• Numbers Don't LIE - It's All About the Base ... The Database

    The incomparably intelligent and charming scientist and nationally recognized data expert Dr. Douglas Frank joined Janice Daniels, Jody Rice-White, Tim Vetter, Braden Giacobazzi and a room full of Michigan patriots during a two-day journey into the Manipulation of Michigan’s Qualified Voter File that is both shocking and damning – We Must Call For The Discontinuance of the Voting Machines and the Removal from Office of the Persons who are Found to have Perpetrated these Crimes against Secure Elections. Call Michigan State Senator Ed McBroom at (517) 373-7840 and help us DEMAND PUBLIC HEARINGS on the manipulation of our Qualified Voter Files. It's All About the Data Base!
  • How Much Is Your Vote Worth To You?

    Just how much evidence of corruption is going to have to be revealed, in how many States across this nation, before We the People find our courage to stand upon the truths that are codified in the founding documents of the great Republic that demand that our liberty, safety and happiness be defended and protected by the very people who have taken an Oath to do just that and by the media people who hold the mantle of protecting the American people through a free press?
  • Ya Don't Say! Incredible "Anomalies" Discovered in Muskegon County QVF

    Did ya know that the name “Muskegon” is derived from the Ottawa Indian term “Masquigon” which means “Swamp?” Well, it looks like the Swamp descended upon the County of Muskegon in 2020! The Muskegon County GOP data sleuths discovered that only 795 absentee ballots were sent out but a whopping 2,670 absentee ballots were returned. And, this is just the tip of the Lake Michigan iceberg!