declaration of Independence. The reason they don't, I know why, is because that preamble to the Declaration of Independence crafted by Thomas Jefferson says clearly, If the government starts getting crazy, we can get rid of it. They don't want you to think like that because you're dealing with what I would call government schools. I mean, they are government schools. I've had hundreds of cases in the public schools, little girls at graduation wanting to sing just a hymn. They're told they can't do it because it violates the First Amendment establishment clause. Singing a two-minute hymn? It was their graduation. So, you wonder why the country is in the mess it is in today, and it's in a terrible mess, and it's going to get worse, by the way. The government's preparing for that. I can tell you more about that in a minute if we have time. But this country is in a very bad situation right now, I'd say. I've done my research on former countries that have collapsed in history. We're a Rome. We're very much like Rome.

Rome collapsed. Rome had no morals. They lost all their morality. Here's the key. You've got to have a sense of morality in your country, what's right and what's wrong. You can't get people to tell you that they are afraid to say certain words. There's all this stuff that you hear. I'm afraid to do this. Afraid to do that. When you have people who are afraid to speak, they don't think. We need to think. We need to debate, but they don't want a debate. I'm telling the school principals a lot of time to listen and debate the issue. Listen to this. This kid wore into the school a T-shirt with a founding father on it, holding one of the old, you know, musket rifles they used to carry. They put him in isolation because he was considered dangerous. I won the case. You know what? The Judge broke out laughing. The room they put him in had a recruiting poster with an American troop in Afghanistan charging with a rifle. I went, "What's the difference between that and that?"

The Judge started laughing and said, "This is crazy. This just is. Here's the other thing. They're putting this on the kid's records that he had the gun violation. We had a case in Ohio where a kid, ten years old, went to the teacher's desk, turned to his best friend in class, and went pow. Silently. He did a bow and arrow. He was pulled from the classroom and charged with a weapons violation.

Brannon Howse: Oh, my.

John Whitehead: A weapons violation for an imaginary bow and arrow.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, well, we are not allowing boys to be boys now, are we?

John Whitehead: No.

Brannon Howse: And of course, we're turning boys now into girls. You mentioned something very interesting in your initial statement, the Declaration of Independence, which does allow and explains the process for dealing with a tyrannical government. You know, I'm on 60 radio stations every day with a radio network and have been for 25 years. And of course, television. I get so many emails and texts, and people want to know how does that process happen? What does it look like? If there are men such as yourself, Ron Paul, maybe some other Governors, and some Attorney Generals that will stand up, how does it look? How does that process look for telling the central government, "Wait a minute, we created you. The federal government is a creation of the states. We entered into a contract with you.

We couldn't even get the Constitution ratified because the states were afraid of a central government. So, they come up with ten handcuffs, the Bill of Rights to be the handcuffs on the states. Through legal gymnastics, those had been taken off and put back onto the states. Now the government decides when we have freedom of speech. When have freedom of religion. When we can assemble, go to church, i.e., "COVID." So how does this happen to implement what is in the Declaration of Independence to say to the central government, You're outside the law, you have breached your contract, we created you. What we created, we can recreate, abolish and re-establish. How does that happen?

John Whitehead: Well, how it happens is the people become ignorant. What I tell people is the most important words in the Constitution that we have in the original Constitution, not the Bill of Rights, says, "We the people do ordain and establish this government." Who's the government? We, the people. I keep telling them that. When people say, "Oh, the government's great or doing this, they're keeping us safe." I'm saying, "Listen, the government isn't keeping you safe. You keep you safe." That's why there's the Second Amendment, which says you have a right to have arms and protect yourself against the craziness we see. The people who wrote the Constitution based it off of a British government that was shooting them down. That was going into their towns and burning churches because that's where the Patriots met in those days. The key here, though, is that we have our inalienable rights. That's what the Declaration of Independence says.

People say, "What does that mean?" What inalienable means is non-transferable. You always have the rights. You can't even give them away. You can't give those rights away. You have them. They're yours forever and practice those rights. The only way that we can save this country today is to practice those rights. We can't sit at home and watch TV. The average American watches 150 hours of television a month. I'm telling people, listen, get up, get out there, get involved in your government, your local governments. You can change things. Listen, there are 80,000 SWAT team raids occurring across America. But listen, the mass media doesn't cover any of this stuff that we're talking about because they don't want the people to know. We need to educate our local people. Some towns have stopped the SWAT team raids because they don't make sense in most situations.

