Sidney Powell


Sidney Powell is now President of 501(c)(4) founded to litigate to protect the rights Americans cherish and get to the bottom of the fraud in the 2020 election.  She also just founded super pac dedicated to amplifying the voices of millions of Americans who are fed up with corruption in both political parties.  Sidney changed the course of history when she lead the complete turn-around of the prosecution of General Michael T. Flynn.  Her briefing and exposure of egregious government misconduct convinced the DOJ to move to dismiss the case.  The FBI had hidden exculpatory evidence and manufactured a "case" against Flynn.  She is the author of LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice; co-author with Harvey Silverglate of CONVICTION MACHINE; a former federal prosecutor, and lead counsel in more than 500 federal appeals. She is past President of the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers and the Bar Association of the Fifth Federal Circuit.

By Sidney Powell