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Richard Cason is an ex-Classic Rock DJ who always got in trouble for saying too much, which is why he eventually became a stand-up comic.  He's a Missouri Broadcasters Association DJ of the Year and he has been a top-rated midday, afternoon, and evening host in Southeast Missouri, Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky.  After years of flying under the radar, Cason is back on-the-air, in the role he was born for: Talk show host.  Cason is known for his no-holds-barred take on current events and culture and when you're listening to his show, anything can be a joke.  Millions of people every week listen to the Richard Cason Radio Network and watch RCTV on 

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What Is The Richard Cason Radio Network?

He's been a touring stand-up comic, and a top-rated, award-winning radio personality for 25 years.  As the song goes, he's been "town-to-town, up-and-down dial."  Leaning on his years of broadcasting and comedy experience, Richard Cason has created a radio show like no other.  If you're wanting the latest news and analysis...if you want attitude...if you NEED a laugh in the most un-woke way you could imagine...then welcome home- you've found the Richard Cason Radio Network.