Jeff Wagner

  • Episode 101 - The Mark of the Beast & You

    TPR recognizes and honors the Patriot spirit of Lynette Hardaway, better know as "Diamond" of the outstanding conservative show Diamond & Silk.  We morn her passing and will miss her spirit, spunky and truth-telling.

    Clay Clark is back! We discuss the real "mark of the beast". It's here and the process to control everything you do, say and think is in motion. This is a can't miss episode and one you'll want to share!
  • Episode 94 - Libertarians Rising

    Join Jeff and special guest Jake VandenPlas (candidate for Congress - WI, District 8)
    Critical issues for Jake and his plan once in office
    Death of the two-party system?
  • Episode 66 - When They Come for Your Kids

    Join Jeff with special guest Diego Rodriguez to discuss the increasing and alarming actions our government is taking to destroy families and more!


    Freedom Man:

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