Eighty percent of those SWAT team raids we are seeing happen where people are getting killed and shot in their homes, and Veterans are getting shot in their homes, is because police are invading in the middle of the night. Eighty percent of those are from when the police used to just show up and serve a warrant on people. Knock on the door, and that's what they should be doing. Now you have the police armed with hollow-point bullets. The federal government has 175,000 armed agents themselves running around with hollow-point bullets. I'm a former Army officer. I trained troops how to shoot, and basically, we could not use hollow-point bullets. They were considered inhuman. Here's why. Because they explode on contact.

Brannon Howse: Wow.

John Whitehead: But we have 175,000 federal agents running around with those things, ready to shoot American citizens. Listen, people, go to our website, I write all this stuff all the time with my wife. We get all this stuff out there and trying to educate people. Education precedes action. But I know this. I've seen it happen in local communities. They can change things. That was what it was all about. Local communities are supposed to be run locally. You mentioned it earlier on. It's we, the people in our own communities.

We're supposed to be running the show. The 10th Amendment says, "States and local governments can nullify acts of the federal government." We never do it. Listen, when we're seeing some of the things we're seeing in this country today, outrageous stuff. The spending, the billions of dollars, a $30 trillion debt, and we're just spending $50 billion hand out here, the government hand out there. Who do we owe the money to? The biggest person or entity we owed the money to is China.

Brannon Howse: Wow.

John Whitehead: China is a totalitarian state.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely.

John Whitehead: This is scary stuff. But see, most people don't realize this is going on. That's why we need to get the information out there and get our people together in the local communities and just say, "We're not going to do this anymore. We're not going to go along with these programs that you're pushing toward us, taking all our money." The average American spends more money on taxes and food, clothing, and health care annually.

Brannon Howse: You'll find his columns, by the way. He writes these weekly columns. We carry some of them over at our website, folks and have for years. There's a lot of stuff. Here's his book. Look at that, folks. You can get it on Amazon, Battlefield America, The War on the American people. I mean, he's already started talking about it, that's for sure. But I want to get into a few aspects of it. Let me bring up that issue where you said that America is in great danger and it's going to get far worse. You're a historian.

You're an attorney. You're an author, a columnist. We won't hold you to it. I mean, you can make predictions here or your theories. But I bet you what you're going to tell us actually, sadly, will probably come to pass. But I'd like to ask people from time to time, and I know some people get nervous making predictions, but if you if your opinion, your thoughts as you study trends, what do you see coming to America in the next five years or sooner?

John Whitehead: I've told people that we have less than ten years to keep our freedom because people are going to be absorbed. Again, most people don't realize this, but Google has said, With our Singularity Program that by 2029, 2030, the human mind is going to fuse with their artificial intelligence and the World Wide Web. They're going to try to turn us into robots where we're controlled. If you heard of the Metaverse, Facebook is now calling itself Meta. What it means is it's just a fictional universe. They can create glasses and even implants in your skull. Elon Musk has his neural link now, which has been tested. It fits into your prefrontal lobe, in your brain, and they can tell you and direct everything you do and control you.

That's where we're headed at this point in time, and I'm telling people we're going to have to resist it. But what I'm seeing with the young children today, especially on their cell phones. I know you know this; if you're a parent out there listening to this program, they stare at their cell phones all the time. Just it's hard getting into a conversation with a teenager, and they have no clue as to what's going on in the universe. They're caught up in Instagram, Facebook, and the bunch, and even porn. Porn is flipping back through here. We have kids today; listen, there are things children know today about sex and all this stuff that I never even knew until I was out of college, which is amazing. It moves so fast. They're turning in our children, basically, and I call these the Institutions of Indoctrination. A lot of the public schools think of children as just basically objects to be used for sex, or otherwise to buy, shop, and all that but do you really care about freedom for your neighbor next door?

And here's the thing what we've lost in the society with all the stuff we've seen coming, all the crises, by the way. Crises, crises, crises, and more crises people are all caught up in this. They're losing empathy. Here's the key. What is the key to success in any program? Empathy. What is empathy? That is to care for another human being. To care for others. I keep telling people we are here on this planet to do one thing and that is to help each other get through this against the tyrannical things we see. The other thing that most people don't realize is we're moving into a global government really quickly, a global environment. The NSA has its Five Eyes program. They have bases all over the world. They've already erected a worldwide control system. They worked with 70 some countries. They are using facial recognition software now. Around the globe, they're watching everything. You've heard of the deep state. I hope you've heard of the Deep State.

There was a memo that was leaked by the FBI. The seventh-floor group, they said, controls the government. Well, there was a study done by Princeton University and Northwestern University on where money congregates in America, Washington, D.C. The professors came to the conclusion that America is ruled by an oligarchic elite of 585 billionaires that run everything. They are there to make money. They love war. They love anything that will make them money. Dropping a bomb every 10 minutes in the Middle East. They make money off of that. I had an Air Force pilot come to me who I helped.

