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  • Episode 102 - Blood on Their Hands

    Very special guest Geri Perna joins Jeff for THE IN DEPTH INTERVIEW YOU CAN ONLY FIND ON THE PATRIOT REVIEW in memory of Matt Perna. Matt committed suicide because of the tyrannical leftist fascists who have violated the rights of hundreds of those present at the January 6th "American Reichstag Fire" false flag event. Matt's death is blood on the hands of those who planned, perpetrated and exploited the events of that day. They LIED and have destroyed the lives of true America Patriots in an unbelievably satanic way. All Americans need to call for charges for treason and Crimes Against Humanity for their actions in relation to J6, Covid, and many other forms in their demonic ambition to kill billions and create a New World Order.
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    Video footage of Babbitt’s killing was seen around the world, documenting the tragic incident, and one journalist who filmed the “clearest” footage was Samuel Montoya, a video journalist from Texas. Montoya, however, was arrested by federal agents on Wednesday morning, and charged with four counts, including “interfering with government business,” and “disorderly and disruptive conduct in a Capitol Building.”  According to the FBI arrest warrant affidavit, Montoya had repeatedly “described himself to others inside the Capitol Building as a ‘reporter’ or ‘journalist’ as he attempts to get through crowds,” but because “no one by that name has Congressional press credentials as an individual or via any other organizations,” he couldn’t apparently count as a journalist, despite documenting much of the day’s events, including Babbitt’s killing, for Infowars, a major media outlet.