• Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 9/9/21 Outrage, America is still funding Wuhan Lab - Military orders "let unvetted evacuees leave bases into American communities!

    Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 9/9/21 Breaking News - Rand Paul just outed the NIH and Dr. Fauci showing proof the American peoples tax dollars are still funding the Wuhan Lab of Virology. Outrage ensues as Congressman Mark Green exposes the Biden White House orders that the military has been ordered they cannot stop Afghanistan evacuees from leaving American military bases, into our communities even though they are not vetted for terrorism or disease. Biden poll numbers are sinking fast. New York Times says Trump has turned the Republican Party into the party of the Working class, do you agree? Americans are sick and tired of woke ideology getting in the way of their wages. Political games played through the global economy is hurting the working class. Fed up Americans are you ready to take your future back and more on Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 9/9/21
  • Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 8/30/21 TYRANNY OUTRAGE Mothers parental rights stripped over refusal to get vaccinated by Illinois judge!

    Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 8/30/2021 On todays show we talk about a Illinois mother who had her parental rights stolen from her because she has adverse reactions to vaccinations. She exercised her right not to get inoculated and the judge took all visitation away until she gets vaccinated. The CDC is coming after your 2nd amendment freedoms my medical tyranny using "Gun Health" as a way to do it. The CDC is spending millions in tax payer dollars to achieve this tyranny. Former FBI agent says Biden administration was handing out blank Visa's in Afghanistan. Senator Lindsey Graham says threat of another September 11th is through the roof and terrorism threats around the world just skyrocketed. Eric Clapton writes new song condemning Authoritarianism and the loss of our freedoms/liberties. And more on Unleashed Jeremy Hanson.