magnetic reaction

  • BREAKING! AZ Audit Volunteers Threatened With ARREST, Targeted by Biden DOJ!

    The Stew Peters Show (July 1, 2021) - Volunteers working the Arizona efforts to audit the 2020 presidential and down ballot elections are being met with resistance from all sides, including the Biden DOJ, now threatening arrest for 'voter intimidation'. - Stew talks with Liz Harris.

    There are so many questions surrounding the injections, magnetism, serious injuries, death, magnetic food and nanotechnology. Stew went to Dr. Jane Ruby, who has found BOMBSHELL new information and a LOT of answers that seem to have been hiding in plain sight.

    100 years of communism is being celebrated in China, but it would seem the American legacy 'media' has joined in the party. DeAnna Lorraine brings insight to the weird coverage.

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  • BREAKING NOW! Company Involved With Magnetic Tech in 'Vaccines' Tied to PCR Test Manufacturer!

    Stew Peters Fires Back at USA Today 'Fact-Checker', completely dismantles Deep State 'journalists' - BREAKING BOMBSHELL from Dr. Jane Ruby exposes companies tied to magnetofection and PCR tests, Sheriff David Clarke calls for independent commission, investigation into FBI - DeAnna Lorraine reveals horrific details about 19-year-old college student DEAD after 'jab'.