Breaking The Rose Colored Glasses


Sleepy Joe is taking credit for rebuilding our society?  Let's break it down.

The Biden administration is taking credit for America recovering from a pandemic.  They've tapped none other than Tom Hanks to celebrate the first 365 days of the Chinese Communist Party installed dictator.  In a promotional video, Woody the Cowboy spouts lie after lie, claiming that jobs were created in the first year of the decrepit old man than any other year in history.

However, they fail to mention that it was they who caused the massive economic and social shutdowns which were the benchmark of the government's overreaction to the not-so-deadly virus.  This was the intention of the elite to destroy our economy through a global pandemic, then rebuild the New World Order.

Unconscious Americans are told these whoppers and expected to believe the untruths without question.  But over the last two years, more have awakened to nefarious plots by men in ivory towers.

With the rollout of each phase of the Great Reset, more resistance builds.  Citizens of the world do not want to be put into databases, tracked, traced, followed, monitored,  or forced to share their private healthcare decisions.  It is this very resistance which the elite desires to crush by excluding all the non-compliers from the New Society currently underway.

Although much headway is being made to expose the globalists' agenda, censorship is staying one step ahead.  But remember, the massive global awakening currently underway cannot be stopped.  Be fearless, be brave and continue to share the info because we are on the winning side.

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