• Liberty Minute - 1/19/2022

    I'm Peter Serefine and this is the Liberty Minute for Wednesday, day 675 of 15 days to flatten the curve.
    Gold Star widow and author of Sacrifice, Michelle Black, will be in the Liberty Lighthouse tomorrow to talk about the 2017 Niger ambush.
    Until tomorrow, protect your liberties. Once they're gone there's no getting them back.
  • Episode 57 - Fascism in America

    Join Jeff and very special guest Cara Castranuova to discuss the non-profit, what really happened on January 6th and more!

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  • Mike Lindell Interview

    Mike Lindell founder and CEO of MyPillow comes again to Dad Talk to speak about the corrupt judicial and election process in the US. Coming soon a symposium with many demonstrations to effectively show everyone the attack on our nation. We also discuss his controversial interview with Jimmy Kimmel and struggle with addiction.
  • Stephen Kendrick - Show Me The Father

    Stephen Kendrick alongside of his brother Alex have made some very powerful movies. Fireproof, Courageous, Overcomer, and coming up in October their new release "Show Me The Father". This new release dives into the root cause of fatherlessness. Join us for this amazing conversation.
  • Ted Nugent - Chatting With Uncle Ted

    Tonight on Dad Talk Today we welcome the Motor City MadMan, The Nuge, Uncle Ted, the only and only TED Nugent. We discuss many things in this interview from hunting, politics, parenting, toxic masculinity, feminism, rock n roll, the hall of fame and much more. Be sure to tune in to one of the most entertaining episodes yet and join the electronic campfire broadcasted from TedQuarters!

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  • The January 6th Lie - One Year Later with Nina May

    Join Jeff with special guest Nina May ( to see video of the January 6th, 2021 protests through the lens an American that was there that day. The media and politicians have lied about what actually occurred that day. The so called "domestic terrorists" are in reality everyday American Patriot's who love their country.
  • The Patriot Review Radio Show

    Join us! Join the millions of Americans who understand the stakes and insist on continuing to abide by the Constitution. Assist us in promoting the spirit of always improving on what has preceded us and protecting the rights of our country's greatest asset - its children.