He said, "John," he was a decorated Air Force pilot, by the way. He says, "I quit the Air Force, and I walked out." And I said, "Why?" He said, "I got to meet with you because I may get in trouble over this." I said, "What happened?" He said, He was driving by opium fields. He was an officer, so he was driven by an enlisted driver. And he said, "Who are those guys guarding the fields?" They looked, and they said, They are American troops guarding the opium fields. He saw cash coming into the Middle East. He was in Iraq, and he saw it being handed out, he said, to basic leaders of some of these other countries. He said, "Cash off crates." He said, "I cannot live and operate in a corrupt government anymore."

Brannon Howse: We have heard these reports.

John Whitehead: They're true.

Brannon Howse: They're true. What role do you think? I'm working on part two of my documentary, Brainwash. People can watch part one at I'm working on part two. What do you think? What role has brainwashing played in putting the American people where we are today?

John Whitehead: Brainwashing started many years ago, folks. If you've studied the CIA, MKULTRA, all these things, watching an excessive amount of television, by the way, there are studies that show you go into a semi-trance. I don't know this to be a fact, but I've had other people tell me that they can do subconscious indoctrination of people through watching television. And listen to this. Just think about this. You're hearing me talk, and you're hearing Brannon talk, folks. You watched this program. How come you don't hear CNN talking about this? NBC and all these programs? They don't talk about any of this stuff. They only talk to you about the latest crisis. As long as you're focused on that, you're not going to be focused on what's happening in your local community. Being overtaxed. Swat team raids.

The police across the country, working with the federal government. Taking cash out of people's cars, people's homes, and money, by the way, and splitting it with the federal government, asset forfeiture. Look it up. We write on this a lot. This is happening across the country. Local communities can stop this. The power is in the local communities, but everybody's half asleep, and it's going to continue. I mean, there's a 2030 video, by the way. That's another thing that the Pentagon put out to train their troops and police, by the way, trained at Quantico. It predicts that by 2030, the country is going to completely collapse economically and otherwise, and they're going to have to impose martial law. So how many years? That's eight years away. That's what they're predicting right now. They're ready for the country to collapse and go into total chaos.

Brannon Howse: And now, don't we? I mean, we see what they're inflating our currency. You know, we see what's happening with the supply chain, food inflation. I mean, every time we turn around, we're seeing the collapse is coming. I did a series called the Great Collapse is necessary for the Great Reset. I mean, why would you call it Build Back Better unless you were going to tear it down and then build it back. Right? And we know Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 that we've been covering since the early nineties. We know that they're pretty well on track. You just mentioned 2030 as the date. Weve got Klaus Schwab saying it right there in the video.

Anyone can see it's documented in their own video. You'll own nothing and be happy by 2030. Well, how will you own nothing? Well, they will have either collapsed everything, and you'll own nothing because it'll be inflated away, and you'll be happy to comply, so you have food on the table. I mean, as they move more and more people off of the farmland, off of rural areas, into the cities, it's going to be easier and easier to control them. So, I think we see this great collapse being set up, don't we?

John Whitehead: I think that's coming. Yes, obviously. I mean, that number, 2029, 2030 is when you have Google talking about the human mind fusing with the computers by 2029 and the government predicting a total collapse. Yes, I think I can see it already coming in many ways. There are hints of it happening. We are seeing it right now. I do believe that the people who are running the world right now want a global society.

Brannon Howse: Yes.

John Whitehead: They're moving in that direction very, very quickly. China is so quiet, but China is a very powerful institution. There are police departments in this country right now using drones that are made by Chinese companies. These drones from two miles up can read your face and report you and watch your movements. Some of them are armed heavily. They're flying around in the air now. So, we are in basically a total surveillance society. Most people, again, don't realize it. What I want to say next is that Microsoft, Amazon, and the big companies helped set up the intelligence clouds for the 17 intelligence agencies, including CI, NSA, and all the intelligence agencies, and maintain it and they have access to all that information. So, what we see infused is a corporate state. The corporations are working very heavily with the federal government, especially the intelligence agencies, and very similar, by the way, again, what I've seen in history.

You remember, Hitler came to power in what kind of society? One that was collapsing economically. Youve get a strong leader in Ohio. I'm telling people again that we, the people, are the government. It's in God we trust, not in government we trust. The fellow who wrote our Bill of Rights, and again, we give out a Bill of Rights card to people that you can put in your billfold and show the police or if an agent pulls you over and you can say, "Hey, what about the First Amendment or the Fourth Amendment? Are you following it?" The fellow who wrote this Bill of Rights, and they're great, by the way, it helped beef up the Constitution, said, "We ought to mistrust all those in power." See, they knew that from there. That's an actual quote from James Madison, "We ought to mistrust all those in power." I tell people that the basic rule of any patriot, and we want patriots, is you have to mistrust those in power. You have to question them.

