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  • Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 9/29/21 Bombshell 90 billion procured for political operations in 3.5 trillion dollar spending bill!

    Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 9/29/21 Outrageous President Bidens 3.5 trillion dollar spending bill has over 90 billion in money set aside for shady deals with community organizers and non profit organizations with vague language on how to use it. It is literally a 90 billion incentivized payoff to get people to work for the super left. Americas Generals get questioned and their answers leave us with unanswered questions on who is telling the truth and who is telling lies. A woman uses a cell phone app to track down her daughter and save her life from being pinned under a car. You Tube makes major announcement on creators content and more on Unleashed Jeremy Hanson!!
  • Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 9/8/21 Outrageous Biden asks for 6.4 billion to resettle 95,000 Afghani's, Invasion of health privacy

    Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 9/8/21 We discuss Biden asking for 6.4 billion dollars to resettle 95,000 Afghanistan citizens in America, with more coming. It is similar to Obama resettlement of 20,000 Syrian refugees. The CDC has quietly changed its definition of what a vaccine is, from the keyword immunity to key word protection. Dr. Fauci lied again and through a FOIA request Rand Paul can prove it. Will there be any accountability to those who caused this disaster? Australian government leaders say citizens will not be able to rejoin Australian society unless they are fully vaccinated. Chuck Schumer lies and says all Americans that wanted out of Afghanistan got out of Afghanistan,,,, except those begging to be rescued!! DOD and Biden White House stop private evacuations in Afghanistan because of projection to the world. The big 3 auto makers in America stop production because of inflation and supply chain break downs, super conductor shortages. American workers pay goes down 1.2% in less than 1 month and more on Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 9/8/21