Whose Children Are They?

1h 50m

Unveiling the truths concealed within our public school systems. Through the voices of courageous educators, empowered parents, and seasoned experts, it exposes the reality behind contemporary education. This film catalyzes a crucial dialogue, advocating a return to genuine education, free from indoctrination.


1h 50m

Initially driven by a fervent commitment to women's rights, she ascends to become one of Planned Parenthood's youngest clinic directors. Yet, a pivotal moment shatters her convictions, propelling her into an unexpected alliance with former adversaries and a fervent advocacy for the pro-life cause.

Selection Code

1h 02m

A seemingly routine act—backing up her county's Dominion Voting System server—reveals startling evidence of electoral manipulation in a local city council race, echoing echoes of suspicion surrounding the 2020 general election.

Church People - Is The Gospel Enough?

1h 37m

Exhausted by the superficiality and consumerism infecting his ministry, Guy embarks on a soul-searching odyssey to rediscover its authentic essence. Determined to embody genuine mentorship for his youth group, he ventures forth, seeking to reconnect with the profound core values that define true spiritual leadership.

Heaven, How I Got There


Drawing from the narrative of Jesus's crucifixion chronicled in Luke 23, this poignant tale intricately intertwines themes of redemption and grace. With reverence, it delves into the profound saga of the thief's life, imaginatively reconstructing the untold facets of his journey amidst the backdrop of biblical events.

Absolute Proof

1h 59m

Unveiling the intricate web of election fraud, a stark revelation of the theft of America's democratic essence by cunning adversaries, both foreign and domestic. Within this labyrinth of deceit, the nation stands challenged, its integrity tested, as the struggle for truth and justice unfolds in the corridors of power.

Absolute Interference

2h 5m

This gripping sequel to "Absolute Proof," unearths fresh evidence revealing the comprehensive meddling in the 2020 election. Foreign and domestic adversaries leveraged sophisticated computer tactics to manipulate the democratic process, plunging America into a tumultuous battle for truth and electoral integrity.

Scientific Proof


A distinguished physicist presents irrefutable evidence: the 2020 election emerges as the epicenter of the most colossal cyber-crime in global history. With unwavering clarity, this revelation echoes worldwide, igniting a fervent quest for accountability and safeguarding democratic sanctity.