• The Basic Key to Successful Living - The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour - Feb 2, 2020

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    THE BASIC KEY TO SUCCESSFUL LIVING: With my marvelous guests, psychiatrist Pinar Miski MD and nutritionist/physician Pam Popper PhD we discuss perhaps the single most important key to success in life: Identifying our feelings of helplessness, then refusing to become helpless and finally determining instead taking charge of our lives. As a corollary, we discuss becoming a person who does not impose helplessness on others—a person who encourages people to be strong and self-determining. These are not just words or slogans. Nothing is more important life that learning to identify feelings of helplessness that can overcome us at critical moments in life when we must marshal all of psychological and intellectual resources in order to overcome emotional and real-life obstacles. And few things matter more in life than also empowering the people in our lives to overcome helpless and to become self-determining.
  • What a Weekend! Patriot Energy is Rising!

    Coming off the Tulsa, OK event Patriots are on FIRE!

    We talk about Lin Wood, my good friend Dr. Eric Nepute. We discuss Frank Speech, the great new platform you're now.

    We finish off talk health issues related to parasitic infections and how I help people handle those.

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  • BraveTV with Dr. Jason Dean TV Show

    Dr. Jason Dean, practicing Wholistic Physician, of BraveTV teaching you how to avoid the Medical Industrial Complex/Medical Cartel and how to heal naturally, the way God intended.

    Medical Bills are the #1 cause for Bankruptcy in America from over-diagnosis and corruption. I will teach you how to invest and build your Wealth while also building your Health!