Utah 2022 HB313 Must be Amended! Utah This is a Call to Action- Restore Elections

About 2 years ago

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Utah 2022 HB313 Started off in good shape but quickly dissolved into a gutted bill. From trying to remove the cameras on drop boxes we requested to giving the Lt. Gov FULL control over elections, this beast of a bill went from good to bad.


Send the video above to your legislatures- demand the power be given back to the counties and the people. Lest you think we'd leave you without proof that they removed in person as the primary way of voting... here it is below. Highland (we believe) tried to have in person as the primary way to vote and the Lt. Gov office refused. Does that sound like a choice to you?

Oh also they allow same day registration via line 1204...

1178 (iii) indicate that the individual does not wish to affiliate with a political party.
1179 Section 18. Section 20A-2-201 is amended to read:
1180 20A-2-201. Registering to vote at office of county clerk.
1181 (1) Except as provided in Subsection (3), the county clerk shall register to vote each
1182 individual who registers in person at the county clerk's office during designated office hours if
1183 the individual will, on the date of the election, be legally eligible to vote in a voting precinct in
1184 the county in accordance with Section 20A-2-101.
1185 (2) If an individual who is registering to vote submits a registration form in person at
1186 the office of the county clerk

(c) if the individual named in the form is preregistering to vote, comply with Section
1200 20A-2-101.1.
1201 (3) If an individual who is registering to vote and who will be legally qualified and
1202 entitled to vote in a voting precinct in the county on the date of an election appears in person,
1203 during designated office hours, and submits a registration form [on the date of the election or
1204 during the 14 calendar days before an election] after the deadline described in Subsection (2),
1205 the county clerk shall[: (a)] accept the registration form[;] and inform the individual that the
1206 individual will not be registered to vote in the pending election, unless the individual registers
1207 to vote by provisional ballot during the early voting period, if applicable, or on election day, in
1208 accordance with Section 20A-2-207.

(ii) that the challenged individual may be required to cast a provisional ballot at the
2874 time the individual votes if the individual votes in person;


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