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  • Let’s go Brandon!! with special guest Jared Schmeck

    Yes, the viral sensation dad who unapologetically told fake President Joe Biden “Let’s Go Brandon” to which Biden replied “I agree.”
    Jared is a follower of Christ, a husband, and a father of 4 children, a Former police officer, currently working as an office administrator and safety coordinator for Winema Electric, which is a family-owned business in Klamath Falls, Oregon.
    Jared‘s life dramatically changed overnight when his viral video brought the attention of not only conservative outlets on a national level, but also the cancel culture on a much more extreme level. Jared and his family are now fighting back, speaking God’s truth and have become a loud voice for conservatives and Christians across America, simply for three little words.

    In this episode, Brandie and Lindsay talk with Jared about his future in politics, backlash from the left, and how he feels God has called him into this moment and he has chosen faith over fear.

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