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William Wallis For America

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Here on my platform, I’ll be doing interviews with elected officials and people in our community that are trying to inform and bring people together, find things that unite us, and look for solutions, instead of ideologies. I’ll talk with business, because they provide the economic engine that keeps everyone going…. and provides the places and things that enrich our lives. I’ll promote Non-Profits because they have motivated people that believe in something and provide support for people, places, and things in our communities, most of which are supported by their efforts and NOT government.  And we need less government in our lives.  A smaller government is better for America.  I’ll promote freedoms and liberties for everyone, especially those inspired by our Creator and protected in our Constitution. And I’ll promote fiscal responsibility in our government and all things American.  The best way to fix our Country is to start in our own communities and help each other.  

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Created: 9/1/2022

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