Jeff Wagner

  • Episode 100 - Fighting Tyranny

    Jeff's very special guests are Cynthia Hughes (Patriot Freedom Project) and Scott Schara ( It's a packed show with important updates on J6 and CRITICAL information about how you can protect yourself and loved ones from the Covid protocol murder mill.
  • Episode 99 - So, You Want to Start a Business in 2023?

    Dr. Mark Sherwood returns to discuss the basic requirements to starting a business in the upcoming year.  In an environment the is increasingly hostile to conservatives and the founding principles of our great nation, it's more important than ever to have the basics covered.
  • Episode 96 - Situation Awareness

    Join Jeff as he announces what could be one of the most important documents in American history.

    Very special guest retired USAF Colonel Brian "Patton" Searcy.  We discuss why events in our times make it more important than every to train to being situationally aware to protect yourself and your loved ones.

    Additional focus on the 2022 election fraud and the plan for a New World Order.
  • Episode 89 : The Battle of Good vs. Evil

    -The first installment of "The Battle of Good vs. Evil. We'll look at two prophetic warnings from the past and the reason todays true American Patriots are hated by the fascist left and the establishment RINO's.
    -We'll also discuss Trumps return in 2024.
    TPR Website:
  • Episode 87 - The Nation Will Follow

    Colonel (retired) John Mills joins Jeff to discuss his book "The Nation Will Follow" and what we must do to save America.

    Andi Pigott Martin (Blogger and Patriot) tells her story as a small business owner and former Police Officer over the past few years.
  • Episode 79 - American Injustice

    Join Jeff and very special guest Jake Lang. We'll talk truth about J6, the ongoing persecution of political prisoners like Jake and his faith in the face of adversity.
  • Episode 76 - Free Speech for All

    Special guest, CEO and Founder of CloutHub, Jeff Brain joins The Patriot Review to discuss the state of free speech in America. Jeff talks everything CloutHub and gives a peek into what's coming in the near future.