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Welcome to my page! I am a computer professional with over 40 years of experience doing, well, just about everything. God has led me from the son of a Steelworker in the sleepy foothills of Pennsylvania’s Laurel Mountains to being unexpectedly thrust into the front lines of our war to save our county. I am nobody special - I saw a gap and I am doing my best with my talents (on loan from God, as my "north star" Rush Limbaugh would say) to fill it.

I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1982 just in time to have all my specific technical education suddenly obsolete with the onset of the microcomputer revolution.  Embracing the exciting change, I ended up working at incredible companies like Rockwell International and Westinghouse Electric Nuclear division (this was after Three Mile Island, so you can’t blame that one on me). Eventually I began consulting for many companies, usually taking on assignments which would allow me to learn new things.

In August 2021, the Mesa County Colorado election server image fell into my lap, and everything changed for me as once I found the evidence there I couldn’t ever “un-see” it. I have spent the time since working full-time unraveling as many pieces of our election disaster as I could.

I am blessed with the tireless and unwavering support of my wife, Nancy (known to many as "Mama Raccoon"), my youngest son Philip, and our six dogs. I cannot imagine that I could have kept this up for a month without their support.

Along the way I was blessed with the help of many grass-roots patriots – my Raccoon Army. I could not do what I do without them, and there is always room for more.  Please check out my website at and my telegram channel at to see how you can help.

I will not leave this fight until I am carried out – and hopefully our final victory over the foreign and domestic cabal will happen first!

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