• Episode 45 - Faith, Hope and Freedom (Part 2)

    Join Jeff for part 2 of Faith, Hope and Freedom!
    Guest Terry Tucker - an ex NCAA basketball player, SWAT hostage negotiator and cancer amputee survivor shares his message of hope and perseverance!
    Podcaster Kilroy Williams on the importance of faith and his take on our times.

    Two great guests to inspire you and leave you with some wonderful messages this holiday season!
  • Episode 44 - Faith, Hope and Freedom (Part 1)

    Join Jeff with special guest Dr. Taufik and Dyana Taufik on Dyana's Life after Life experience! An absolutely amazing journey with a message from Jesus we all need to hear. You will be moved!

    Segment 2: Akiane Kramarik video segment.
  • Episode 54 - Sacrifice With Michelle Black

    Gold Star Widow Michelle Black joins Jeff to discuss her heartbreaking experience of loss, love and determination. After her husband and three other Green Beret Patriot's are killed in Africa, Michelle fights to cope with her new reality, fights to remain strong for her boys and fights for the truth. I personally want to again thank Michelle for her talking with me and for being strong enough to share the truth with us all.