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  • Dr Peter McCullough

    Dr Peter McCullough is a cardiologist that has been published in numerous medical journals. Dr Peter McCullough was one of the first Physicians to come up with a peer reviewed covid protocol for early treatment.
  • Dr Peter McCullough

    Dr Peter McCullough has treated many patients with covid. We talk about shot no shot. We discuss how early treatment protocols can really make a difference.
  • The Silent War TV Show

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  • Doctor's Orders

    Do you have faith in your doctor? Does he or she have your best interest in mind when they make decisions about your health? Maybe they do.

    However, since Covid-CCP we are seeing that many doctors are being coerced into acting as puppets for hospital corporations and Big Pharma.

    Defending The Republic has produced a documentary, Doctors Orders, on Covid-CCP issues. We have talked to honest, ethical doctors, scientists, patients and pharmacists who have gone back with us to the beginning of Covid hysteria.

    They explain, with personal stories, how our medical system has failed us and continues to fail us - not to mention the failure of almost all media and the government.

    This documentary is eye-opening. It's encouraging. It's hopeful.

    There are simple, proven and inexpensive cures for Covid-CCP. It is immensely treatable. But the truth is:
    It is up to you to understand the science and advocate for yourself and your loved ones. You can NOT depend on your doctors to help you.
    You will learn in this documentary the real science and how to protect your health. Many of our freedoms in America depend on you studying this information and acting on it.

    Ultimately, we must educate ourselves and take responsibility for doing all we can to stay healthy, take vitamins, exercise, stay informed, and stand up for our rights.

    We at will do all we can to help you.

    We ask that you watch so that you know the truth. And, as always, share the documentary with your family and friends.
  • As Homelessness Ravaged Our Cities, One Man Lived Among the Destitute, To Raise Awareness and Hope, Hear His Story, Reset Your Thinking

    Do what is right, not what is easy. If anybody has taken this message to heart, it’s Rick Cole. Over his 25 years as Senior Pastor at Capital Christian Center in Sacramento, Rev. Rick Cole has been an active ally for social justice, taking a hands-on approach to issues of racial reconciliation and homelessness in his community as well as serving countries all around the world by leading teams through global mission work. Cole pastors a congregation of over 3,000 members and leads a staff of 14 pastors in addition to 180 church and school employees. He is the co-author of two other books, Souldesign: A Roadmap for Personal Growth and Souldesign: Living A Life of Love. Rev. Rick Cole lives in California with his wife Cathy. They have three children and five beautiful grandchildren.