You have to make them think. The only way you're going to make them think is to show up in city council meetings. You may have to picket and do it nonviolently. When you do violence, they like it. They play off of violence and say, "Oh, the stupid American people are using violence." Just go bang and shoot them. Beat them up. Don't do that. Use your strategy. In my book Battlefield America, I go through a number of strategies like this I think you can use to change this country and reinvent what we used to have at one time. We've lost that, folks. Watch out for the mass media. The mass media is not there.

Carl Bernstein, who worked with Woodward in outing Nixon in the early days, he said, "He was shocked." Award-winning journalist, when he started working with the national TV audiences, The New York Times, and groups, groups like that, he said, "I couldn't believe it. The mass media, the CIA, NSA were in their offices working with them. Helping them vet articles." And he said, "This is not a free press." So, watch out. Even Thomas Jefferson back in his day said, "Don't trust the media, the press." Is anybody thinking that they don't trust the press? You're not going to get this interview with me on national media because they will not even think in that direction.

Brannon Howse: So, what are they going to do? What are they going to do with folks like me and you and Lindell TV and WVW Broadcast network and the alternative media now? The alternative media we're racking up numbers that CNN and many other outlets could never achieve, ever. I mean, we have 4 to 5 million people just on our email and text alert list that we could reach at any moment. What are they going to do? What strategy are they going to do to shut us down, do you believe?

John Whitehead: Well, if we the people don't get out there and start backing people like you up, at any moment, if they want to shut us down, they'll just turn us off. That's what they can do now. They'll have the apparatuses. Like I said, they have drones. They have the satellites now. They have everything. They have circled the globe. Listen, the only thing that's going to save this country is human beings that really care about freedom. That will get out there and fight for their freedoms and ensure them. How did we get America? It was people like that. People in local communities that said, "I've had enough of this stuff. Let's get together." I mean, ministers used to step out, The Black Regiment, they were called in the early days.

That's why the British burned those churches. When they came, they burned churches where they came into communities for the reason that these ministers would take off their robes and have their rifles and say, "It's time to defend our country for freedom." We need strength like that. Leaders who are going to tell people, get out there and get together and let's take this country back for freedom. But you're going to have to learn your rights, learn your Bill of Rights. They don't teach them in schools. You can teach them at home to your kids today and create some people out there. The one word they don't like is rebels. You know people who say, "I'm not putting up with this stuff any longer." They'll throw you out, fight you, but let's get together in groups, and it's much more difficult to control us at that point.

Brannon Howse: Look at this book again, folks. I highly recommend it's at Amazon, Battlefield America: The War on the American People by John Whitehead. Foreword by Ron Paul. Just a couple of minutes left with Mr. Whitehead. Let me address this article right here on your website. Folks, you'll find that he writes a weekly article. Here's one of his articles from May 4th, 2022, just a few days ago. When the Government Plays God, the Slippery Slope from Abortions to Executions. Speak to me about this, will you?

John Whitehead: Oh, yeah. What I'm saying is so many people put their faith in the government that it started to act like God. I mean, I don't think the government should be killing, shooting, whatever they're doing with all the shootings we're seeing. Again, if you go to our website, you'll see some of the crazy things that are happening across the country. Again, the government will act like God if we let it. I'm saying don't let it be that way. The government is not God. The government is not our ruler. We, the people, are the rulers. We are the freedom fighters. That's basically what I'm trying to get across to the people, to wake them up to see that you can change things for the better. It's not going to be easy.

You may get arrested just for walking down the street. We defend all kinds of people who picket in front of City Hall, and the police show up and arrest them or fine them. We fight back. That's the way you're going to have to do it, folks. Little by little, I think we can make some progress. But if we don't like I'm saying and we've talked about earlier, we only have about, I think, less than a decade before the fall. The government is prepared. Like I said, they have the armaments, 175,000 agents waiting, ready to fight, and then bringing in the military if they need some.

Brannon Howse: So, let me conclude with maybe some positive news that maybe will encourage you in your work. You're so busy, I'm sure you don't know. But last November, November 2021, we brought four retired FBI agents to our town here in the Mid-South for a town hall meeting. We filmed four one-hour town hall meetings. One of the guys who helped me organize is a good friend of mine Terry Turchie. Terry is the former Assistant Deputy Director of the Counterterrorism Division of the FBI. Terry wrote a book called In Their Own Words, and he talks about the communist revolution going on in America. He talked about the Weather Underground, cultural Marxism, and how the Communists have taken over the Department of Justice.

