• Episode 53 - Misedjamucation

    Join Jeff and guest Shawn McBeairty to discuss the continuing battle to fight leftist Communist indoctrination in our schools.

    Dr. Bill Warner joins Jeff to discuss political Islam and the life of Mohammed.

    TPR Health Contributor Renee Grace joins Jeff to discuss the truth about Covid and the criminal use of it to destroy the gift that is America.
  • Episode 47 - Free Will & the Fork in the Road

    Join Jeff to discuss what America is facing today and the urgent need for American citizens to get off the sidelines and take action to preserve our Constitutional Republic. Real America (new segment) - America's founding and Christianity.

    Guests Ronald Boyd, CPT (ret) Robert Firth and Jim Stroud.
  • Episode 41 - Patriot's Rising

    Two special interviews with American Patriot's who are standing up and taking action against our overreaching government. Guest Yael Levin to discuss the battle for our children's minds in our schools.

    Then special guests Robin Ruwe and Rebecca Borne discuss using the Constitutional process of using affidavits to fight tyranny.
  • An Open Letter to the SCOTUS

    As you know the world teeters on the brink of a tyrannical "New World Order" that seeks to enslave the people of America and the world.  The November 23rd 2020 election fraud case is one of dwindling opportunities to halt this advance.  We are at war!

    The Wellness Warrior, Chiropractor and doctor of Natural Medicine, Dr. Eric Nepute discusses problems and solutions C*O *V *I *D related! Find out why Dr. Nepute has been going viral on social media these past few years and what he’s doing to Stop Medical Tyranny!
    The BIG P H A R M A Cartel, in doing their utmost to suppress TRUTH and healthy, safe solutions for We The People and has hypocritically labeled Dr. Nepute and 11 other TOP doctors, the “Disinformation Dozen”. Doctors who’ve been helping thousands upon thousands of patients heal without playing Russian Roulette or being Guinea pigs for these experimental, non-FDA-approved for safety, untested, DNA altering, Spike Protein inducing, highly probably sterile causing J A B S.
    Dr. Nepute offers info on what the body needs to heal and why this critical information is being suppressed so keep it tuned!
  • A Message From the American People to the SCOTUS

    This November 23rd a law suit will be filed with the Supreme Court of the United States. This lawsuit, on behalf of several Attorneys General of several states will prove that the 2020 election was stolen from the voters of America. This message is an urgent plea for the Justices of the court to save liberty and freedom on this planet.
  • The Patriot Review Radio Show

    Join us! Join the millions of Americans who understand the stakes and insist on continuing to abide by the Constitution. Assist us in promoting the spirit of always improving on what has preceded us and protecting the rights of our country's greatest asset - its children.