whoopi goldberg

  • Ep 126 - Spotted Horse Tavern | Westport, CT - "Bewitched" - And Now May We Introduce...Flurona!

    While up in Connecticut, the boys stop by the town of Westport, the supposed hometown of Darren and Samantha Stevens in the TV series, 'Bewitched'. As part of the manufactured wind down of the disgraceful COVID hoax, the medicos now invent "Flurona" as they re-badge the flu yet again, while also re-positioning the vaccines as therapeutics via media lapdogs like The View. And, on the eve of 1/6, they also look at the FBI/DOJ tactical squads of that day, designed to manufacture violence to frame - and sometimes kill - protestors.
  • Ep 134 - Vola's Dockside Grill | Alexandria, VA - "Broadcast News" - The Social Justice Infection

    Jake and Cutter sit riverside on the Potomac as they enjoy the views from Alexandria, the locale of many of the outside scenes from 'Broadcast News'. The boys use the movie to discuss the current Fake News that flows from much of the Mainstream Media. They take a deep look at the social justice movement infecting the NFL, and how it turned itself on one of its favorite havens, the talk show 'The View'. They also call out the latest round of corporate America's horrifying terminations of unvaccinated employees.