The American People Are Tired of Plastic Politicians and They Want Something Real and Authentic


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No More Plastic Politicians 

On Chit Chat Live, Diamond and Silk welcome congressional candidate, Kathy Barnette, onto the show. Barnette is authentic. Someone who can connect with other Americans like Diamond and Silk. A type of politician that Americans have been looking for. 

"These Democrats have been putting their foot on our throats, businesses, children..." Barnette states as she discusses how Democrats harm their constituents and then order them to shut up when they complain. However, this is not how this country works. Barnette's success proves that. The congressional candidate has spent less money than her competition and is pulling ahead. Because Barnette has gone on the road to talk with her fellow Americans and how they feel. 

The American people know something is fundamentally wrong and are done with plastic politicians. People don't like liars and career politicians. Americans want someone with common sense, a backbone, and represent the will of the people

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