Natural Gas

  • Liberty Minute - 9/26/2022

    California has gone completely crazy with its environmental policies.
    Peter Serefine with today's Liberty Minute.
    California is actively trying to send itself and its residents back to the nineteenth century with no electricity and no alternatives.
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    Until tomorrow, si vis Pacem, Para Bellum
  • Ep 144 - Grand Central Oyster Bar | NYC - "The Freshman" - Pat Boone, Metal God

    From one of Cutter's favorite spots, the boys dine in Grand Central Station, the setting for one of the opening scenes of 'The Freshman', and the show quickly goes off the rails, in more ways than one. In spite of the Russia/Ukraine fiasco, Jake and Cutter stay focused on our backyard. Whether it's Bill Gates, Moderna, or the whack processes in Seattle, the boys don't hold back calling out the obvious. And if all else fails, Pat Boone has their back.