The J6 Hearings Are Not About Justice. They Are About Hurting The Republicans In The Midterms


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The J6 Hearing Clown Show

The J6 hearings are not about justice. They are about hurting the Republicans in the midterms. True justice is not going to come from a hearing, it is going to come from a trial. Yet, that is not what the hearing is about. It is about the court of public opinion. There is no defense, only the committee saying what they want to say. However, nobody seems to be tuning into this clown show. 

Nobody is interested in the J6 hearings. It has nothing to do with anything going on, especially the midterms. Yet, that's what they want. They want to use the "truth' of the J6 hearings to give Democrats the win. Democrats want to hurt Republicans' chances in the upcoming midterms by any means necessary. So, the committee is going to hammer the "insurrection" narrative. 

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