• The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 09.23.20

    Lawhern's  brilliant and honest analysis, of the opiate crisis, sheds light on how the CDC is a power-grabbing institution that is exceeding its legal power by issuing orders intended to control the prescribing of medications by American doctors.
  • Ep 143 - Tableside | Greenwich Village, NYC - "Barney Miller" - The Rag Philadelphia Inquirer

    Well, it's been a while, but now that NYC is slowly opening up, the boys decided to slip into Greenwich Village and the fictional 12th Precinct of the 70s comedy series 'Barney Miller'. This show's topics include race-baiting at the Philadelphia Inquirer, scientific fraud at the CDC, the current housing market, and every TV reporter's nightmare. Also, Cutter might have lost a client in NYC over a ringtone.
  • Attorney Thomas Renz | Why the Corruption of Fauci, the CDC and the NIH Must Be Exposed

    Connect the Dots Between COVID-19 / The Great Reset, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Klaus Schwab, 5G, and the RNA-Modifying COVID-19 Vaccines Agenda:

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