Google IS Fascism


What's the difference between Google and Fascism? Trick question - they're the same thing! Let's break it down.

Do you have a differing opinion on the war in Ukraine? Do you doubt what the media tells you is going on in the world? If you do, don't share it publicly. Google has now threatened to demonetize any website that "exploits, dismisses, or condones the war."

In an email to publishers, Google outlines their policy stating that they will not run ads next to "claims that imply victims are responsible for their own tragedy" or that "Ukraine is committing genocide or deliberately attacking it's own citizens."

It's no secret that Google is the master of censorship and can get away with it since they hold the purse strings of nearly all ads on the internet. Regardless of your opinions on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, this should be of grave concern.

With Google limiting monetization over a major geopolitical topic, what's to say that they won't move to demonetize any disagreements with the establishment talking points?

Don’t think boys can become girls? Demonetized!

Don’t think abortion is healthcare? Demonetized!

Behold the cancel culture in its glorious, corporate, monopolistic display. Telling you what you aren't allowed to say is the same as telling you what you must say. Either way, your speech is controlled, your thoughts limited, and your wallet will become as barren and empty as a buffet at Golden Coral on the first of the month.

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