• The Vaxxed and the Vaxxed-Nots

    After two years of these same efforts to mitigate COVID, we find ourselves with unknown variants followed by myriad vaccines and boosters. It’s a never-ending vicious cycle - just the way they want it. People are so desperate they will be willing to take the jab in an effort to gain some type of normalcy.
  • Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 9/13/21 Outrageous massive chunks of southern border wall have been removed

    Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 9/13/21 Outrage when large sections of Americas border wall have disappeared in the last couple months in the highest human and drug trafficked areas of the southern AZ border. Dr. Anthony Fauci has no answer when asked "why do naturally immune people be forced to vaccinate"? Unvaccinated peoples blood and plasma is saving lives of the vaccinated. Meningitis outbreak in DR Congo is killing 50% of infected people even though in 2016 1.6 million were vaccinated. India fights the very dangerous Nipah virus. Bill Maher says he is embarrassed by his own party and believes the new directives are just segregation by another name. As the world nervously watches the Biden administration pulls out all Patriot missile battery defense munitions out of Saudi Arabia while Iran backed Houhti rebels in Yemen slam Saudi Forces with attacks. This and more on Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 9/13/21!!
  • Ep 123 - From An Undisclosed Location - "The Poseidon Adventure" - Educators Gone Rogue

    From an un-VAX-checked, undisclosed location in NY Harbor, the boys visit the starting point of 'The Poseidon Adventure'. With the rest of 2021 aiming to be just as bad as a 1st-class ticket on that harrowed vessel, it seems as if school districts have saved their best for last. From teacher stipends for minorities, to preschool teachers pushing sexual deviation, to banning Jingle Bells, the Soros-led operatives have made schools a major battleground in their war against the United States.