• Blackhawk Down

    Army Ranger Jeff Struecker was sure he was going to die during the Battle of Mogadishu. But his faith sustained him. After that battle he would become a Ranger Chaplain.
  • From Vietnam to the Space Shuttle

    Fred Gregory flew 550 combat missions in Vietnam, earning the Distinguished Flying Cross. He would go on to fly three space shuttle missions. Fred was the lead capsule communicator in mission control the day of the Challenger explosion.
  • "The Shot" - Bill Bee

    The second Sgt. Bill Bee escaped death from a sniper's bullet was recorded by Reuter's photographer Goran Tomesevic. It would be the second of three traumatic brain injuries that ended Bill's career. His struggles with the VA were finally addressed when Daily Mail journalist Wills Robinson published his plight.
  • Cobra gunships in Vietnam

    Lew Jennings flew 726 missions as a Cobra pilot during one year in Vietnam. He was awarded more than 50 combat decorations including three Distinguished Flying Cross medals w/ Valor device. At 61 years old he also flew classified missions in Iraq.
  • US Marshal Irv Brandt

    Irv Brandt brought many of America's Most Wanted to justice - from "local" criminals to international fugitives. He was 20 feet away from the bomb detonated in Atlanta's Centennial Park but miraculously unscathed.
  • Veteran Entrepreneur Dale Dye

    You probably recognize Dale Dye from his role in "Platoon", "Saving Private Ryan" and "Band of Brothers". But did you know he was awarded the Bronze Star and three Purple Heart medals during his service in Vietnam? His firm "Warriors Inc." is recognized as Hollywood's foremost military film consulting firm.
  • B-17's Over Berlin

    Richard Bushong flew 28 combat missions over Europe including the first daylight bombing raid of Berlin. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for one mission where he brought his crew safely home on to engines and failed brakes.
  • Marine Veteran Scott Huesing

    Major Scott Huesing led his Marines in combat in one of the deadliest regions of Iraq. His experiences are presented in his powerful book "Echo in Ramadi". Scott currently serves as Executive Director of the Save the Brave organization and every summer rides across the country to raise awareness about the scourge of Veteran suicides.
  • Veteran Entrepreneur Brian Dougherty

    The mental toughness he was taught as an elite Navy SEAL is serving Brian Dougherty well in building his fine watch company. The design and philosophy behind DeClan James Watch Company is rooted in legacy and tradition - lessons he hopes to pass on to his sons.
  • Forward Air Controller Ross Detwiler

    Ross Detwiler was one of the pilots that volunteered for the dangerous Forward Air Controller missions in Vietnam. Twenty two percent of these pilots were shot down - some more than once. Ross was awarded three Distinguished Flying Cross medals during his service in Vietnam.
  • Frogmen - Andrew Dubbins

    George Morgan is one of the last surviving World War II "Frogmen". Award winning journalist Andrew Dubbins tells the history of the Underwater Demolition Teams, predecessors to today's Navy SEALs, through the eyes of Mr. Morgan in his book "Into Enemy Waters".
  • Merchant Marine Dave Yoho

    Dave Yoho falsified his birth certificate so that he could join the war effort at the age of 15. He enlisted in the Merchant Marine - the branch with the highest casualty rate of the war; 1 in 26. When Dave came home from war he was still not old enough to vote or buy a drink. Merchant Marines were not officially recognized as Veterans with regard to benefits until 1988.
  • Veteran & Actor Don Collier

    Famous western actor Don Collier enlisted in the Navy while still in High School. By the time he was eligible to serve, World War II had been over for two months. He nonetheless fulfilled his duty, serving aboard the light cruiser USS Astoria. Don appeared in over 200 film & television programs, perhaps best known for his role in the television series High Chaparral. Don passed away on Sept. 13, 2021
  • "300 Days of Captivity as a Political POW With Master Sgt. Jeremy Brown"

    Join our Soul Doctor as she hosts retired Master Sergeant Jeremy Brown, and campaign manger and author of Rules For Deplorables, Cathi Chamberlain! Have you have heard of a POLITICAL POW in the USA? This shocking story features a man with distinct military honors and service, as well as candidate to represent in Florida, now held in captivity for 300 days. In this interview our guests share the plight of this retired war hero that would not sell out for comfort or easy in order to show America what is transpiring right before our eyes! No matter if you are left or right leaning in political opinions, one thing is certain, do we accept a government that can destroy its citizens that may not agree with the current operations of the party in power at that time? That could make ANYONE a target by objecting to a “mainstream” narrative. This is a must listen story for every American!
  • “Reactivating Our Special Forces for Public Service”

    Join our Soul Doctor as she welcomes the nationally honored and decorated retired Col. Tony Sabb! Our highly esteemed guest has emerged out of retirement after witnessing the breakdown of our political system to run as candidate for mayor in one of the most influential territories in America, Orange County and playground of the world, Orlando! Sabb shares from his years of service to this country his views on our current political and social landscape, and his heart for change.
  • "Tig" Tiegen - 13 hours in Benghazi

    John "Tig" Tiegen was one of a handful of warriors that kept the Sept. 11, 2012 attacks on the US Consulate & CIA annex in Benghazi from turning into another "Alamo". The battle would be the subject of the film "13 Hours in Benghazi".
  • Greatest Coast Guard Rescue

    Andy Fitzgerald was a member of the crew that executed what is considered to be one of the Coast Guard's greatest small boat rescues. The story was featured in the film "The Finest Hours".
  • Astronaut Jim McDivitt

    Jim McDivitt flew 145 combat missions in Korea before joining NASA. He flew on the Gemini 4 and Apollo 9 missions. A cabin door malfunction on the Gemini 4 mission almost ended in disaster.
  • Battle of the Bulge - Douglas Dillard

    Douglas Dillard enlisted at the age of 16 and his first Christmas away from home was at the Battle of the Bulge. He would also fight in Korea and Vietnam. Doug was inducted into the Military Intelligence Corps Hall of Fame. He is now buried next to his wife at Arlington Cemetery.