• Episode 88 - Exposing Evil

    Special guests Andi Buerger and the Hon. Blanquita "BQ" Cullum join Jeff to discuss their 9/28 event "Ending Human Trafficking".
    A look at the state of our country and the left's habit of projecting what they do upon American Patriots.
  • Episode 86 - Freedom Fighters

    Jeff and special guests Clay Clark and Shawn McBreairty discuss the current multi-front attack on the culture of America and what we can do to fight it.
  • High Treason? You Decide!

     That question is this; "If what we are experiencing is all being orchestrated by the people we elect, the bureaucrats, the media, Hollywood, and others, aren't at least some of them guilty of treason?"
  • Episode 59 - Exposing the Game

    Special Guest Eric Caron on the political climate in desperate need for Patriot’s in America!
    Eric's website: https://switchedonlife.com

    Dr. Bill Warner continues our educational series on Islam! This episode: Islam & Slavery.
    Dr. Warner's Site: https://www.politicalislam.com/

    Soslan Temanson updates us on Wisconsin election decertification efforts and more!

    TPR Site: https://www.redbloodedpatriots.com
  • WHO ARE THE FASCISTS? Dinesh D'Souza Podcast Ep 70

    Is Trump a fascist? Is fascism on the Left or the Right? Who are the fascists today? Let’s ask a preeminent historian, Stanley Payne of the U. of Wisconsin at Madison, author of “A History of Fascism.” WHO ARE THE FASCISTS? Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep 70