• Episode 97 - Your New Doctor is - YOU!

    Join Jeff and very special guest Dr. Mark Sherwood to discuss how today's culture war is damaging our mind, bodies and souls. We discuss the positive's in the fight against this agenda.
  • Episode 91: Got Freedom?

    Join Jeff and special guest Ola Hawatmeh! 
    We will discuss how the exposure of the Uniparty hypocrisy benefits us all. Ola discusses her passion and drive to help save America!
  • Episode 88 - Exposing Evil

    Special guests Andi Buerger and the Hon. Blanquita "BQ" Cullum join Jeff to discuss their 9/28 event "Ending Human Trafficking".
    A look at the state of our country and the left's habit of projecting what they do upon American Patriots.
  • "Keep Female Sports Female" with Swimmer Riley Gaines

    You may have seen her on Tucker Carlson's show, or on stage with President Trump at CPAC. But Riley Gaines is the swimmer from The University of Kentucky that was forced to compete against a biological male and share a locker room with him. All in the name of "Trans Rights." But Riley is standing up for female athletes and is not putting up with men competing with women.