How, now, the Department of Justice through their communist agitators, has now taken over the FBI. Now, again, this is the former Assistant Deputy Director of the Counterterrorism Division of the FBI, helping me organize these four one-hour town hall meetings, getting three other former FBI agents of great reputation to come and be here for this. All of them are warning that our main institutions are being taken over by globalist, fascist communists.

I mean, it's the same. They're all different movements headed to the same end. Terry Turchie, the former Assistant Deputy Director of the Counterterrorism Division of the FBI, said, "We are now no longer under the rule of law in America." He said this on video. One of the men actually got emotional talking about the SWAT raids, he used to be an FBI SWAT guy, breaking down people's doors, showing up in the middle of the night, or predawn raids for nonviolent people with the media in tow.

This man, this former FBI agent who used to be on the SWAT team, got emotional in the recording and said, "This would have never happened in my day. We, the agents, would have never tolerated this. We would not have agreed with this." But I will tell you. I am seeing former CIA, former FBI, and former NSA, I am seeing people come forward that have said, "I want to be a whistleblower, or I want to give you information. I've had it." You know, there are some bright spots here and there. What do you make of this?

John Whitehead: I've seen the same thing. I've had former NSA agents and stuff meet with me. They read my book. They agree with it. They said it's worse than you think, John, and they encourage you to keep going. Yeah, I think that, again, whistleblowers, we help a lot of whistleblowers. I mean, I think whistleblowers, what they do is that, and they're doing a good thing. They're telling us what the government is doing when it does bad things. We need more people like that, and we need to protect them and fight for them.

Brannon Howse: Well, and that's what John Whitehead is doing, folks, and I hope you'll visit his website. I go to his website every week waiting for that latest article because John Whitehead will write the things that you think. John Whitehead will actually put in print the things that you and I think, and you're like, "Wow, I can't believe you actually wrote that. It's great that someone finally said it." John Whitehead's been saying it, folks, for decades. I remember reading some of his stuff many years ago and thinking, "Wow, that's pretty out there. You know, that's tough. He's brave." And, you know, the stuff that he was saying 20 to 25 years ago is now you're seeing it.

He told us so much of this was coming. Again, why is he not on Fox? Why is he not on CNN? Why is he not an MSNBC? Why is he not on most conservative talk radio and talk television? The same reason they don't want to put a lot of us on there. We speak too much truth. We pull back the curtain, and we show them exactly what's happening. A part of a brainwashing operation is, folks, you can't let people see the truth because the truth is the kryptonite, and they don't want you to know the truth. Closing comment, sir.

John Whitehead: You got it. Truth is the way to freedom. To speak truth. Raise your kids, by the way, start to get them ready to be people who know the Bill of Rights, know their freedoms, and speak truth to power. I mean, that's it. I mean, like I said, I had one former government agent look at me once, and he said, "I'm surprised you're still alive." And I said, "Well, as long as I'm alive, I'm going to speak truth. If they want to knock me off because I'm speaking truth. At least I think I did the right thing." And again, empathy. I want to help others out there who want to fight for truth.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. Well, Jeremiah Denton one of the longest-held men in the POW camps of Vietnam. When he got back, he spoke about that. We need empathy. We need to have empathy and compassion. And, of course, this is a man who was brutalized. Brutalized, right? You know, tortures beyond what you could even imagine. And he was saying, When you take away empathy and compassion from a society, you set up tyrants and dictators. If the people are not compassionate and have empathy, then they're not going to fight back against that. You know, and so many people today are narcissistic, Facebook, Instagram, it's about me, me, me, me, me. Narcissism does not breed empathy, does it, sir?

John Whitehead: No. Empathy does. Caring for others. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You want freedom, folks? Get freedom for others. Get in the fight for freedom. I think we can change things. I'm not a pessimist. I'm a realist, okay?

Brannon Howse: Sir, thanks for being with us. We hope to get you back again. You're an excellent interview.

John Whitehead: Thank you, sir.

Brannon Howse: John Whitehead, folks. He's been at it a long time. You can also support their organization. Check out his articles and order his book. I think you'll be well educated. Absolutely. He's writing a lot of things you're thinking, or how about having a lot of your questions answered? He'll answer a lot of your questions. Read his books, read his articles, and you'll go, "Oh, that's how that happened. or that's why that happened. I get it." He'll connect a lot of dots for you. John Whitehead, great interview.


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