• How to Overcome a Toxic Relationship Interview with Destiny Yarbrough

    Do you have a toxic relationship in your life? Many times these types of difficult relationships are as a result of a loved one's addictions. Join us as the POP Talk team, Lisa Burkhardt Worley, Rosemary Legrand and Guest Host, Actress Jenn Gotzon, interview Destiny Yarbrough about how she survived two marriages with men who suffered from addictions. Destiny is the host of DestinyXTV, and is also a magazine publisher and author.
  • Who Do We Think We Are?

    Who do we think we are?? Who gave these loudmouth ladies a microphone and how do we shut them up?? The answer; YOU DON'T! Brandie and Lindsey are compelled by Christ to speak up, speak boldly and continue to speak TRUTH in a nation that waters down the truth, and also tries to silence anyone who dare say it.